Christmas in the Royal Arcade

Christmas is in a week.  So from now till then, I am going to try and just put up Christmas photos.  I hope you don’t mind.  I find it nice to find the Christmas Cheer around me.  Christmas in Australia is so different to other places, I think because it is summer, the lights only happen late at night, so you have to be up late to see them.  During the day the decorations don’t really stand out, so it seems like any time of the year.  You really have to go looking for Christmas.

Royal Arcade 1This is one of the nicest Arcades in Melbourne, The Royal Arcade.  I have shown photos of it before.  I was so happy when I walked into it on Sunday and saw all the decorations.  They have gone to a lot of trouble.  I really liked what they did.

All the images today are HDR images that were processed with 3 images in Photomatix Pro, then further processing was done in Photoshop CS6, though not a great deal of processing was done.  I did add the white gradient, I like the effect of the snow.  Funny, because it never snows here at Christmas, actually it never snows here ever.

Royal Arcade 2Here is a self portrait, of sorts.  Can you see me?  These were very large gold balls hanging up and I like the way they reflected everything.  I couldn’t do it without me, so you have me taking a photo in it.  I have my Tamrac Bag on my back.

Royal Arcade 3I have put this photo in again, but it isn’t the same as yesterdays shot, well it is, but this is a HDR of the same shot.  I like the HDR more, but you should decide what you think.


The video, seemed to be regarded quite well.  I am sorry about the resolution, I was experimenting and didn’t save it properly.  I need to do more experimenting.  I did enjoy doing it and doing the screencast was so much easier to do than writing them out.  It is so much faster as well.  Of course, there are things I need to work on.

Another Rant, so switch off now if you aren’t interested.

Thank you first for mostly supportive comments, a couple were not what I was expecting, and I wish that if people can’t be nice they would just butt out.  I was always taught if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.  Some people obviously missed that lesson.

Can I just say, this is not a hobby, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts that needs to be paid for.  I have also spent another year studying prior to the degree. I am simply trying to find my place in the world.  Sometimes it gets frustrating.

I thought I had it with the cycling, then a heap of crap happened, and I am not comfortable in that world right now.  It is not something I can go into, but it means that I now I have to find something else.  It is hard, and I am too impatient.  I will keep going.  I know I can do this.  I just need to learn how to sell myself, that has always been my problem.

Can I just add that I was told also that I can’t expect people to pay for my services when I all I do is play with images and run a couple of presets, this has made me very angry.  I have put a lot of time and effort into learning Photoshop, GIMP and now PSE11, but apparently I don’t know what I am doing.  I feel I have a lot to learn, but I also feel I have learned a lot.  I can’t believe that people think all I do is use presets.

I do use presets when I am using Silver Efex and Colour Efex, then I adjust them to my liking, isn’t that what you are supposed to do?  I don’t mind saying I am absolutely gutted by these two comments, talk about kicking a person when they are down.

I really do appreciate most of the suggestions that I received, and love the support I get from almost everyone.  Thank you so much.  Without you, this blog would be nothing.  


  1. Freelance with advertising agencies, write for magazines, put your card at photo labs and in magazines? I would and will hire you in a heartbeat when I get that plum assignment!

    • You are so kind orbphotog, I will be trying a few things, I am getting my head around it all now. I really appreciate the support. Thank you.

  2. I remember that arcade well from my youth – great shots, very nostalgic for me… and yes, heaps of effort, it’s lovely to see

  3. alldigital photography says

    Some nice Christmas images here. I do prefer the one of the arcade, very nice.

  4. I did not read the snarky comments, but anyone who pooh-poohs what a photographer does to produce a good final product has no understanding of the art of photography. I think you are truly generous to share your process with the rest of us rather than guarding your “trade secrets.” I love your images.

    • Thank you Wabi Sabi, it was from someone that I find quite patronising, and they keep commenting and giving me this patronising comments.

  5. There is a certain perception amongst many people that ‘artistic’ people can live of the air Leanne. And there are many hobby-journalists and photographers. In Europe for example, many of these are teachers who offer their work for (almost) free to magazines as long as they get their name published. Just stand above all that. I don’t know the market in Australia but you might think of upmarket real estate agents who are willing to pay for quality photo presentations. And if you have the right contacts within local government you might be lucky to get an assignment as well. Think of tourism department, townplanning etc. Important (and most difficult) is to obtain the first references! Wishing you all the best.

    • YOu have made some great points, giving away work only harms you in the end. If you are prepared to give it away then no one will ever pay you for it. I like all your suggestions and will take them on board more in the new year. No point now. Thank you so much for your support, it really appreciated.

    • I am with you on the Babushka shot as well, sometimes HDR just makes for a better shot. It is a wonderful arcade, I go through it all the time, and stop at a few of the shops. When I am going from Flinders street to Bourke Street is it one of the arcades I go through. Thank you.

  6. Now I feel Christmassy! Thank you for sharing. As for people who have only bad things to say, they can do a running jump. Perhaps you should moderate comments. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • I have to say, I wasn’t feeling Christmassy until I started looking for Christmas shots for this blog, I have really got into it now. Thank you so much, I took your suggestion and have been moderating, at least for a little while. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  7. Havent read the comments you refer to but when browsing discussion forums, newspapers and blogs i am amazed by the number of angry, mean and trouble seeking people out there. I agree with you: If you cant be nice and/or constructive you shouldnt bother writing. Keep it up.:-)

    • I totally agree, though, the thing I find are the people who are patronising, acting like they know so much more than me, they might, but they don’t have to act as though they do. Thank you so much dmgartphoto

  8. I look forward to your post and photos each day. Keep up the outstanding work…did I mention today’s post is very much “liked”?

  9. Ya know, when folk come up with feedback that is at best impolite and at worst simply mean-spirited, it’s really about them. Let them deal with that . Breathe in, Breathe out, Move on. Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you for the advice Richard, really appreciate it, I just wish they could keep it to themselves, in this case the person is quite patronising, and I understand what that is about, but I find it hard to move on when it is constant. My wonderful blog friend 1000 found out how I can blacklist someone, so I don’t have to see them anymore.

  10. LizzieJoy says

    I didn’t see the mean comments, Leanne, but I always think that when people act in that way, the problem is within themselves. They just use others as an outlet for the bitter feelings that are eating away at them. I think that’s very sad.

    I love your photography and I’m learning so much from you. You have been very helpful and patient with me. I am thankful to have you in my life. Always look on the positive side – so many people love your work. Peace blessings coming your way for the Christmas season.

    • Thank you LizzieJoy, they weren’t mean, as patronising, telling me I should stick to being a hobby photography, like I don’t have what it takes. I am in a rut, but I didn’t want that patronising tone.
      I am so glad to have people like you following my blog, you help me feel better and with your attitude, I just want to get out and take more photos.

  11. Hi Leanne. Yes, we Aussie’s celebrate Christmas with no snow, no log fires but the Spirit of love and peace is still there. I’m pretty new in blogging and find it really exciting when someone likes it. Thank you for liking my post.

    • It is weird, though it would seem special having a white christmas which I hope to have one day. Almost got one once, when we were in Denmark. Thank you Cindy. Welcome to the world of blogging, it can be addictive.

    • Haha, have done, but no, strangely we have a roast, do the turkey and plum pudding. Very traditional. With air conditioning it is easy to do and often too hot for a barbie outside. Thanks :)

  12. HI Leanne.

    I agree completely with your rant at the end. These days, everybody has a camera in their phone, and therefore everybody thinks they can take good photos. How wrong…

    Getting good photos is a lot of work, and definitely more than “run a couple of presets”. Keep up the good work :-)

    • Thank you jsetsaas, I think that is so true. I do a lot of work on my photos, and the idea that I just use a few presets was really insulting. I was gutted, but with so much support here how could I not feel better.

  13. Leanne, persevere and you will be successful. Your blog is great and I’ve been thinking the next time we come to Melbourne I would love to book a class with you. You have so much to offer.

  14. In the short amount of time that i have been subscribed to your blog, I have learnt so much from you and would most certainly come to you for paid tuition if I lived in Melbourne. I think you are a wonderfully talented photographer and love your work.

    • Thank you so much bluebee, that is such a lovely thing to say. Just in case you haven’t noticed, but no obligation, I do offer some online tuition as well. just giving myself a plug. I really appreciate your support.

  15. Ahhh, so the Grinchy-Trolls came to visit yesterday, eh? So sorry, Sweetie…Those types can ruin anyone’s day. People who make mean coments on the internet are cowards, and I’ll bet they’re jealous…
    Today’s photos are great – I love the decorations on the ironwork in the arcade!
    Big Christmas Hugs, my friend!

    • Love your self portrait, the idea of the photographer as part of the photograph always appeals to me, especially when you can hide in plain sight! Well done!

      • Haha, I don’t normally go for selfies, but sometimes you just can’t avoid them. Thank you so much earthstills

    • Thank you so much, I love your support and appreciate it so much. It wasn’t so much mean, as patronising. I find that really hard to take as well.
      The arcade is just the best and one of most wonderful ones here in Melbourne. Thank you so much for the hugs, I really needed them.

  16. Everyone is a bloody critic and think what photographers do is point, shoot, and play with buttons! I’d like to see them try and do some of the things we do!! Don’t let the snarks get you down. I’d love to try HDR because of what you have posted…but I may need help – lol. It’s all about learning and growing.

    • I think you are so right, years of learning composition how to use your camera, and all the rest don’t seem to count. I will try not to, thank you so much imagesbytdashfield, it has taken me quite a while to work out HDR, it is a trial and error thing for each image. Yes, it is all about learning and growing.

  17. Sticks and stones Leanne … don’t listen to them. I know it’s hard – but keep on going! You know what they say, “When the going gets tough … ” You’ve got lots of folks in your corner … just ignore the others. Also … talk is cheap … I wonder if the folks that made the rude comments are, themselves, doing so from ‘higher ground.’ I doubt it. With appreciation – D.

    • Thank you so much Dave, it is wonderful the support I get from you all here. I really do appreciate it and I know when something like this happens you will all be here to pick me up.

  18. I thought you were photographing London’s Royal Arcade until I logged on to view the pix. That’s the problem with living in the UK, we think everything is UK centred!
    I’ve never been to Melbourne but did spend one Christmas in Sydney which was great and Melbourne looks equally fabulous.

    • WE have a lot of very English looking places here in Melbourne, they used to say the Melbourne was the most English city in Australia.
      Sydney is nice, but Melbourne is better, haha, you know I have to say that, LOL

  19. Leanne,

    I was very sorry to learn that people have been making awful remarks about your photography. As a beginning photographer, I am stunned by the complexity of the art of photography and how much work it is to get even one good shot. So don’t let some unhappy and angry person ruin your day (easier said than done!). Just keep on keeping on. I too have learned a lot from your site and appreciate only too well the effort it takes to produce content for a blog! The world is such a challenging place and people should support others, not cut them down.

    Looking forward to your Christmas pictures!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia, I do appreciate all the support I have received from you and many others. A lot of work does go into making images, and when others simplify it or assume that you don’t put much into it, then it is degrading.

  20. I love the second shot, with the arcade (and you) reflected in the ornament.

  21. We have a saying Leanne…. take what you need and leave the rest… take all of the gratitude and love we have and leave the nay sayers behind. Don’t let them get to you. Life is too short and some don’t have a life. I appreciate all of your input! :-)

  22. Love the Royal…it is stunning, would love to visit someday! I live in Canada so that isn’t likely but will enjoy through your wonderful generosity.

    My mother said the same thing to me many years ago and I’ve always remebered it especiallly when someone says something hurtful. I too think when people talk negatively it is about them…doesn’t make it easier for the recipient to receive the nasty words but it is something to keep in mind!

    I’m new to your blog, but this is one place I look forward to visiting…your work is amazing, you are kind and generous with what you do. I’m one of those lowly people who take photos with my iPhone and will begin taking photos with a simple Sony camera, but you inspire me to be the best I can be with the tools I have, regardless of my capabilities…thank you for that Leanne! Your mother taught you well… :~)

    Think it and you will be it…try it!

    I look forward to your Christmas shots this week…I love all the decorations and festive atmosphere!


    • You never know Heather, it might happen, I hope to get to Canada one day.
      It is hard with some people, I know it is there problem but being so patronising and belittling my work is so hard. I have taken steps, so hopefully I won’t hear from them again.
      There are always things to remember, no matter what camera you use. Composition is one of the most important things, and not something people think enough about.
      I hope you have been enjoying the Christmas shots, I’ve enjoyed taking them for you. Thank you Heather.

  23. The images look so traditional. But what I like best is the overwhelming sense of abundance: it makes me feel all Christmassy, although I’m not particularly fussed by this holiday usually. Nice one.

    • What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much. It is very traditional and not something we see a lot of here. It was a pleasant surprise. Thank you mightwar

  24. I think your photos and your blog are fabulous. I love that you take the time to write along with your pictures the story of what you saw, and why you shot what you shot. As long as the good outweighs the bad, IGNORE THE BAD!!

  25. This arcade could have been one of the famous ones in London – great job again – but I wouldn’t expect anything else from you. Truly magical this time of year – even if I’m not a bigger Christmas fan – love the decorations, music and cards … great the way you caught yourself in the decoration.

    • I think it was built to be like one of the London Arcades, around the time it was built there were many buildings done with London architecture in mind. Thank you so much Viveka.

    • I found out you can black list them, brilliant idea. Now I never have to put up with another one. I think the worse part is that he has a blog, but has never posted on it, and it feels one sided. He can come to out blog and criticise what he likes, but you can’t return the favour. Frustrating. Thanks for you support, I really do appreciate it.

  26. Leanne, I completely agree with the comment from Wabi Sabi Photography. Although I’m not a photographer, I know that an extreme amount of effort goes into what you do, and you are very talented! Geez, it takes me a while just to adjust the colors in I-Photo let alone the more complex software you use. Thanks for what you do — I’m hoping to take a photography class and then I will appreciate your tutorials even more.

    Also, thank you for posting photos of the Royal Arcade — I was there two years ago and it was very festive and Christmassy there. I agree that it feels a little bit weird being in Oz during the Christmas season (since I’m from a cold state in the US and usually experience the snow.) At any rate, the Royal Arcade was lovely and your photos are as well! Steph

    • Thank you Steph, I have worked so hard on what I do and tried to learn as much as I can and I do appreciate when people can understand that. I wish you luck with your photography as well.
      I was so happy to see the Arcade and what they had done, it was lovely. I have been really impressed with Melbourne during the “silly” season. I am used to being here in the summer, it is life, but I think the northern hemisphere has better atmosphere, you don’t have to go looking for it as much as we do. It is cold here right now, but I think that is because the air conditioning has come on and it doesn’t really need to be on. :)

  27. Leanne…I’m a little behind in my blog reading so I’ve missed the remarks made to you. I’ll gradually make my way back to them. But without reading them, I can already say…they’re uncalled for, absolutely! provide an incredible service (for free) for us out here who follow you, and not only are those services WORTH money, but so is much of the work that comes from your great investment in acquiring the expertise that you have. My suggestion would always be, ignore ignorance and stupidity. YOU know what you know to be true. You know who you are and have a fair sense of your worth. Don’t let unkindnesses like their’s put so much as a scratch on the truth. (To be quite blunt, their remarks say a great deal more about them than they do about you…in fact they say nothing about you. Your own work and words speak on your behalf.) We’re grateful, very grateful, for what you give! Go get ’em Tiger! :)

    • YOu are wonderful spree, thank you so much. I really do appreciate all your comments and I knew I would feel better. I do love doing this blog and I am going to try and keep it going.

  28. saymber says

    Hello Leanne – first of all: LOVE the pictures and yes, I saw you in the reflection lol. So colorful, festive and bright. You really captured holiday spirit. As for the rant – when I get crappy comments (always in the Spam folder for some reason) I just read them and delete. When you mention about trying to find your place in the world…I so understand. Cripes I’ve been trying to find that for 44 years! It’s not easy but your trying in the way you think is right for now. Who knows what will happen with this – sometimes unexpected doors open when we think we are on the path to destiny. I’m still waiting for mine lol — I get “glimpses” and that wonderful “complete and warm” feeling inside now and again but not long term and I think that’s because the Universe knows I am only capable of so many “missions” at a time before I would totally deplete myself and be useless. If the criticisms are constructive…use them…if they are from trolls…well screw them…move on. They don’t know you and have no idea what it feels like to be going through your life. Hugs to you Leanne – don’t give away your personal power to a-holes.

    • Thank you so much saymber, the arcade is lovely. Glad you liked the self portrait. I have discovered that you can blacklist commenters, brilliant idea. It is hard finding your place. I spent most of my life trying to find something I was good at, I hope this is it. You are so wonderful, I really appreciate all you have written, let’s hope we both find those open doors. :)

      • saymber says

        Leanne you are a beautiful, talented woman full of heart and passion for what you are doing and love. Keep a daily attitude of gratitude and you will just keep attracting this positive energy to you. I’ve enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to going with you on more adventures! I don’t know that I’ll ever have the honor of visiting Australia (never say never) so seeing it through your eyes and words has been great for me! Thank you and Happy Holidays my friend.

  29. The photo of the Royal Arcade is absolutely beautiful. The white frosting around the edge of your photos make it extra Christmas-sy for me. Very nice.

    On the video, when I clicked the HD button in the upper right corner, the video quality improved. So, I think the “default” is the grainy SD version.

    Finding a professional niche in the photography world is probably the hardest part in a crowded field. It’s much like science, where the competition is keen and trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd is essential – regardless of where you work in the sciences. Hang in there with your approach, and with a little “networking”, you’ll find that professional niche.

    • I thought the white gradient was a stroke of Christmas genius, well I hoped it would be. Thanks.

      I think I should have saved it in a higher resolution, but it was my first, so I’m not to upset, hopefully the next one I do will be better.

      It is hard to find a niche, I think one of the hardest things, and what I have seen time and time again, is that most people don’t understand or see how good photography can be. I have seen some photographs of cycling and people have thought they were great, but they are out of focus, and not very good at all. It is a mystery. I have some ideas, so hopefully next year will be different.
      Thank you for all your support David, it really is appreciated.

  30. Hey Leanne, the HDR is great – I prefer it to the other version. Don’t waste your time worrying about negative comments – you (and we) know what you’re doing is good. Hang in there.

    • I agree Richard, I think this one is better. I try not to, too sensitive, that has always been my problem. I do love how everyone here, picks me up and I know I will feel better. Thank you so much Richard, I have enjoyed our friendship through the blogging world.

  31. You’re doing a fantastic job Leanne. Don’t let the minority dissenting opinions bother you. Take the good and junk the bad! Life is too short !

  32. I love your Christmas shots! I feel for you in Australia. I lived there for 7 years, and while I loved my time immensely, I did find Christmas tough! I had grown up with white Christmases all my life…don’t think I ever quite adjusted.
    Your shots are beautiful. So sorry to hear that people have been giving you such grief. (I read your rant, needless to say). I hope you are able to work past them…while I missed a series of your posts and am not sure what happened…your work is beautiful. Be proud of what you do. I only wish I could manipulate the photos the way you do to create such beautiful work. Don’t let the nay sayers get you down…they are everywhere!
    Thanks for sharing a Sydney Christmas – it has been a while for me….I am back on the white Christmases.

    • Thank you Anita, I have enjoyed doing the Christmas shots, it has forced me to go out and look for them. I am used to the summer Christmas, only ever had one cold one. We do get used to it, but I find you have to make extra effort. It is so easy for it to turn into just another day with presents.
      Thanks for that, it was more of a putting down, as though what I do is no more than a hobby and how dare I think I could make it more. All the work I have done and what I had learned didn’t mean anything. It was so patronising. I am over it now, and I have blacklisted the person so I don’t have to put up with there comments anymore.
      I would love to have a white christmas one day, one day. I’m dreaming. . .

  33. I love the effort you put into every post Leanne and as an enthusiastic beginner I learn a lot from what you say. The world is full of idiots and those who are jealous of other’s success and popularity …. Don’t let them drive you away from the thing you are passionate about, it’s exactly the same as the bullying thing – designed to hurt but not based on reality … Only on their feeble attempt at being heard because they have nothing constructive to say.

    • What a lovely thing to say Alien Shores, it is lovely to get so much support from here, and even more lovely to hear that you like my blog. I do like teaching and I do like to help others out. Thank you so much.

  34. The Royal Arcade shots are quite spectacular, Leanne…love the reflection ‘self-portrait’! Sometimes, we just cannot avoid getting into the shot, can we?

    I missed the snark, but I shall check it out…no one seems to understand the technical end of processing. Yes, sometimes we do flail around–I call it ‘playing’, yet it’s always learning something new, or doing something in a different way. Without ‘experimenters’ such as you and me(and many, many others), digital photography and processing would not be as advanced as it is now! Disregard the ‘arses’…they are lazy, and will never open their eyes or ears to anything! And be certain, I’ll get back to you!

    Oh…and the HDR really enhanced the ‘Babushkas’…the clarity and color is much finer…and I know it was a difficult shot to process!

    • No you can’t always avoid it, I was laughing when I was taking it. It is a great arcade.
      What you have said about digital photography is so true, I can spend hours on a photo, trying this and then going back and trying other stuff, you would understand. It isn’t always easy. I hate it when people degrade it, like I just use presets, just a weird idea. I have taken your advice and looked up blacklisting, brilliant idea.
      I agree about the Babushka window, so much better. Thank you so much.

      • If you look closely at the close-up of the tree in my ‘Mag Mile X’ (posted tonight), I am there…and NOT there! I ‘Smudged’ myself out, and look more like a very blurry Christmas decoration! HAHAHAHA!

  35. You can do it Leanne. If those comments came from regular commenters who usually give constructive advice then you should take it as such but if not, use your own judgement. All of it good and bad, is experience. Melbourne’s Royal Arcage is simialr to Sydney’s Strand Arcade. Your images are wonderful, and I love your reflection in the globe.

    • Thank you EllaDee, no it came from someone who pops in and out, and leaves very patronising comments like they are the expect in everything photographic. I tried ignoring their comments, but have now blacklisted them so I don’t have to see them anymore. I don’t need patronising people in my life, had enough of that growing up. I haven’t seen the Strand Arcade, I am hoping to come to Sydney next year, so if I can I will go and check it out. Thanks again.

  36. markharwoodwriter says

    The internet seems to reveal the best and worst of people – the best from people like you. There will always be unhappy and self-righteous people looking to screw up your day, and I hope you can look right past them. What you do here is beautiful and good and I look forward to more.

    • I think you are so right Mark, something about not doing it face to face. People like you really help when crap like that happens, I really do appreciate it, thank you.

  37. Leanne, I’m so sorry to hear that others offended you so. It is a shame. Perhaps you could offer on-line classes. I know of other photographers who teach classes using on-line forums. They use videos just like the video you posted as the tutorial yesterday. You would need to market the classes, but once you had a full class of 6 students or so you would be able to continue with additional sessions because of word of mouth. There are many ways you could establish the classes, but I trust you can do that research on your end. I’m not yet familiar with the world of blogging and am just learning it. But, I almost think you might be better off teaching classes vs. blogging the tutorials if you need to make money doing what you are doing.
    You are so correct, there is so much to learn! And, there are many people out there interested in it. The problem is that there are so many free on-line tutorials for Photoshop, etc. You probably need a niche to really be successful as far as making money goes in the area of editing/teaching editing.

    Keep up the good work, keep your chin up, and think positive for great things in 2013. Blessings, Robyn

    • I have been trying to offer some one on one classes, but haven’t had a lot of success yet, but suspect I am not marketing myself enough. I am not good at that part. I do like your idea though. I might have to organise something next year. I have thought about the teaching a lot and will investigate it a lot more next year.
      I really need to find that niche, one day, I will keep going.
      Thank you so much Robyn, I will think positively for next year. Thank you for your support.

  38. Leanne, You have been my friend for about 6 months now, and I have learned so much, but most of all I know how much you give of yourself. It is so hard when you put that much into what you do to be criticized. Worse than that is that people tend to ignore the hundreds of good comments, and validate the bad ones, as if they were the only valid ones. Sometimes there is a word or two here and there we can use in a stinging criticism, but the rest of it is of no use. Just know that you have more followers than anyone I follow, and you STILL take the time to comment on my blog. For that I am very grateful. Let me know how I can help you take the steps you need to take to achieve the success you so deserve. Marsha :)

    • Thank you so much Marsha, I have really enjoyed your friendship through our blogs. The person was quite patronising, and I think that is what made it hard.
      They keep saying very patronising things like they are an expert. It is hard when you keep getting comments from a person like that.
      I love commenting on other blogs, I believe in supporting those that support me. Well I try to, it isn’t always easy. There are so many blogs. Marsha you are a doll, thank you so much, I might take you up on that. :)

      • It is hard to be patronized. Nothing turns us off faster than that. You are bigger than that person, and they have probably already forgotten the remarks, not realizing how bad they are. So, hard as it is, it’s part of being public. I had a really funny one once. I wrote up my notes from a professor’s lecture, and somebody commented on how leftist my ideas were, and Jefferson was a blah, blah, blah. I wrote him back and told him again that I was writing my notes – someone else said them, not I. He had ranted terribly at me. I never heard from him again. So take care, and let me know how I can support your efforts. Marsha :)

  39. petit4chocolatier says

    Excellent pictures and post! Hang in there my dear! A new year awaits :)

  40. You trained as a photographer, and should be able to earn a living by it, particularly since it’s obviously your passion as well. If I was commissioning photos, you’d be top of my list. I really hope you can make it work as a paying profession. I’m loving the Christmas photos, by the way.

    • Thank you Poet, I hope I can make it work, I am hoping patience is what I need, so I will do what I can to keep going. I have some plans for next year, so I hope something works. Thank you for your support.

  41. hi Leanne,
    I think your photography is fn beautiful, and I’m a harsh critic. But that’s how I was trained in art school. I’m not a photographer, but it looks like its tough competition. Don’t let it get to you. You get stronger . Then you start dishing it out ! ha ha . No, you’ll remember , and treat others with respect. I can see that in your blog. :-)

    • I remember that harsh criticism in art school, you would think I would be used to it. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but people being patronising can be hard. Thank you so much for your words and support, I really appreciate it.

  42. I really enjoyed these images. Reminded me of home. As for the naysayers…just go out there and do what you do, when you want, how you want and give them the finger.

  43. Sorry you were on the receiving end of some not too kind comments. I agree, what’s wrong with using a preset as a starting point? But it’s not even worth answering that kind of criticism – some people just aren’t worth your time. It’s very difficult to try to make a living through art and/or photography – hell, it’s difficult making a living at all these days! So don’t let anyone discourage you.

  44. First off, love the second shot! The reflection is so perfect! Second, photography is a hard profession. I’m currently doing it as a hobby, because I know for a fact I don’t know nearly as much as others do. Just do what makes you happy, I think you’re incredibly talented and what you do is amazing! I look up to you so much and I hope someday my photos are as beautiful as yours :) Photography is such an art, and it’s so hard. We are all here for you!

  45. Hey, Leanne, thanks for liking my post on “Ninja Photography.” i got a chance to check out some of your work – really nice images! Most important lesson I learned when I started out was to take pictures for myself, and not try to be someone else’s idea of a photographer. People started to hire me because they wanted what I produced.

    Good luck in your endeavor. It looks like you’ve got a solid foundation from which to build :-)

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