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Last night we headed into the city.  It was going to be one of the few opportunities I was going to have.  Unfortunately, it was raining, though not heavily, but enough to make you search for cover and enough to make it very humid.  It was also very busy, very, very busy.  People were everywhere.  Very unusual for a Wednesday night, but not unusual for a week before Christmas.

The Town Hall put on a spectacular show, but I have to work on those photos some more, so today I have a couple of photos from the City Square, which has also has a fantastic display this year.

The Squares TreeThis is the tree in the middle of the square.  This tree was a lovely surprise.  The City of Melbourne usually puts up this big metal structure that resembles a tree, but it is just a metal structure.  This is so nice.  When we walked into the square my daughter said, “this is pretty cool”.  She also said that it was pretty cool that they had her baby photo there, but she didn’t remember any of the people around her.  She was talking about the nativity scene and the suggestion they had used her baby photos for it.  She has an active imagination.

The Square, which is normally fairly empty, was full of people.  There was no point trying to get a photo with no people in it, it was impossible.  I removed a few from this.  I like the look of the tree with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background.  I had to add a lot of light to the image, it wasn’t this bright when I photographed it.  When the lights were all on, it seemed to be pink or purple, very strange.  I am quite happy with what I have done with this one.

Tree with Manchester Unity in the BackgroundFrom the other side of the tree you can see the Manchester Building in the background.  I zoomed in more with this and tried to get some the tower and the top of the tree.  I like the way they are both just up there.

It was an exciting night to be in the city.  The windows at Myer had lots of people in front of them looking at Russell and Santa.  I tried to take a video of it, but it didn’t really work.

It was festive, if you know what I mean.  There is something about Christmas needing to be dark.  We can’t have the cold, but when the sun goes down, and you can see the lights it seems more like Christmas.

I hope you are getting ready for the big day on Tuesday, and are feeling the Season to be Jolly as well.  I am actually excited about Christmas this year, first time in a while.

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