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ReWorking the Great Hall

The Long Tables - OriginalThis image was first done May on a trip to Montsalvat at an Artist Retreat in Eltham, not far from me.  This is the Great Hall.  This image isn’t bad, but I was never really happy with the greyness in the window.  I do like the setting and thought I would use it today to redo.

The Long Tables - ReworkedThe view out the window is certainly much better in this.  I did reprocess the HDR in Photomatix Pro. I have gotten very used to how that software works and what I can do with it.  I then did some processing with Topaz Adjust 5, really just added some detail, which has made the image more textural. Well, I think it has.  This image was a lot more saturated so I desaturated it a bit.  The image was darkened and the table and floor were lightened so your eye would be drawn to the window and outside.

There are aspects of both that I like.  The first one shows more of the room, whereas the second one has more atmosphere.  One is an architectural shot and the other more an art image.

I also had to attempt doing it in Silver Efex.

The Long Tables - Silver Efex Pro 2This is probably the best of the first two.  There are lots of textures, but you also see the room.

As I said yesterday, I went into the city.  I went in to photograph the Manchester Unity Building.  It wasn’t great as the weather was horrible, which meant that I couldn’t really photograph the tower.  I did get some images and I will play with them, but I will have to go back another time.  We were thinking the morning would be better.  I will start putting up some photos on Sunday.

A Touch of Christmas

So many of you are putting up images of Christmas and I thought I would do the same today.  I didn’t really get many Christmas images, only one really.  The weather was so bad, I just wanted to come home.

Tiffany WindowI remember my friend 1000 had a window from Tiffany’s and when I was walking near Tiffany’s in the city, I had to look at the window.  I got my camera out and took a couple of photos, then it started raining again, so I had to get a move on.

A touch of Christmas in Melbourne.  I hope you like it.  We finally put up our tree today.  It is big and it is the first time we have had the big tree up for years.  I forgot about all the beautiful decorations we got the Christmas we spent in Denmark.  It is lovely to see them out again.  I will, of course, take photos of them for you.


      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        Interestingly medieval castles were usually clad with wood on the inside and hung with tapestry, early attempt at thermal insulation, we tend to think of castles and bare stone walls, because that is what we see, but it was not so :)

      • That is also interesting, I knew about the tapestries, but not about the wood, though I think they have tried to create something else here, not sure exactly what. :)

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        Faux castle? It still looks very impressive, I have an interest in that sort of thing, one thing that does annoy is Tudor beams on the outside of old houses being painted black, in reality they should be a soft grey as this is the colour of aged oak, which is what they should be made of.. Jumps off soapbox and returns to normality, or as close as possible..

      • You should check out this place, look up Montsalvat, Eltham Australia, they have a website, definitely faux, it was built in the 1930’s I think.

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        That’s awesome, I have to doubt the intent of anyone trying to recreate old architecture, its like building a new Stonehenge, why bother, its already been done :D

      • I think it has more to do with Australia, we have nothing old, so we have to build it, we are only 200 odd years old. It is quite an amazing place, but the people there are so stuck up and for an artist colony that are horrible to artists.

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        I live in NZ, we have very little left over 50 years old, where I live, the whole place was rebuilt after 1931, most of which is now deemed less than earthquake proof..

      • So you understand that mind set as well. I don’t mind the rebuilding things from the past, but it should be done faithfully, not half heartedly.
        Where abouts in NZ are you. I really want to go there one day.

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        I live in the sunny Hawke’s Bay, in the heart of Art Deco land. I went half way around the world to get here (Pommie) and do not regret the effort it took one little bit :)

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        Just Google images this
        napier art deco
        Art Deco weekend will be Feb 14 – 17 next year, people dress up in 1930’s clothes and all the old cars come out for an outing, its a real good time :)

      • It looks so amazing, I hope you get lots of photos. I might have to come over one year and drag my art deco loving friend with me.

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        You will not be disappointed, its a good fun, feel good weekend, plenty of things to see.

      • arnoldthearmadillo says

        Hey, we even have some old planes, you can get a ride in a DC3 if you feel so inclined :D

  1. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the room in the first. It gives the feeling that inside is the most important world, the outside being less, less ‘civilised’, less rich in intelect. The multitude of fine window panes do indeed create a grey mist like a confusion through which one has to pass to reach the other side.

    • It was very tricky, really the only way to do it was by making it a HDR image, the perfect example of when to use it. Thank you.

  2. Lovely room, and we understand it is not easy to shoot. We ourselves make many interior photos because of our job ( vacation rentals in Italy), and now we are trying to teach the house owners to impreve their capabilities in order to take better pictures ( we cannot drive all the way from Lombardy to Sicily everytime…), we we have prepared some lessons with home made material to help them without having them to spend momey on material… :-) I would tell you to look at them but its all in italian lenguage. Well done anyway :-)

    • Thank you HolidayPlusBlog, I don’t do a lot of interiors, but I am trying to do more, I do like them. They are a challenge. :)

  3. I think it is a shame to loose the lovely brickwork detail and the gorgeous ceiling. Whilst I understand the rationale for the rework I do prefer number 1 and indeed the B&W SEP version. The enhancement of the window however in v2 worked extremely well so maybe you can keep that and merge it with the original :-)

    • I like all of the images, though, I think they all convey different things, and that is okay as well. I intentionally lost the detail in my attempt to try giving the shot another mood. Thanks Andrew.

  4. I really prefer the B&W, The colours are dull and lifeless but with the Black and White it is more about the tone, so you can see much more detail. Great shot!

  5. Really? It was May when you took those? My, the year flew by! It’s a wonderful room – sure wish I could tour it in person…
    Good for you, putting up the tree…we’ll get ours today, before the rain starts again.

  6. I’m with the bulk of the comments so far. The first is more appealing to me than the second because the primary purpose of taking the picture was to see the inside rather than the outside. The outside is superfluous. The second picture removes some of the warmth of the beautiful interior. Their third picture is amazing, but in an entirely different category. That is the art piece in my mind. Very lovely, Leanne.

    • I think of each as being entirely different and they all convey something different to me Marsha, thanks for your thoughts on them, I do appreciate them.

  7. HDR settings do agreat deal of finishing. i would say im learning the trade too…Nice work Leanne. Grace and Peace.

      • i saw i on picasa and Photoshop plus i read that its on some phones as a setting. I didn’t see it on my D40 though. But i like the balance of light that comes with it

  8. what a stunning room…I’m always amazed at what you can do to your photos…
    love the door!

  9. I like all three Leanne !
    No1 for the warmth and detail
    No2 for mood .. makes me feel back in Medieval times- there should be jugs of ale and .. entertainment ;-)
    No3 I like B&W and love to see what you do with silver efex on images !
    Can’t wait for more of your Christmas photographs :-D

    • I love everything you have said poppytump, I think you are the only one that has realised that, and stated it. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas images I put up today. :)

  10. mistymidnite says

    Yes the black and white shows lovely texture. Like the Tiffany’s also. Again..really nice.

  11. I guess everyone likes something different in a photograph. I like the first one of the Great Hall because I can see everything, even the glow from the hanging lamp lights up the ceiling for me to get a closer view. And, your touch of Christmas is very Tiffany.

  12. Although the pictures of the room are just very well done I really like the Christmas picture. The colouring overall is very pleasing to the eye and I found myself looking at it for a long time and just enjoying it. Best wishes and blessing to you and your family over this Christmas period.

  13. The re-works are fantastic. B&W has a way of bringing out details that you don’t see with its color counterpart.

  14. I agree, this is a great shot for you to work with – it has so many elements, and you have woven your magic with them in various wonderful ways but once again I like the elegance of the Silver Efex image . Nice Christmas image… the subtle colours make a refreshing change from all the traditional red & green :)

    • Thank you EllaDee, what a great thing to say. I like the christmas image as well, it is very unstated, very Tiffany’s I think.

  15. A lovely and very reflection post. Your photos are gorgeous. I think Christmas had total different values in those days. And the cookies are all mine – those ones I will do one day. They are full of goodness.

  16. petit4chocolatier says

    Beautiful pictures! I loved the second picture :)

  17. Absolutely superb, Leanne all THREE!!! Each presents a different emphasis…personally, I love how the wood and stone textures really popped!

    Funny that Tiffany has the same type of miniature as here in Chicago, isn’t? The one here is lit more ‘mysteriously’–really had to do a lot of burning and dodging to show the jewelry…which yours shows much better (I believe). Glad you ‘waltzed’ by…it’s so very fun for me to view this!

    • I do like it when people see what I see, I think they all convey different moods, or meanings. I love how it pops as well.

      Perhaps they do them all in one place and they get sent out to all their stores, I hadn’t really considered that. I will have to go back and look at yours now. You have put up so many wonderful windows. I really did think of you when I looked up and saw Tiffany’s. Thanks 1000

      • Thanks so for the thought, Leanne! That was kind and loving (as I sit here and blush!). But, that’s what I figure…Tiffany contracted a ‘miniature maker’, who then distributes to all their stores. What a wonderful job to have…and wouldn’t you and I love to be part of it?!

        The reason I did this is due to the fact that I have many followers in other countries, and cities/towns across the USA. The news hypes the crime, shootings and ugliness of certain parts of Chicago, so hopefully these posts can counteract that impression of this large city….there IS beauty here, and it’s both my goal and my duty to post it (IMHO!).

  18. Hi Leanne, As always you posted another great picture. It seems that you feel that you are getting better with your programs and it shows. I have not posted the photos that you did for me because haven’t found the right blog yet. Thank you for doing it for me.

    • I learned a lot doing your photos, so that is good, It is nice to learn new things, and I probably wouldn’t have learned that otherwise, so thank you as well.

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