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It has been a funny week.  I have been doing some work which has been taking me out of the house, and I photographed a cycling event on Sunday, so I have been busy with those photos as well.  My daughters are doing exams, and well, the internet almost ran out again.  Not great.  Thankfully we have finally convinced the man of the house that we need a bigger quota, and he agreed, so hopefully it won’t happen again.  It is chaotic, so I think I needed something calm.

I love early mornings.  I love how calm they are.  Most people are still asleep, but it is my favourite time of the day.  I go to sleep at night so I can wake up to the peace and calm of a new day.  I also love taking photos at this time.  I usually don’t have to worry about other people being around, I can just do what I want.  I am sure you have noticed how much I like early morning photography.

This image was taken last Saturday when I went into the city to do the comparison shots.  This image is a 5 image HDR which was processed with Photomatix Pro.  I did two images, this one had some spots from the rain, so I had to do some work to get rid of the them.  The other image I did didn’t have the spots, but it wasn’t as clear.  I didn’t do much else processing, other than the usual in Camera Raw, then I darkened the buildings a little and added some gradient.

Not my best work, but I like it and think there is potential, or will be when I go back and do it again.  Imagine how wonderful it would look with the sunrise reflecting off the buildings.


I have been nominated for another award, this time it is the Reality Blog Award, and the nomination is from JUNSJAZZ IMAGES & INSPIRATION

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