Finding the Christmas Cheer in Melbourne

This morning was a bust.  It was horrible weather, raining, white sky, and nothing was looking good.  So we headed off to find Christmas in Melbourne.  Of course we, as you do at Christmas in Melbourne, headed to Myer to look at the windows.

Before I show you the photos, some history.  Myer is famous for their Christmas windows.  Every year, for the past 57 I think, they put up a Christmas themed story.  Parents bring their kids from all over Melbourne to see the windows.  You have to get there early or you are waiting in the cue for a very long time.

scxmas-2702This is Russell sitting on the tree watching Santa going past the moon.  Can you see Santa?

scxmas-2704Santa and the Reindeer have a stack and Russell is watching, you can’t see Russell in this one.

scxmas-2711Santa’s sleigh can’t be fixed, so Russell, see him on the left of Santa, comes up with an alternative, an old car.

scxmas-2716The car is painted with red glitter paint, the reindeers are hooked up, and it is all ready to go.

scxmas-2719Santa flies around and around the world delivering all the presents.  If you look hard you can see him in his red sparkly car.

scxmas-2732Jobs done, time to relax.  Looks like someone has given Santa a present as well.  There is Russell making snow angels. Russell saved Christmas.

scxmas-2717This lot were in the corner of one of the windows, this is happening under the snow.

scxmas-2735The last window, which is somewhat separated from the rest has the traditional Nativity Scene in it.  I don’t know if they use the same one every year.

scxmas-2740This was just a little while after we looked at the windows and the crowds were beginning to grow.  We looked at 7.30am, and by 9 the crowds were 3 or 4 times the size of this.  If you were walking past you wouldn’t be able to see the windows.  The cue goes a long way when it is really busy.

The photos aren’t great, it is hard to take photos when you have glass between the subject and the camera.  There are a lot of reflections in the glass, I did my best to get rid of them, I hope they don’t detract from the story too much.

It was lovely to see that some have gone to some trouble for Christmas and I must go in again and see what I can find.  I would like to do a night shot.


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  1. I think they are great photos Leanne – gives us a feel for the window display without actually being there. Well done you for getting up early to go and see them – looks like it was worth it. Have a great Xmas. Cheers Jan

  2. I actually really like the reflections – they give me a nice sense of place. We went to the windows on Friday night – great weren’t they? My favourites from the last few years I think.

    • I haven’t seen them for the last few years, actually I can’t remember the last time, but I thought they were fantastic. Great story. Thanks Liz.

  3. Thank you for sharing. My children loved looking at your pictures; especially the one of the frog family. We used to have window displays here, it is great to see some places still do them. My 4 year old couldn’t quite understand the concept of no snow when looking at the picture of the store, but I think she feels winter is eternal as we are in Canada.

    • That is so wonderful, I am so glad your children enjoyed them. You can tell your 4 year old that we think it is strange as well. Thank you

  4. arnoldthearmadillo says

    I can remember when Selfridges in London was that good, it wasn’t any where near as good last time I went..

  5. Amazing, i wish we had a store like that here in the philippines. When i look at the first few photos i recall the characters in tim burton’s the night before christmas. These could actually be a good set for a christmas cartoon movie.
    Congratulations on all your nominations. Well deserved. Proud to be a follower of your blog. I chose right! :-)

    • They are pretty cool windows, and I think you are right about what you said about the characters, though I think Russell has been around longer. They would make a great movie.
      Thank you mymeggielitz :)

  6. Great photos!
    I actually love the Myer and David Jones windows in Sydney as well.. was going to take some pictures this week too:)

    • I love it when places go to a lot of trouble, it is nice to see them doing something for their customers, for a change. Thank you Getvelvet

  7. What beautiful and imaginative displays, thank you for photographing them, because I’ve loved seeing these. I particularly like the one with Santa holding the gift and Russell in the snow. :)

    • You are very welcome caro, I am really happy that you have enjoyed them. Funny to see Russell in the snow, because it never snows here at Christmas, actually it never snows here. :)

  8. I’ve seen the Christmas windows at Myer in Bourke St several times and they are always lovely. The Myer store here used to have windows like this when I was a child (many many years ago) but they haven’t for a long time. If you want some Summer weather come to Queensland – 32 today and 35 tomorrow.

    • We having storms today, but it is supposed to be 36 on Sunday, but nice and cool on Christmas day, we hope. I suspect that Melbourne City Council help out Myer with the windows, they are a major Christmas attraction, so it wouldn’t look good if they stopped. Thanks Carol

  9. Hi Leanne, These are lovely, hard to see, but, as you say, glass gets in the way. It brings back long forgotten memories of my mom taking me to see the store windows in downtown Indianapolis, IN at L.S. Ayers. It was one of the Christmas highlights. Congratulations on your many blog awards. You deserve every one. :)

  10. I was at the windows again last night and the queues were back to Zara so I’m guessing the waiting time would have been at least an hour. I got stuck in that years ago so now I go in November when they are released.

    Your photos are great. I love those little frog stories in the corners of the windows under the snow. Did you notice there are 2 similar scenes?

    • Wow, that is long, I thought I might take a look on the weekend, just at the queues, not the windows again. I try and go early in the morning.
      I love the frogs too, no I didn’t see the other one, almost missed the one I did get.
      Thanks threeweeksinnz

  11. I can well imagine the little ones noses pressed up against the windows to see inside !
    I too remember like arnoldthearmadillo the Selfridges Store windows being amazing, perhaps they have got the pzzazz back this year I haven’t seen yet . Someone’s bound to know !
    Lovely :-)

    • The kids love it, I saw one dad explaining to his very upset son that they couldn’t go and see them because the line was too long and they would be waiting for too long. It is something that most little kids get to see. Thanks poppytump

    • When Myer was sold a few years ago, everyone was worried that they wouldn’t keep doing them, but they have, which has been great. What they do is lovely.
      Thanks for enjoying them. Thanks Marie.

  12. I love … shops window displays for Christmas – so fun and playful. Couple of years ago “Liberty” in London, who has very small windows because of the Tudor style of building (very old) they are in. In very window they had a miniature set up of a musical that was on stage in London. A famous scene for every window and it was about 8-10 show. Absolutely amazing. So beautiful and in every detail. Wish I had taken photos of them all. Love your photos here – it’s what Christmas is about – joy and fun .. and light.

    • Wow they sound like they were wonderful, I love it when shops go to some trouble for Christmas, it is sad to see that not many do anymore. I suppose it makes it even more special for those that do. That is very much what Christmas should be about. Thanks viveka

      • I suppose the big shops has this thing about how have the best Christmas windows for the season – at least it’s like that in London.
        But it must cost them a furtune. So I think it all about cost and also energy saving those days. Still for me that’s what Christmas alwyas been about – Christmas shop displays.

  13. I would hardly have known there was glass in between if they weren’t windows. Really imaginative displays. From a northern hemisphere perspective, it’s weird to see Christmas windows in conjunction with people dressed for summer.

    • It is strange for us as well poet, I think we all associate Christmas with cold and snow. Even the windows have snow in them. I so glad you like the windows, they are pretty cool. Kids love them. Thanks

  14. Great photos! I like that they invest year on year to bring new decorations. Also, I love the little frog family enjoying dinner :)

  15. I enjoyed the photos and the story…what an amazing display I can see why people flock to see them!

  16. Christmas windows, a queue to view – very traditional, which I like very much. The frog family celebrating, too cute.

  17. What beautiful pictures! When I was a small child, the stores would go crazy decorating for Christmas. It was imaginative and elegant…. as are your pictures! :D

    • I remember that as well Keli, now most of them make some half hearted attempt, and expect you to spend lots of money with them. It has all become too commercial. Thank you. :)

  18. Inés says

    Loved these photographs! You managed to make me smile… after the tragedy, that is. Thank you for sharing! So cute and colorful! :)

  19. Great photos, and you did well with the glass. I have seen the Melbourne Myer window for the last 2 Christmases but wasn’t down there this year, so at least I get a virtual viewing. I’ll be stopping by Sydney DJs at some stage this week but the getting photos without people in them will likely be impossible… we’ll see :)

    • I am so glad you got to see them in some way EllaDee, they are great this year. I don’t think you can avoid people at this time of the year unfortunately. I am behind on looking at blogs, did you put some up. will have to go and check out your blog. Thanks

      • Checking out my blog won’t take long ;) I’m just about on my Christmas break… I’m going to try to post at least a couple of times during the hols but it will depend on how the internet coverage holds up.
        PS. My sister just annouced she is movingto Melbourne early next year. You may get to see me yet :)

  20. Such beautiful Christmas windows. I’d imagine it would be tough to really feel the spirit of the holidays in such heat. No White Christmas for you. :-(

    • No, no white Christmas for me, :( one day maybe. The windows are great, and if you search can find things that are Christmassy. Thank you Emily

  21. Leanne, the images you capture are simply beautiful. You have a natural born gift,and I thank you for sharing it with all of us on here.
    I adore Melbourne,and although I currently do not live there at the moment,and day dream about moving there (eventually!),your images make me feel as though I am there and do truly inspire me. I wish you all the best,and a Merry Christmas!

    • What a wonderful thing to say, thank you so much. I love Melbourne and I can understand why you would want to come back. Brilliant place, and it has the best coffee. LOL

  22. petit4chocolatier says

    Beautiful pictures bursting with colours!! Love them.
    Congratulations on your awards!! Well deserved :)

  23. Beautiful photographs… I loved them all. Congratulations dear Leanne Cole, Merry Christmas and Happy New year, Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, you are so sweet, I am so glad you liked the photos, they are much better in person, but I am glad you like this.

  24. Oh, Leanne, you did a fantastic job with these spectacular shots! Such a fun story line, too! Especially love that you captured the ‘froggies’ celebrating under the snow…who’da thunk?

    • Thank you so much 1000, they were a challenge, but you know, we both love those. I am happy with how they came out, nice for a bit of Christmas cheer. I love the frogs too. :)

  25. That is an awesome place! How fun!! I love the shots :) Do they only go all out during Christmas? Or do they decorate during other holidays as well?

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