City on the River

It has been a funny week.  I have been doing some work which has been taking me out of the house, and I photographed a cycling event on Sunday, so I have been busy with those photos as well.  My daughters are doing exams, and well, the internet almost ran out again.  Not great.  Thankfully we have finally convinced the man of the house that we need a bigger quota, and he agreed, so hopefully it won’t happen again.  It is chaotic, so I think I needed something calm.

I love early mornings.  I love how calm they are.  Most people are still asleep, but it is my favourite time of the day.  I go to sleep at night so I can wake up to the peace and calm of a new day.  I also love taking photos at this time.  I usually don’t have to worry about other people being around, I can just do what I want.  I am sure you have noticed how much I like early morning photography.

This image was taken last Saturday when I went into the city to do the comparison shots.  This image is a 5 image HDR which was processed with Photomatix Pro.  I did two images, this one had some spots from the rain, so I had to do some work to get rid of the them.  The other image I did didn’t have the spots, but it wasn’t as clear.  I didn’t do much else processing, other than the usual in Camera Raw, then I darkened the buildings a little and added some gradient.

Not my best work, but I like it and think there is potential, or will be when I go back and do it again.  Imagine how wonderful it would look with the sunrise reflecting off the buildings.


I have been nominated for another award, this time it is the Reality Blog Award, and the nomination is from JUNSJAZZ IMAGES & INSPIRATION

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Thank you very much.


  1. I like it a lot – I’ve been sitting here trying to work out where it’s taken from.

    • Thanks Liz, it was taken between St Kilda Road, Princes Bridge and Swan Street Bridge. I was out on a make do pontoon thing.

  2. I like this photo, it has this certain feeling I can’t describe.. :)
    And I like early mornings too, but it’s just because they’re rare to me.. I’m one of those people who sleep late (or maybe I should say ‘early’?) and wake up late if I don’t need to wake up early… :P

  3. Something sort of mysterious about this image, Leanne, which makes it quite exceptional! Of course, I LOVE reflections, and those of the buildings are extremely fine…how they dissipate into separate dark streaks at the tops of the buildings. Very peaceful (and hopeful, I might add) and quite worthy of printing…IMHO!

    • I always find photography as therapeutic, it is my time when I go out and I get lost in my tasks of taking photos.

  4. Hello, thank you for dropping by my blog. Its nice that you share your knowledge in Photography. Cheers to you!

    • You are very welcome, thank you as well. I love sharing my knowledge, it encourages me to continue learning as well.

  5. Beautiful shot. I absolutely like the reflection on the water. I like the early mornings in that you see things that you normally don’t see during the day or at night.

    • Thank you David, I think if the reflection wasn’t there it wouldn’t have worked as well. That is so true about the early mornings.

  6. I love the night, because it’s nobody wake and I love to sit and work with the music in my ears – alone with my thoughts and the stars. Congratulation to the award.

  7. I zoomed in on this photo to view it, and it really is stunning. At first glance understated, but the light and texture is subtle and graceful. I like the mismatched but balancing elements of the hot air balloon and the river marker :)

  8. petit4chocolatier says

    Congratulations on your award! Gorgeous picture!
    Thank you for sharing the link to

  9. until I read EllaDee’s comment I thought I might be the only one who noticed the balloon in the sky. great capture

    • Haha, you are right, it is definitely a hot air balloon, the other image that I was thinking of using had 3 in it. Thanks

  10. Leanne, when our daughters started uni, we just went all the way and got unlimited internet. That way we didn’t have to nag them about their internet usage and there was plenty for everyone. Mind you, now it’s only the two of us and we’re not going to change it!

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