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A friend and her daughter, who is a friend of my daughter, and us went out today for Yum Cha in the city.  We love Yum Cha and she had purchased some vouchers for a place we had never been to before.   It was called Dynasty and is just off Bourke Street in the city.  Check out this place.

Dynasty ReceptionThis is what we first saw when we walked in.  It was so amazing to see a Chinese Restaurant with a reception area.  We did wonder what we had walked into.  The level of detail was so nice.

The Hallway This is the hallway from the main restaurant back to the reception area.  I just loved how much detail was in it.  I don’t normally do the whole tourist thing, but I had to take some photos and show you.  They didn’t have any problems with me doing so.

The Yum Cha was amazing.  It was great food.  The variety wasn’t as great as what we normally get from the place we usually go to, but it was really good.  The vouchers turned out to be really good value.  They included drinks as well.  I thought after one glass we would have to pay for a second, but it was included in the voucher.  Very good value, did I say that already?

The city was absolutely packed with people.  So many going to the after Christmas sales.  We went for a quick walk through Myer, and were astonished that all their decorations were gone.  There wasn’t any sign of Christmas in the store anywhere.

I did take my new Tamrac camera bag with me.  It was great.  It is also comfortable to wear and getting my camera in and out wasn’t a problem at all.  It was easy.  Other bags I have used I have found difficult, but this one is brilliant.  Plenty of room for my other stuff as well.

For details about the bag, check out my post from yesterday.

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