Christmas Squared

Last night we headed into the city.  It was going to be one of the few opportunities I was going to have.  Unfortunately, it was raining, though not heavily, but enough to make you search for cover and enough to make it very humid.  It was also very busy, very, very busy.  People were everywhere.  Very unusual for a Wednesday night, but not unusual for a week before Christmas.

The Town Hall put on a spectacular show, but I have to work on those photos some more, so today I have a couple of photos from the City Square, which has also has a fantastic display this year.

The Squares TreeThis is the tree in the middle of the square.  This tree was a lovely surprise.  The City of Melbourne usually puts up this big metal structure that resembles a tree, but it is just a metal structure.  This is so nice.  When we walked into the square my daughter said, “this is pretty cool”.  She also said that it was pretty cool that they had her baby photo there, but she didn’t remember any of the people around her.  She was talking about the nativity scene and the suggestion they had used her baby photos for it.  She has an active imagination.

The Square, which is normally fairly empty, was full of people.  There was no point trying to get a photo with no people in it, it was impossible.  I removed a few from this.  I like the look of the tree with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background.  I had to add a lot of light to the image, it wasn’t this bright when I photographed it.  When the lights were all on, it seemed to be pink or purple, very strange.  I am quite happy with what I have done with this one.

Tree with Manchester Unity in the BackgroundFrom the other side of the tree you can see the Manchester Building in the background.  I zoomed in more with this and tried to get some the tower and the top of the tree.  I like the way they are both just up there.

It was an exciting night to be in the city.  The windows at Myer had lots of people in front of them looking at Russell and Santa.  I tried to take a video of it, but it didn’t really work.

It was festive, if you know what I mean.  There is something about Christmas needing to be dark.  We can’t have the cold, but when the sun goes down, and you can see the lights it seems more like Christmas.

I hope you are getting ready for the big day on Tuesday, and are feeling the Season to be Jolly as well.  I am actually excited about Christmas this year, first time in a while.


  1. aahhaaa … if only I stayed around Melbourne for the night and didn’t head back home before dark, I could have seen the show too!

  2. We went into the city last Friday and I was surprised that it was quieter than I thought it would be – seems like everyone has left things to the last minute which doesn’t bode well for the shopping I have to do tomorrow…

    • I think you are right Liz, it was pretty busy on Wednesday night. I have no idea how it will be tomorrow when I go in, maybe the heat will keep people away. I hope your shopping went well.

  3. The second photo kicks butt! The building is fascinating. Thanks for Liking my goofy posts on Instagram replacements. ;)

  4. cameraconnect admin says

    Makes UK lights look pathetic. The treatment has been done brilliantly and it was a nice read.

  5. Wonderful photos – truly Christmas has arrived down under too – first I thought it was the same tree that changed colors – that pink and purple is fantastic, but my vote goes for the traditional.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I just posted about this today, too, but your photos are way, way nicer than mine. I love that you went at night when it was all lit up. I went during the day time and when I realised they probably did light it up at night, I was kicking myself for not having gone at night.

    • Your photos are fine and just show a different perspective, I am hoping to get that one tomorrow. It is nice at night, but it is different. I am hoping to catch Santa tomorrow. Thanks

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  8. Lovely photos again Leanne. This is what I want my night time photos to look like. I dropped a big fat hint to my husband and told him to buy me a tripod for Christmas. In fact it was more than a hint, because I found what I wanted in JB HiFI and told him all about it!

  9. LizzieJoy says

    Beautiful photos, as always. Thank you, Leanne, for enhancing my world with your lovely articles. Blessings of peace and joy coming your way.

  10. Christmas decorations and twinkly lights and the dark are just so made for each other… but I agree, you don;t need the cold ice and snow… a warm Christmas is perfect :)

    • A warm Christmas can be weird, though it is the long days that make it harder, you have to stay up late to see the lights. Thanks kiwidutch

  11. brilliant photo. I tried taking a similar photo last Saturday night but with the tree in front of St Pauls. I wish I’d thought to get them side by side. I know what you mean about the light and the people. I couldn’t get the lighting right. I’m not experienced enough with trying to get the light right. And the people were everywhere, it being a Saturday night. Because I’m short I kept getting everyone’s head in there. Why aren’t people considerate by stopping to let you take a photo these days? I’ll remove it with my software as well.

    • Can I let you in a little secret, I did a lot of Photoshopping on that first image. It was in the dark really. The star at the top had no light in it. It was a lot of work to get it like that. I am short too, and I found it frustrating how people will just walk in front of you and just stand there. People don’t care anymore. It is terrible. We live in a self-ful world now, I just made up that word, but I hope you get my meaning. Thanks
      I saw your photos of the town hall, they were great.

  12. Both pics are really nice (I especially like the first one for its colours :) )! I’ll have to go into town, too, maybe our town has so lovley decorated christmass trees aswell :)

  13. I know what you mean about the pink and purple – it must have something to do with the way the sensors pick up the LED light.
    Love both of these. Looks like SO much fun :D

  14. WOW is all I can say! Those photographs are just beautiful, stunning, and would make for a great Christmas card for next year! Thanks for sharing!

  15. beautiful photos…such bold vibrant colours…the architecture is amazing!!! We usually have snow for Christmas here in northern ontario, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t this year…calling for warmer temps one the weekend.

    • Oh, I hope you do get snow Heather, I think Christmas should have snow, not like us with heat. Though it is supposed to be cool on Christmas day which will be nice. Thanks

  16. Justin says

    Really diggin’ the image of the tree with the tower in the background. With the building lit, it almost looks like two Christmas trees instead of one. Awesome capture!

    • Thanks Justin, I have been photographing that tower for the owner so it was nice to be able to get this one, was a bit more special for me.

  17. Wow – the Christmas decorations (and your photographs!) are amazing! Makes me want to come and visit next year. Decorations in my area of Chicagoland are pretty dull, just placeholders really. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, do come and visit and I will show you around. I am starting to realise that sometimes you just need to look, do you know Another Thousand Words, her link is below she has been showing some lovely photos of Christmas in Chicago. Though if you looked where I live you would think Christmas wasn’t happening. Thank you.

  18. Wonderful Images, Leanne, especially fine juxtaposed against two grand pieces of elegantly lit architecture! It’s so tough to ‘eliminate’ people in shots like this…had the same problem when I did my video slide show of Macy’s Christmas windows here in Chicago, so I covered some of them with 3-D ‘shopped snowflakes. I was so afraid someone would bump me, and I’d drop the camera! It almost happened twice…happy to leave State Street that day with everything intact!

    • Glad you like the 1000, I loved the buildings in them as well. People can be so annoying. I can’t believe I will be looking for people tomorrow. Lots of photos of people tomorrow. Thank you.

  19. I nearly LOL’d when I read the “MELBOURNE” trimming as “HELLBOUND” the first time through, only to correct with a second take. Wow. BTW, your Christmas stuff is like a whole different style for you. Interesting.

    • Yes, it is cheerful. though I quite like doing this sort of thing as well. Though I only do it for fun. People seem to be enjoying it, so that is always good.

  20. Jack Brewis says

    Stunning Leanne. Heading into London tonight to see some lights!

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