Meeting Adjourned

It has been a couple of weeks since my invitation to the Manchester Unity Building, and I can’t get some of the images out of my head.  When we were on the top floor and heading down to the floor below Kia said to me, “you’re going to love this”.  He was so right.  My head spins when I think of this room.

Boardroom The Boardroom is so amazing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me, and I couldn’t take the images I really wanted.  I had to turn the ISO up quite a bit, but these images were more exploratory, and when I go back I will be able to get some much better shots.  I think HDR images will work really well in this space as well.  There are lots of dark areas, and other areas that get burned out.  You can’t see the beautiful ceiling rose in this image.

It is such a beautiful room.  I have been in other board rooms, we used to have meetings in the boardroom at the National Gallery of Victoria when I worked there, but none had the detail that this one has.  The table is the main focus, this room though has some many other features.

When I think of photographing this building, I keep thinking of Edward Hopper and his paintings, and I want to bring some of that into these images.  It would be great to find a model to dress in thirties period clothes and place her in these rooms.  Though I have asked for one of the assistants to do it, so will see how it looks first, it might not work.

I do love Edward Hoppers paintings and I don’t mind them influencing my photography at all.  There is a certain feeling about them that I like.  Who knows I might want to start putting people in my photos.

This image has had little done to it, I processed it in camera raw and opened it.  It was quite yellow due to the light, so I added 25% of blue cooling photo filter to tone it down some, and that was about it.  I really like the way the windows reflect in the table.

Short post today, it was my friends birthday to day and we went to Chandon for lunch.  It is always very nice out there, I did take one or two photos, but have had time to look at them yet, so they will have to wait for another day.


  1. bubblytee says

    I agree that this is one spectacular room. Thank u for bringing it to us.

      • So are you all ready for Christmas What special traditions do you have where the weather is warm and beautiful at Christmas?

      • NO not at all, we don’t even have a tree up yet. It is hard to get in the mood when all we are thinking about is how hot it is. We don’t really have traditions, big lunch, presents in the morning, that sort of thing. If it is hot we turn up the air conditioning so it isn’t too hot, or we have a barbecue, sounds very uninspiring doesn’t it.

      • It’s not the traditional pictures you see everywhere. Our climate doesn’t lead itself to anything real wintery, but at least we can wear red Christmas sweaters. hahaha We went to HI last year at Christmas, and it seemed very strange at close to 80, although it did rain quite a bit while we were there, and it does that here, too.

  2. The windows, reflections and warm honey colours of the polished wood all contribute to this beautiful photograph. Many thanks for all your visits which are much appreciated.

  3. I reckon they had all gone to lunch! Nice shot, glad we have cameras on which we can increase the ISO setting… us much more scope to create.

  4. Love this … your blog is great inspiration, and information, as I re-focus on a long forgotten passion. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

  5. It is a beautiful room. I don’t think I would be able conduct business in this kind of room. I would be too busy taking in that nice clock. :)

  6. I keep learning stuff from you and that’s a real gift, so, here’s an award you will can choose to ignore ( I would hardly blame you), but regardless, you got it. The post with all the usual blah blah information will be up shortly after midnight EST (US) at:

    and you are free to do or not do whatever you want with it. But I’m still very glad you are on my radar for all the interesting stuff I learn by seeing what you do with your pictures and for being so open about how you do it!

  7. what a stunning room. imagine being the one to polish that table. I’m sure it’s a daily ritual.

    I went to Chandon last weekend. It’s my fav winery in the Yarra Valley.

    • Thank you threeweeksinnz, I don’t think I would like to be the one doing it.
      Chandon is such a wonderful spot. Wine is good too.

  8. I love your photography! you are amazing. This is a gorgeous pic. The way the light reflects on the table. I am going shoot a condo tomorrow but I know my pics won’t even come close to comparing with this one. I aspire to shhot shots like this. :) Carol

    • I’m sure you will be fine Carol, this looks good because it was a fantastic space. Have faith in yourself, good luck. :)

      • Thanks Leanne. didn’t get to do the shoot today because weather was bad but will show pics when I get them done..

      • That is bad news, I hate it when I get myself psyched up to do something and it falls through, but I know you will do well.

  9. You are right Leanne, it is a beautiful room. What a pleasure to have a meeting in such an environment.

  10. Stunning boardroom. Truly from days of old. I love the way you’ve set the image up so the windows are reflected in the table. You’ve really captured he understated opulence, and made it quite extraordinary :)

    • Thank you EllaDee, I tried very hard to get that reflection. You must know the Manchester Unity Building.

      • I’m not familar with it but will be sure to look it up next time where in Melbourne :)

  11. What a great room, Leanne…love the wood panels, the grains are so very gorgeous (can you tell I used to do some fine carpentry, with REAL woods!), and the conference table is simply amazing! The reflections are fantastic (I’m running out of super adjectives here!)…the only bad thing? Those chairs look soooo comfy, if I were there at a meeting, and it became the teensiest boring, I would probably fall asleep, Haha!

    Cannot wait to see more!

    • I didn’t know that 1000, I love wood, love working with it, it always smells so nice. The chairs look really comfy and I think I would do the same, probably go to sleep, it doesn’t take much to make me fall asleep. Haha. Thank you

  12. Beautiful. :-D
    Hi Leanne, thank you for liking my work on “Baby’s Needs & Blog Design Theme”.

  13. Virtual Aura says

    What a lovely room! I did a ‘business’ theme for my degree final year project and researched many meeting rooms but never found any like this.
    I especially love the reflections in the table :)

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