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Two weeks ago I played with Silver Efex Pro 2 and fell in love with it.  Since I now have Color Efex Pro 4 from Nik Software I thought it was time I had a play with it as well.  Can I just say, I am so impressed.  It is really good and the things you can do are pretty wild.

I first did this image in July.  The processed image has become one of my favourites, this was the original image.  It is hard to know what image to use when using software for the first time, but I decided that this one would be good for it.  I like the composition and the colours are nice.

So, decision made, image chosen, just need to open up Color Efex and see what I can do with it.

I hope you can tell that I have done something to it.  Color Efex, like Silver Efex has a whole heap of filters, or presets, and you can go through them and see what each one does to your images.  Some are pretty wild, and some are really good.  This one is the Classical Soft Focus.  One of the things I also like is that you don’t have to settle for the filter, you can change it as well, you can add more focus, or take out strength, you make it what you want.

Here is another filter.  This one is Film Efex Vintage.  Does it look like a really old photo.  Love the whiting around the edges.

This filter is Low Key, and has made it look dark, again there are lots of things that you can do to change or tweak the image to exactly what you want.  Then if you do work out what you want with the changes, you can save them so you don’t have to remember them all the time.

Paper Toner is what this one is called.  There are also a lot of different tones that you can add to the image.

I am amazed at how many filters there are.  If you like playing with your images, this is a lot of fun.  I also like the Efex because they don’t turn your image into something silly and the results give you something that you can leave as it is, or work on some more.  I must try and incorporate some of these into my art images.  I know I will be using that first one a lot.  I love that one.

Like Silver Efex Pro 2, you can download a trial version and test it out, just go to Nik Software and try it out.

I haven’t done a lot with it yet, and I will try it out more in the near future.  This has been a really crazy week.  I have job on that is making me travel all over the place and it is tiring me out.  It has been good, but exhausting.  It is the constant trying to work out what images to take and how to take them.  I also have my last class this Saturday and I have to write some notes on Portrait photography, and I just don’t know what to say.  I will come up with something.

I am sorry about not responding to all your comments, but I will get onto them soon.


I have been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award from mightyturk.

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