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This last week has been interesting, since downloading the trial version of Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software, well I am finding myself addicted to it.  I love the effects you get with the images.  I know that the image on my rework Friday is going to be done using it, you knew that didn’t you? Remember a couple of weeks ago I got up really early to go to Point Lonsdale, really early.  Then I went over to Barwon Heads.  I took the above image then.  I haven’t shown it before, as I didn’t think it was that interesting.  It is nice, but not really great.  I had already processed it as a HDR in Photomatix Pro, as I have with all the images today.

Then I started to wonder how it would look if I processed it in Silver Efex.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is a fantastic image, well it is a massive improvement on the colour version.  What do you think?

Then I thought I would do an image that I took last Saturday when I was there with Suzzanna.  This image was taken with my Nikon D300s, using bracketed shots.  All the images today were done with the Nikon.

I really liked the clouds in this, and one day I might see if I can get a lot more out of them.

Black and white can really add a lot more drama to an image, especially when you don’t need colour in the image.  I don’t think the colour is necessary here and I am more than happy with the black and white, though I would like to do more work to the clouds.  I will leave that for another time as well.

Here is another image of the jetty, you have seen this jetty a lot over the last couple of weeks.  I find this image quite boring.  So I wondered what else I could do with it.

I think Silver Efex has made this image come alive.  I find this one so much better than the colour version.  I hope you agree.

I am finding the option of colour and B&W quite interesting.  I like the presets in Silver Efex.  I hope those who haven’t tried it have downloaded a trial version to try it.

Bags, Bags, Bags

The quest continues, but I believe it might be over.  After so many of you said how good Tamrac bags were, I sent them an email, and can you believe, they emailed me back.  So I emailed them again, and I got another response.  That is what you want to see in a company.  They recommended the Expedition Range.

One of the biggest questions about the bags was whether or not they were available in Australia, so I looked up distribution on their website and was lead to C.R.Kennedy & Co,  and yet another email to them this morning.  Then I was even more pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call.  We discussed what I was looking for, and now negotiations are under way for a Tamrac Expedition 7.  I am so happy, it is so nice to work with a company that has really good customer service.

If you are in Australia, then don’t hesitate to contact C.R.Kennedy & Co for details on where you can also find and purchase Tamrac bags.

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