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The other night when I went to take photos under the Westgate Bridge, I took lots.  Of course, the ones I showed you the other night were the best, but I have a few more to show you now.

The Sun on the BridgeThis is a HDR image, processed with HDR Efex with 5 images.  These are also the first five shots I took when I got there.  It was also the only time I got the sun shining on the bridge like this.

Some of the best views of Melbourne can be seen from on top of that bridge, but there is no way you can take photos from it unless you do it from a moving car.  They built this great big high bridge, but you can’t walk over it to look at the city.  It is such a waste.

Sun on the Ship YardsThis is the same place as the last photo in Sunday’s post.  This image is also a 5 image HDR image processed with HDR Efex.  It is good to use it and see what can be done with it.  I did as Another Thousand Words suggested and upped the contrast and that has helped a lot.

Ship Going UnderThis is the front of the ship that I showed on Sunday.  It is heading out.  I had to do this as a single image.  The ship was moving way too fast to do a HDR and when I tried it the ship had too much ghosting.  This worked out a lot better, though I lost a lot of detail in the bridge.

Sun Sets in For NightThe sun set, just before it turned the sky on fire.  It was great to watch it unfolding.

I am heading into the city tonight, hopefully will get some photos.  I need to see what the city is going to be like for Christmas.  I would like to go back in and get some night shots.  I am hoping some of you will join me.  We will have to make a time and date, well, the time will need to be about 8 o’clock at night.  Let me know if you are interested.


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  1. Stunning pictures as usual Leanne. I went into the city on Tuesday last week (less people around) to look at the Christmas tree at city square. I found it difficult to get a decent photo as tall floodlights surrounding the tree flooded the picture. Make sure you head down Elizabeth Street towards the façade of Flinders Street station…. ;)

    • Thank you William. I will remember to do the same. I am hoping to go in one night this week. I did see the square today, was so happy to see they have made some effort with it this year. I was really happy to see a real tree and not that metal thing they usually put up. I will do the Elizabeth STreet thing too, looking forward to it now, thnaks again. :)

  2. I would have to say I’m a fan of the first one the most! Love how the bridge just towers over you and continues out of the frame above.

  3. We are going into the city tomorrow to check out the Myer windows – have you been tis year? The kids are very excited.

  4. Just beautiful…
    I cross big bridges about once a week, and have the same thoughts. I understand the safety issues behind not allowing foot traffic, but it’s still kinda’ sad…
    Can’t wait to see what you get in the city – how about a post on How To Photograph Christmas Lights? :)

    • The Sydney Harbour bridge has a whole separate section for walking, I don’t know why they couldn’t have done something similar, so disappointing.
      That is an interesting idea Marie, I will have to get some photos of some first. Haha. Might take my girls into the city one night. Thanks

  5. What a shame the bridge doesn’t have a walkway! Love the clouds in the second photo. They almost seem painted. The ship is called Parsifal; curious.

      • I have always liked to look at ship’s name and Parsifal made me curious. I googled and read this. It’s fascinating how much information a photo can contain.

        The Australian has been told the captain of the MV Parsifal, the world’s joint largest roll-on, roll-off carrier, had intended to resume the ship’s course to Singapore after diverting to rescue the 67 asylum-seekers early on Monday.

      • That is so cool, I have photos of the whole ship if you would like to see one. Thanks for the information, I will have to tell my husband.

  6. I like the last one most.
    In my opinion the editing in #1 and #2 is over the top, too much. The editing is too much, especially in the clouds. #4 is also heavily edited, but not that much.
    Do it again, I know, you can do it much better.

    • Is that right, to tell you the truth they have hardly been edited at all, processed as HDR’s and nothing else, so I don’t really understand what you mean.

    • It really is, the views from up that are amazing. Though they have put up these wire mesh railings now, you know so no one else can throw their kid off the bridge. Thanks Richard.

  7. Dramatic photos with intense colors – you’re doing such a good job. Really like the skies in your photos here – love the drama in them.

  8. Your work is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the like. I really appreciate it. I am still learning how to use my camera but I am already in love with it and don’t know how I’ve been this long without it. I am looking forward to admiring your work.

    • I don’t know how anyone can live without a camera, mine is part of me. Thank you so much danyanka, and you are very welcome.

  9. Such a glorious bridge, Leanne…GREAT shot!!! Pity you can’t walk up there…found that out in the research I did on Melbourne :>(! Glad upping the contrast worked here…I do that many times, in a very small amount (27% or so) as the last step before saving. It has really helped make a difference.

    Cannot wait to see night shots of Christmas things! I’ll be going back downtown later next week to shoot in our Chinatown, which is about 2 miles south of the Loop, and then do some downtown buildings which decorate heavily for the season. Guess we’ve both got our work cut out for us!?

    • I am enjoying up the contrast, it seems to help a lot. Thank you so much 1000, I can’t believe you did some research on where I live. That is so nice of you.

      Still no night shots of Christmas, but hopefully soon. Yes, I have a lot of work to get to get to, it is lovely though. Thanks again.

  10. I love the photo of the bridge & the ship…it shows the size of the ship, something I was amazed with the first time I saw one in person! Thanks for the “like”…

    • They are HUGE, I couldn’t believe it myself, the first one we watch going under, we thought it wouldn’t make it, haha, of course it did. Thank you Joni.

  11. petit4chocolatier says

    Great pictures! Congratulations on your awards :)

  12. missgreyshus says

    Nice photos! Great posts! Keep em coming! ;)
    Thanks for givin some love on my post..

    Love from the Philippines,

  13. The last one is great! I like it when the sundown dont take over the whole picture (and this one dont) because its not the sundown itself that is beautiful: its the context where its shot that pleases the eye.

  14. Any photo with a sunset or sunrise is a favorite… I love how you bring the bridge and ships, and buildings into the pictures but they don’t take away from the amazing sky or water. They seem to add to the photo without ever taken the focus off what is truly beautiful. Awesome!

  15. Some great photography here. Well done with capturing the mood of the ship sailing towards the sunrise/sunset. It has that good feeling to it.

  16. Beautiful images, nature’s (with a bit of assistance with you) own Christmas colours… you’ve reminded me I need to take a walk through Sydney CBD to see the Christmas sights… :)

    • I hope you got that walk in EllaDee, I will be looking for the photos. Glad you liked these, it was very colourful, very little assistance from me this time. Thanks EllaDee. :)

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