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That is the catch phrase that the Melbourne department store Myer is using for Christmas this year.  Though the first thing I noticed when I walked in the centre of Myer was this:

Rings Going UpI am not going to lie, I thought, okay there is red, and there is white, they are the rings you use on ships, and then there were swimmers.  What does this have to do with Christmas?  Then we went up the escalators.

Myer ChristmasWith the large Christmas across the floor, I started to realise, that this is how Myer were saying Christmas this year.

Reining in the ReindeersThe Reindeer’s were similar.  Red and white was everywhere.  It was so wonderful, but I couldn’t work out the significance.  Posters were everywhere that said

Jump Right In – It’s Christmas

The rings of red and white were everywhere as well.  I finally figured it out this morning.  I have to admit I love it now.  To me, Myer are the only ones that have given us an Australian Christmas.  Everywhere else, while it is wonderful, just does more the traditional stuff.

So what does it mean to have Christmas in Australia, well I think Myer are reminding us that it is hot here, and it is usually about avoiding the heat, doing what you can to keep cool, it is about water, and swimming.  Many Australians go to the beach for Christmas, or they go swimming in their pools.  Christmas here is all about Summer and how to celebrate a festive time in it.

Rings Going DownThis was taken from near the top looking down.  You can see the top rings more.

I congratulate Myer on their unique take on Christmas in Australia, I loved it, and I hope you all did as well.

Christmas Eve here and we are pretty much ready for tomorrow.  I will do a post later for tomorrow.  I’m not going to wish you anything yet, Christmas isn’t here yet.

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