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For quite a while I’ve been planning on taking a trip to somewhere under the Westgate Bridge to take some photos.  One of my favourite painters, Rick Amor, did a painting with it in it once, the painting was done from the perspective of underneath.  I loved it, and ever since, I have wanted to do something similar.

I mentioned on my facebook page that I was going to go, though I was surprised at what I found.  Here is what I put up “Got the weather wrong, thought it was going to 37 C or 98 F tomorrow, but that is happening today, so the sunset at Westgate Bridge isn’t likely now, but with thunderstorms predicted I might get something even better, find out in tomorrows post.”  Then I got there.

Ship Sailing Out to SeaIt was raining when I first arrived, not heavy, but enough to be slightly annoying, thankfully it didn’t last.  Some massive ships go down the river here.  We, my husband came with me, watched one that we were worried wouldn’t fit under the bridge.  Of course it did.

Can you see what is behind the ship?  I can’t believe it, a sunset.  It looked wonderful.  We stayed around around here for over an hour as the sun went down.  I didn’t get the stormy clouds I thought I was going to get, but got the sunset I was hoping for.  Isn’t it always the way.

Bridge Enjoying the End of the DayThis was taken just before the it completely disappeared.  It was getting cold, hard to believe after a hot day of 37.  I don’t often get images like this.  I was thinking I would get cloudy, maybe even some lightning, if I was lucky, and I got this.  I know the shots are pretty clichéd, but sunsets are always lovely to have.  Everyone loves them.

The first shot of the ship is a straight image, it is a raw image and processed in Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.  A little bit of gradient was also used.  The second image, and the following one are both HDR images, though instead of using Photomatix Pro which I normally do, I processed them with HDR Efex Pro 2.  It worked really well, don’t you think.  Wait till you see the next one.

Further Up theRiverThis image was taken in the opposite direction and is up river from the bridge.  You have to love a red sky like that.  I also love the shipyards, I would love to be able to get in closer to them and take photos, it would so interesting.  The equipment they use and the size of the ships, it is pretty amazing.  I think I am going to have explore the area more.

So, after thinking I would just gets lots of clouds and nothing else, it was a pleasant surprise to actually get what I had hoped to get when I first planned the trip.  It was a great reward, if you can call it that.

Another thing I have been thinking about, if people are interested, I wondered whether people who are visiting Melbourne, or living in Melbourne would like to join me on some of these trips.  I never feel really safe on my own.  I wouldn’t charge you or anything, though there would have to be an understanding that I am there to take photos, and not tutor people.  I don’t mind answering a question or two, but it was more about people getting together to take photos.

If you are interested, then please join my facebook page, or follow me on twitter and I will mention on there places I am planning on going to.


More awards, SERENDIPITY has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, please take a lot at their blog, some lovely photos of snow there.

This next one, I’m not sure which one is for me, or whether it even matters, Carol received her first awards for her blog and that is a wonderful thing.  Please take a look at her blog Loethen Art Designs.

Thank you to both blogs, I am always grateful for your support.

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