Babshka Christmas Window

Babshka Christmas Window


  1. Leanne, the video didn’t work for me. Looking forward to video tutorials. By the way, people don’t want to pay for copywriting either. So, I wrote three courses and they are a hard sell too. It’s the same everywhere. At least I’m old enough to say enough and just retire and enjoy learning photography.

  2. Greeting Leanne from newbie on the block! Thank’s for visiting and like my photo!

    I saw your tutorial video, at least now I knew clarity can help adjust the image lol… not only dark n bright button. I’m still figure out on setting up in blogging things, but surely must survive :P So I’m happy to see your posting. I’ll be sure comeback read of more!

    • Welcome to the world of blogging.
      The image quality was not very good, sorry, I am new to doing these. I am glad that the tutorial helped you understand something, Thank you and good luck with your blog.

      • I think you doing a good job Leanne! Honestly, your photos catch my eyes, that’s why I come back and seeing more! Even though people can do magnificence photo editing, still they need the good basic/raw photo to do it. And personally I think you do a magnificence shoot! I might be an ordinary newbie, still I think you have beautiful work on all of your photo! Continue Leanne! Your photo worth to “click” like :).

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