Board Room Empty on Boxing Day

Christmas for 2012 is done.  We all had a great day and enjoyed ourselves.  It was very relaxing, though the puzzle still isn’t complete, it was harder than we thought it would be.  I was very lucky to be given a new 27 inch monitor to do my images on and my mum gave me that Camera bag from Tamrac that I wanted, more on that later.

It has been a very busy time I feel as though all I have done is Christmas images for you.  I have only one image today.  There is nothing Christmassy about it.  Time to move on.

Empty BoardroomThis is the first image I have processed with my new monitor.  It was so nice to see it so big.  Though the resolution isn’t fantastic yet, there seems to be a problem getting the laptop and the monitor to work together.  It was so great to see the image so much bigger and to work on it like that.  I am going to have to learn to control the pen with my Wacom Tablet a lot more, I kept going all over the place.

This image is one of the ones I took when I went to the Manchester Unity Building. My invitation included being able to take images of some of the indoor areas, and who could resist the Boardroom.

The table has a massive piece of glass on it and it is very thick.  I thought it had probably been put there recently to protect the table, but it has been there for as long at the table has been.  Karleen told me that it was imported and at the time it was imported it was the largest piece of glass to ever have been imported to Australia.  That is pretty amazing.

I love the boardroom, I like how majestic it is.  It is like it was stuck in time.  If you look on the Manchester Unity Building website you can see some old images that were taken in the boardroom.

My new bag from Tamrac is wonderful, though I haven’t tried it out yet.  I am going back into the city tomorrow so will take it and see what it is like.  This is the bag I got.

3375-clsRt-R_lrgMine is all black, and if you want to see details on the bag go here.  The camera sits in the bottom and you can put your stuff in the top half.  Great idea.  I would like to thank  C.R. Kennedy once again for helping me to get my bag.  C.R. Kennedy are the Australian Distributors for the bags, and if you would like to find one in another country then go to Tamrac for details.

I am looking forward to try it out tomorrow.


  1. arnoldthearmadillo says

    The wood in that room has turned out beautifully :)

  2. I love the reflections in the glass on the table and the tones in the shot are lovely too. Marry Xmas and congrats on the new bag and monitor!

    • Thank you Where’s Wiwi? I was happy with it, and the bag and monitor are great, thanks again, I hope you had a good Christmas as well.

  3. A 27in monitor – now that brings on envy! Christmas over? Not till 6th Jan for us, but we don’t start till 24 December (comes from my childhood when we got up on the morning of 25th to find the Christmas tree and the house decorated – thanks to my mother. I wonder if any child today, bombarded with Christmas from October, experiences the wonder and excitement we had on Christmas Day morning).

    • What a lot of work on Christmas Eve, you mother must have been amazing. It is most definitely over for us, on to the next part now. The monitor is fantastic, though after having it for a couple of days, it doesn’t seem to large now. It is great for doing fine detail work. Thank you grumpytykepix

  4. Nice bag. That table and room are so beautiful! I love fine wood. Deep, rich photo, great job!!

  5. Hey Leanne! So glad to hear you got such a huge monitor to do your editing! That is so wonderful! Love that new bag too! We had a great Christmas too with tons of great practical gifts that are just perfect! We’ve got a Blizzard coming in right now in our area, so we’ll we watching out the windows all day as the snow piles up! 30 degrees here in Cleveland, OH, brrrrr!

    • I hope you got photos of the blizzard, we don’t get those, probably because it doesn’t snow, haha. I always think of little house on the prairie when someone mentions blizzards. The monitor is brilliant and so is the bag. Practical gifts are always good, thank you.

  6. Oh, how wonderful, Leanne! I use a 22″ monitor, and it did make a huge difference in processing! ‘Practice will make perfect’ with the pen…just takes a bit of time.

    Really love this Board Room and how you’ve enhanced the reflections. The tidbit about the glass is fascinating!

    I shall check out the bag, as it looks sturdy and easy to carry over the shoulder (can’t do it ‘backpack style’, because that’s just too painful to get the other arm in the strap!).

    I, for one, am happy Xmas is over, but will still be posting some decor shots, as I feel people might be interested. Then, it’s ‘onward and upward’ for the new year…taking P’shopping to some new heights!

    • Yes, I am sure it will, it just seems to get away from me from time to time, haha.
      I love the Boardroom too, I could take so many photos of it. You will see a lot more yet.
      Tamrac have some other bags that looked really good as well, they are more sling bags, they might be better for you.
      I am always happy with it is over, then things can go back to normal. I like normal. I am excited about the following year, so I want the silly season over so I can start working. I am so far behind, but i will get to see what you have been doing, I saw some today, but haven’t commented yet. Thanks 1000

      • Behind here, too…and a bit more ‘fluffy’ snow fell today. Went out and got beautiful shots, and after walking several miles, I’m just too tired to work them!

        You’ll get used to the monitor…when I got mine 4 yrs ago, it took abit, but it truly makes editing photos a pleasure, and is less tiring, at least for me!

  7. Beautiful capture of the conference table, but I have my eye on that clock.

    With that new monitor, you’ll be wanting to re-work all of your photos. I recently had to buy a new monitor and the temptation to re-work everything is great.

    • That clock is gorgeous, there is also a really old radio there as well, or were they called radio grams.
      I hadn’t thought of that, I really wanted it so I could calibrate it so I could get my colours right, still hasn’t happened yet, but all in good time, still have to get it to work under windows. Thank you David.

  8. That boardroom photo is just stunning … it scream the word “power” – the table is so shinny. Amazing – that photo says HIGH POWER. I will visit the United website. Your bag looks very good.
    I have my little camera in a makeup bag with a little side pocket for batteries and SD card. When I travelled with my big Canon I had it in a lime green toiletries bag, because if somebody was looking for something to steel a camera bag is a target – not a toiletries bag.

    • Thank you Viveka, I love boardrooms and this one is like stepping back into time. That table has a lovely shape, I tried to get that, and will see about doing a photo of that one day.
      My new bag is great. That is true about the bag, though the bag I have never leaves me when I am out. I also have all my gear insured. Though I have really traveled with the bag much.

      • In Barcelona many years ago .. I was target on the underground – but I didn’t know it was me until th civil police got the guys up against the wall – because they had seen me using my camera just before I entered the underground and I had my bag over my shoulder – they couldn’t see the camera … and that made them confused and they tried to distract me so they could get the whole bag of my shoulder instead. Even if the camera is insured is all the photos and just to lose everything.
        Barcelona is really bad in that respect – but I love the city

  9. What a building – the Manchester Unity building – both the building and the inside. That escalator is fantastic. Some wonderful objects to let a camera work on everywhere. Thanks for the link.

    • It certainly is eye candy for photographers. I feel very priviledged to have been invited in to photograph it.

      • You did a superb job. Photos are magnificent. That boardroom you really catch both beauty and power. It’s truly a stunning object to capture too .. the whole building.

    • Thank you 7feetnorth, it a wonderful table for reflections. That bag is wonderful and perfect for carrying around the city, I’m sure your husband would love it.

  10. dival says

    I did a lot of interior photography when I was in a 2-year commercial photography program in Seattle using a 4 x 5 Sinar P3 camera. A large format camera gives you a lot of options with range and the possibilities of vertical distortion correction, etc. Your images send me back there with this stunning board room view. Great job!

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