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The one event that many people seem to be talking about this Christmas in Melbourne are the lights on the Town Hall.  First I have a photo of it by day.

By Day

Town Hall During the DayThis is the Melbourne Town Hall.  I took this image on Sunday morning.  I thought at the time it was pretty cool with the big ribbon on it.  Then someone mentioned the lights, and I thought I should go and see what they were talking about.

By Night

Town Hall 1

At night a fantastic light display is shown.  Christmas music plays in the background.  It is very festive.

Town Hall 2They go through lots of changes as well.

Town Hall 3Sparkles all over.

Town Hall 4How cool is the clock tower?

Town Hall 5All wrapped up in brightness.  It is so wonderful to watch.  There were lights coming from all different directions.  How they managed to get them to match the building is amazing.  My husband was amazed.

The photos are not great.  It was raining and I didn’t want to point my camera up too far.  You get an idea of what it looked like.  It is a shame I can’t get the music for you as well.

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