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Clouds, Dust, Sun, and Heat

That’s pretty much how today panned out.  It was really overcast this morning, then the sun came out, the BMX racing was dusty, and finally the heat followed, though nowhere near as bad as yesterday.  I have some images of the BMX racing for you.  We’ll talk after them.


The last image because I promised them I would put their photo up here, so I hope you like it girls and thank you.

BMX racing is so different to the cycling I normally I do.  It’s faster, and somehow more exciting and exhilarating   I love photographing it.  I don’t know how I would feel if I had to do it all the time, but it’s fun to do from time to time.  It would be good to go and take some photos every now and then, just to see what I could get.

None of the above images have been edited.  They are straight from the camera which is not something I do very often, and I hope you’ll forgive me.  The levels haven’t even been changed, but, once again, time is running out and I needed to get them done.  It was a great day, not as hot as yesterday, and I met some lovely people, which is always great.

Nikon D5100

This morning I finally got out to take some photos with the Nikon 5100.  I went over to Ivanhoe and took some photos of the Town Hall.  A fantastic Art Deco building.

This image shows much detail of the town hall.  The weather was horrible this morning, it was so cloudy, and the sky was soup.  Shame really, but this is about the camera, not the weather.

The camera handled itself really well.  I was happy to see when I went to change the ISO that there was more of the normal ISO settings.  The normal being 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400.  I didn’t expect to find those, although you can find the same variations on my D300s.  The above image had a ISO setting of 400.

Trying to change the settings at first was a bit tricky, but due to the guys in the class I teach having the D3100, I found it easy to change things.  Again, it isn’t as easy as it is on the D300s, but the latter is a more expensive camera and aimed at a different level.  I didn’t have any trouble changing things, and the display that comes up is great and covers nearly everything that you would want to change, which makes it easier as well, you can change everything in there.  I hope that makes sense.  It is like a display of all the settings where everything can be changed.

The camera is heavier than the Canon 600D and once the lens was put onto it, it was heavier again.  I don’t mind that.  I know people who use Canon say that is what they like about them, but I like to feel the weight, it makes me feel as though I am using something that is well built and durable.  It also means that you don’t forget you have it.

A friend also pointed out that it gives your tripod more weight as well, which is not something I had thought of.  When you are using your tripod having a heavier camera could be good, especially if it is windy.

Now having said that about it being heavier, it is nowhere near the weight of my D300s, so it is not overly weighty.

So far the Nikon D5100 gets two thumbs up from me.  I wasn’t sure how it would perform against the 600D from Canon, but, so far, I think it is doing well.

There are so many comments from everyone, and this next week should be a little quieter, so I hope to be able to answer every one of them.  Sorry it has taken me so long.


  1. Wonderful action shots here – wow … you’re to so good with your camera.
    My first real camera was a funny looking Olympus that really delivered great shots – then I changed into Canon and stuck with them since then.
    Have this beautiful camera laying in the study, with all the lenses under the sun – but it eats film … but I don’t want to go that way to have to carry all the different lenses with me where ever I go. So my little PowerShot, a little bigger and powerful than most small compact cameras … has become my pale, only thing I wish the macro was a little easier to work with and that I could come closer to the object.
    Have been looking at Nikon One, but only looking so fare.

    • We had a funny looking Olympus about 20 years ago. I have heard about the NIkon one, they look pretty cool. I know what you mean about having a beautiful camera that uses film. I have one too.
      Thank you viveka.

  2. I know what you mean about the weight of the Canon kit …. I have the 7D and now have taken delivery of the 70-200mmL which combined is a hefty thing. But as you say it feels good and well constructed.

    • I have never felt the weight of the Canon high end kit. If it is anything like the Nikon kit it is very heavy, but as you said, it does feel good.

  3. WOW, Leanne, the D5100 performs beautifully if the town hall photograph is typical. A really fine image! :-) I’m trying to get back to all of the posts I’ve missed!

    • Thank George, it is a pretty good camera. I understand what you mean, I’ve been playing catch up all week. Nice to hear from you, hope all is well. :)

    • Thanks nuvofelt, it is interesting, I was really surprised about the weights. Point and shoot cameras have their place and can be a lot of fun, that is all I used for a couple of years until I got my DSLR.

  4. The 1st and 3rd shots have really grabbed my attention – I love how the 3 bikers are equidistant over that hump (see how technical I am about BMX? I don’t have a clue about the lingo). In the 3rd photo, the way you’ve captured the red one in profile with others to the side, is fantastic.
    Thanks, as always for sharing your technique and results!

    • I love the techno speak, haha, I’m the same. I loved that first shot and was so happy to see that it worked out. Thanks Wendy, I do like it that people learn from the blog, helps me to keep it going.

  5. Nice captures Leanne! BMX looks like a blast to shoot and you’ve grabbed some terrific frames here. Sweet.

  6. Fun BMX shots, Leanne…you really caught the action there…and the determination on the riders’ faces! Girls had a great time, it seems, too!

    Superb shot of the Ivanhoe…that’s your part…and it looks, technically, great, which is one of Nikon’s best features–very good glass! The colors seem very ‘true’ for the type of weather you describe, so if you are able, take some heavy sun/shade shots…and show them straight from the camera, then do your processing. I think that would be a real test. As I’ve mentioned, I checked out the specs online…and for the cost, an awful lot of extras are there…meaning, I don’t consider it too expensive for what is offered. Have a fine time with it, and I look forward to seeing many more!

    • The girls love it 1000, though I hope everyone has realised that only 3 of the shots are girls, girls just don’t get the air that boys do.
      I think I will do what you suggested this weekend. I really should sit down with the manual, might do that this afternoon and check out what it can do. I think it is a great price, from what I can tell. I hope you saw the post yesterday, I am so behind now.

  7. Nice BMX shots of the girls. I’m wondering whether you captured these as single shots or selected each from a burst group taken at multiple frames per second? Anyway … great job as always. D

    • I find when they are moving fast they have to be single shots, if you do a burst, you will get one in focus and the rest not. I find I have to refocus very quickly. If they were staying in one place it would be easier. All the photos of the bikes in the air are actually guys, girls don’t do that, I don’t know why, but only the older boys and young men “get lots of air”. Thanks Dave.

  8. I am impressed with the town hall photo, the camera takes excellent photos. The Australian flag is beautiful by the way! The BMX photos are super clean and look great, no need to apologize for posting these photos as-is. Great work as always!

    • OUr flag, most of us don’t like it. it could be better. The Nikon is proving to be a nice camera. It is interesting to post some shots straight from the camera. Thanks John.

  9. gbudavid says

    D5100 is my camera I got it 5 months ago and am still figuring it out

  10. BMX is a fast-moving sports. A friend’s son did BMX years ago, and it was fast moving back then. Love the girls in this set.

    Looking forward to more on the Nikon D5100. It looks like it’s off to a good start.

    • It is pretty amazing to watch, and it is great to watch their bodies as well, they way they seem to move independently of the bike, really amazing. It is fast, though the thing I found hard was how they go up and down.
      Thanks David, it is fun to have a new toy to play with.

    • Haha, I don’t think I will, nice thought, but maybe I will just go there and photograph the country. The photographers who do it, well, not my cup of tea. :)

    • Thank you, I love getting the expressions, and when I am going through them afterwards, they always make me laugh.

    • Fantastic, watching BMX, 20″ and scate board. At 80 i dan’t bounce much but often take photos of the action. A few times I have been offered to have a go,they are just joking, they know I am past my useby date. Iam now ready with an andwer that makes them smils, Icome back with”Love to but my mother wont let me.” Your photos very good thanks.

      • What a great story, love it. I love photographing it, but don’t think I would ever have a go, though it would be fun. I’m too old now. Thanks for making me laugh.

    • Thank you Diane, I hope you pick up some tips, I think you are the first to wish me a Merry Christmas, how wonderful.

  11. petit4chocolatier says

    Brilliant action pictures! Love the colours : )

    • Thank you, though, I have to confess 3 of the images are actually guys, the ones with them in the air are the boys, girls don’t really jump like that. They are fast and it is great to see them.

  12. Wow, these are dramatic. Much more intense than motorcyle racing close-ups. There’s nothing between the viewer and the subject – just unassisted effort, manuvering gravity with weight, unmediated by technolgy.
    Very nice, Leanne. Thanks for these.
    And congrats to the athletes!

    • Thank you Claire, it is great because you can get quite close to them, just have to make sure you don’t get taken out if they crash. It is great watching them on their bikes.

  13. Some super shots here. I have fallen far behind on comments too. Looks like we are both playing catch up.

  14. Caught yourself some great action shots. I really like the first one with the three in a row.

    Now when it’s time to service your lens you’ll know why you get that report back “Dust and debris in the lens” :)

    • Thank you Bella, though I think there are enough people photographing it now. I would like to do it for fun though, that would be great. I might approach one of the clubs about doing it from time to time.

  15. Really fun pictures! I’m happy you like your new Nikon :) I also, very much like heavy cameras haha! My Canon EOS 60D is pretty heavy and can hurt my neck at times lol! But I like how durable it is too :) Yours takes great shots!

    • It isn’t actually mine Amanda, Nikon have lent it to me, I have to send it back soon. My cameras are heavy as well, but I like that, I feel like I don’t have to be really careful with them. Thank you so much, :)

      • Oh wow! Darn I must have missed that part I’m sorry! HAHA! That’s really great that you get lent those cameras! I’d love to try some out so I knew what ones I liked more than others! Really cool Leanne!

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