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The Taste of Arsenic

On Monday night I went back down to Heidelberg Theatre Company to see how rehearsals for Arsenic and Old Lace were going.  One of the first changes I saw was the difference in the set.

It is starting to look like a real house now.  Still a bit to go, but it is getting there.  I hope the walls aren’t going to be grey though, such an unflattering colouring, the actors also don’t photograph very well against it.

There was another change as well, quite a major one.

We have a new person playing the role of Abbie.  Unfortunately Sandy has broken a bone in her foot, I believe, and she has had to pull out, so 3 weeks in Paula McDonald has stepped in to play Abbie.  She is a great actress, and I am sure she will do the role justice, we wish you all the best Paula, and a speedy recovery to Sandy.

The other person here is Mick Poor, this is the first time I have seen him at rehearsals.  He is playing the vicar, I believe.  There is still someone else I haven’t see yet, but I am sure I will eventually.

I thought I would do some backstage shots today.  Over there on the very right, in front of the stage, are David, Mel and Bruce.  Bruce is the director, Mel the Stage Manager and David is Bruce’s assistant I think.  I am sure if I have this wrong, I will get told, Bruce?

Another thing that I noticed, was that everyone, except Paula, were not using scripts.  It starts to get interesting when that happens.

This was taken from the kitchen door, this is what the cast see when they walk out the kitchen door onto the set.

Right back stage, this is what you see, steps everywhere.  They really do go all over the place.  so many steps for one play.

This was taken through the window over near the door.  It is fun doing this sort of thing during rehearsals.  I will do more back stage images for you.  I know quite a few of you like to see what is backstage.

The play starts in, oh I don’t believe, in two weeks, so if you are planning on seeing it, and haven’t booked your tickets, you better hurry.  Tickets can be booked online here, apparently they are selling fast, not even sure I will get a ticket.

I have processed a lot more photos and will put them up on my facebook page a little later on.  I also might put them up on the HTC Community Page, this is a group page so anyone can post anything they like on it for the people of HTC, the link is here if you would like to join it.

Bag Update

My new Tamrac Expedition 7 arrived today.  I am so impressed, so far.  I haven’t had time to put all my gear in it yet, but just from playing around with it, I am so happy.  It feels very comfortable on, and had so many compartments in it.  I know I won’t find some stuff, haha.  I will put my stuff in it tomorrow, and try to take some photos of it for you.   If you want to see which one I got, I have the link here, check it out.

I have to say one thing  I really like is that it stands up, by itself.  My other one never did.

I really do want to thank Tamrac and C.R.Kennedy & Co for their help and support in helping me finding a new bag.  They really do provide good customer support, something I totally believe in.


  1. Your photographs remind me of being back stage during some other plays in recent years. It’s always interesting to see the progression before a performance begins… .(“Arsenic and Old Lace” is a play by American playwright Joseph Kesselring, written in 1939. It has become best known through the film adaptation starring Cary Grant and directed by Frank Capra. The play was directed by Bretaigne Windust, and opened on January 10, 1941. On September 25, 1943, the play moved to the Hudson Theater. It closed there on June 17, 1944, having played 1,444 performances).

    • Thanks for all the background information Mary, it is a great play and I think its testament is that it is still being rehearsed and shown.

  2. lensaddiction says

    Yay, I am a Tamrac fan and I love my bag, its just so comfortable and easy to wear. Look forward to a full review, and of course, pix :)

    • Thanks lensaddiction, I am in love with it so far, though I haven’t taken it out of the house yet, I am looking forward to doing that though.

  3. gianninaphotography says

    Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. I went to see this play and not only we had a great time but my husband and I commented a lot on the set and how wonderful it was. We were very impressed! Hope to see you around soon :)

    • You are welcome giannina, It is a great play, I saw the movie years ago, but this is my first time seeing the play, I am loving it. I think this will have a great set too. Thank you.

  4. Great camera bags indeed, someone put tons of thought into the design. I like seeing those ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the play too. I like seeing the progress of the whole play too. I appreciate your efforts! :)

    • I have to agree John, the bags are well designed. I thought it would be nice to do some back stage stuff, I might do more as well, it is not something that everyone sees all the time. Thank you John

  5. Arsenic and Old Lace is my favorite play. It must be fun to be involved in the production. Thanks for showing an insider’s view.

    • It seems to a favourite for a lot of people Kathy, It can be nice being involved. I like this level of involvement, I can come and go as I please which is nice, but it is also nice to watch it all happening. Thanks Kathy.

    • Thanks Marie, it is interesting, this one is different to the others, I don’t really get to know anyone. I feel a stranger. Not that it really matters.

  6. Really love these early images, Leanne…it allows people to see just how much goes into a production; they learn that scenery just doesn’t ‘appear like magic’…it takes hard work and time to make it look right for whatever the production may be.

    Great, great shots, but…taken with which camera?

    • That is so right, it takes a lot of effort from lots of people. I love going in to rehearsals, and the first thing I want to see is how much the set has changed. It is always great.
      The shots were taken with my Nikon cameras, I thought I might go early next week with the canons and see how they go, before they have to go back.

  7. I love the composition and creativity of the last image – on the outside looking in :)

    • It is the same for me, I have seen the movie, but this is the first time I have seen the play, I can’t wait to see it when it is done.

  8. This is so interesting Leanne! I love seeing “behind the scenes” images! Thanks for sharing!

    • You are very welcome Judy, I love doing some different things, I will probably show more from back stage when it is set up more as well.

  9. First, the pictures are awesome :) Second that bag is really cool! I asked for something like that for Christmas from my hubby :) We want to start hiking more so that would be awesome to have! Super happy you were able to get it :)

    • Thank you Amanda. The bag is really cool, and very comfortable, I think that has to be the main thing, it has to be comfortable. It will be a nice Christmas present. I was really happy too.

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