EOS in Daylesford

Today my daughter and I got up early and travelled to Daylesford in country Victoria to see what the market was like.  Jiltaroo recommended it to us.  My daughter, Klara, heard market and she has been hanging out to go ever since.  It is a lovely to drive to Daylesford, so I didn’t mind at all.  It was also a great opportunity to try out the Canon cameras.  I thought I had taken two memory cards with me, I should never trust my memory, but I only had one so in the end I just used the EOS 1100D.

In one part of the market, actually where you walk in, there is this line of trees.  It was such a gorgeous day today, the perfect pre summer day.  It was getting warm, but not hot, around 20 C, or 68 F, so pleasant.  Though we could start to feel the heat of the sun.

This area was out the back, and you can see how wonderful the day was.  The camera had a little trouble taking images like this.  I should have put it on spot metering to expose what I wanted.  I still haven’t read the manual for it, but I found it okay to use and managed to work out everything that I needed without it, so that is really good.  I think if you can find your way around it without having already read the manual that is a good sign.

The buskers were there, and despite how they look, they were really good, and it was great wandering around with their music in the background.

Again, the camera had trouble, it is never going to be easy when you are shooting into bright sun and you have harsh shadows.  I have done a fair bit to this in photoshop, but if I was doing it for real, I would use a flash for a bit of fill flash to help make the shadows softer.

I had to take a photo of these, how great do they look? They had some samples to try with small pancakes, I mean mini pancakes.  We decided on the plum jam, and we came home with some.  This stall and the following one were run by Dale and David, she made the jams and he did the workwork.

This is David’s work.  I was given a card, it has Touch of Wood on it, David Richardson, in Maldon and if you are interested you can call on (03)5435 3200.

One of the things we noticed was that the Daylesford market has a lot of second hand things.  There was stall after stall of second hand things, from crockery, to tools, and toys.

This is one of the things I saw.  I had to take a photo of it.  I remember these, it would have to be one one the first Polaroid cameras.  They were so funny.

The 1100D performed well.  It is really light, and fitted in my hand really nicely.  It didn’t come with a strap, so I had to hold it in my hand.  It wasn’t a problem.  I used the 18-55mm lens with it, and it was fine.  Unlike my Nikon lenses, I was able to get up very close to objects to photograph them.  I am starting to understand why it is a popular camera with beginners.

I still have almost two weeks with the cameras, so I will be trying a lot more stuff with them.  I am hoping to go back to Point Lonsdale next weekend, but in the afternoon, early evening this time, different light, so should be good.  I will admit I find the 600D a little more difficult to use, but I will work it out.

Finally, the Daylesford market, it was a lovely market and again, we met lots of lovely people, and surprisingly, it wasn’t really expensive.  I asked Klara if she would go again, and she said no, she, and I, both like the market in St Andrews more.  We went into Daylesford afterwards, but more on that another day.


  1. I would have snapped that polaroid up!

    Glad the 1100D went well! What are you finding difficult with the 600D?

    • I thought about it, but I wouldn’t know what to do with it, haha.
      I had trouble with the display on the 600D, but I have worked it out and am looking forward to going out with it this week. I might go to one of the galleries close by and take some photos in the garden with it. Thanks AIM.

  2. Can’t wait to see your photos of Daylesford! Love the first shot with the trees. Thanks for the mention by the way, that was really nice of you! Jen

    • The photos of Daylesford aren’t going to be great, not because of the camera, but it was fairly harsh light, we did enjoy wondering around the shops. Thanks Jen, and no problem on the mention, you did suggest it.

  3. Your review on the Canon was well done. I felt like I could step into your Daylesford Markets images, and was wishing I could – I love good second hand stuff… It looks like a beautiful day, if coolish, and David’s Touch of Wood items look great & Dale’s mini-pancakes and jams sound mmm :)

    • Thank you EllaDee, I have never done a review like this before, though I didn’t want to do it like others do them, what would be the point, I thought it might be better to do it with my own thoughts. You would love this market EllaDee, you should come down one weekend, I could take you to St Andrews on the Saturday and Daylesford on the Sunday. haha. The jams were so good, we had this morning on our own pancakes. Yum. :)

  4. Really interesting to read this as my Canon 5D is on Ebay and should be ‘gone’ by tonight. Interesting about the shortage of memory; even using digital I didn’t get out of some of my film habits and made relatively few shots on a trip, so I’m not finding the limited number of shots with film any restriction. Nevertheless, getting back into film does need me to re-acquire a lot of lost skills so I made my new blog to document them.

    • I am a bit confused, what shortage of memory, unless you mean because I only had one card. I take so many more images now with digital than I did with film, I think I am willing to try a lot more with digital and don’t care so much if something doesn’t work. I would never, ever ever, go back to film, I am too impatient. I also think that you can’t get the same types of film that you used to be able to get, so it would be limiting that way as well. I don’t think using digital also means you have to lose your film skills, I think a lot of photographers are so much better because they came from film. I also can’t help thinking that film and the processing used is sssooooo bad for the environment, and digital does not destroy the environment as much, or is as bad. Sorry, I am a digital lover, you could never convince me to go back to film, not in a million years, Thanks you for your thoughts on it though.

  5. I love Daylesford too. I haven’t been to the market though. Looks fun – I do like a bit of second hand stuff.

    • You should see if you can go to the market Liz, I think if you like second hand stuff, you would love it. It is right next to the train station and they do train rides as well. Thanks.

    • Thank Marie, it was perfect weather, sorry you getting some rough weather at the moment. My fingers are crossed for you. Take care.

  6. Cool shots Leanne! I have an old Polaroid EE66 so the 44 was nice to see. I’ve been using the Polaroid again with some colour film; it’s just so much fun. I wonder how much that 44 was? Did you ask at all?

    • Thanks Distan, I don’t know much about polaroid cameras, what is what, I didn’t ask how much it was, I didn’t even think to ask. I was just trying to take a photo without being told to bugger off. haha.

  7. Daylesford is a lovely town, though I´ve not been to the market. I enjoyed the Lavender Farm though ;)

    • If you get a chance Marianne, you should, it is lovely. I haven’t been to the Lavender Farm, did you take photos? Thanks

  8. saymber says

    Thanks for taking me along on your and the girls trip! It’s been ages since I’ve been to a market like this. They are so fun. The plum jam sounds wonderful! Plum jam is my favorite kind! This was a great place to test things with your camera and I’m sure you’ll get it to cooperate more as you experiment and get comfortable with its features. My father-in-law collects old cameras – he’d probably love that one lol. I can remember having a polaroid camera…so fun.

    • Glad you enjoyed the trip saymber, it was fun. It is nice to spend time with my daughter as well. We both like a lot of the same stuff which makes it even more fun. It is a great way to test the camera, though I really want to take it to some other places as well. I think a lot of people would have liked that polaroid, I had one once as well, I still have it, but I don’t even know if you can get film for it anymore, I should find out. Thanks.

  9. petit4chocolatier says

    What a fun day! Love your photos and that Polaroid camera!

  10. What a fine short tour of the market, Leanne! The Canon seems to be working well for you…had several Canon SLRs years ago, back in the ‘film’ days, and they were quite nice. My little Nikon P80 is awfully good…and it IS light (these old hands have trouble with heavy cameras) and ‘pocketable’; the glass is very fine…the only thing I miss is interchangeable lenses. Perhaps next time I’ll move up?

    Of course, envying your sweet little, relatively inexpensive marketplaces…here in Chicago, the few ‘farmers’ markets’ are all pricey, so very high-end…even ordinary, in-season flowers cost almost double what a good florist charges!

    • I can understand the hand problem, I have problems with my hands as well, though it doesn’t stop me from using the my camera, yet. I do have trouble with my tripod, and can never seem to screw it in tight enough, I need to get a better one. I so agree about the lenses and the quality, that really is the most important thing.
      That is terrible about your markets, I think if they did that here no one would go, that is why you go to the trouble of going to markets, for the bargains, I know that is why Klara loves them. Thanks 1000.

  11. Nice market. The array of jams looked very enticing.

    Glad the Canons are working nice for you.

    • Thanks David, it is a great market, the jams were good, even better on our pancakes this morning.
      The cameras are working out well, thanks.

    • The best place, haha, it was a lot of fun, and it wasn’t so big that it drew a lot of attention. Thanks phrenzel. :)

  12. arnoldthearmadillo says

    Like many I used to have one of those old Polaroid, not as old as that one though :)

    • Those polaroids were a lot of fun, you could do some cool effects with them as well. Now you just use an app on your phone. :) Thanks.

  13. Looks like some vignetting in several of the photos: Your work Leanne? The wrong sunshade? Lens issue? Lighting coincidences? Flash coverage?

    Inquiring minds want to know :)

    • Yes, there is vignetting in several of them, trying to hide some harsh lights. What do you mean the wrong sunshade? Different lenses give different results. Lighting coincidences? I do like using a flash when there are going to be harsh shadows, I do it a lot with the cycling.
      Is this your way of saying you want more details ag? I thought I might do some vignetting in todays tutorial, what do you think?

      • Sunshades, or lens hoods, are matched to specific focal lengths and zoom ranges. If you use a telephoto shade on a wide angle lens, you’ll usually end up with vignetting in the corners. A similar thing happens if you stack one-too- many filters in front of the lens and thereby cut into the image circle.

        Because you were testing a new camera, I wondered if the vignetting was intentional or a problem with the equipment. Personally, I have no need for a vignetting tutorial and prefer that the effect not call attention to itself unless for dramatic impact.

      • I have never heard a lens hood being called a sunshade before. Different names. The camera lenses didn’t come with lens hoods, so I didn’t use any. I have had that happen to me with filters though, though seems to happen more with my wide angle and the cokin filter system.
        The vignetting was intentional, though it was done with the gradient tool, I wanted to tone down the bright bits a little. I love the gradient tool, it is one of my favourites.

    • It has been a very popular image today Jennifer, a lot of people wish they could have it. I am almost tempted to go back next week to see if I could get it. haha. Thank you.

  14. Great series of market images… you really capture the spirit here… I want to grab my cameras and hop on a plane! :)

    It is nice to see some work the EOS 1100 does. I am still undecided as to whether I want to go with Nikon or Canon for my first digital SLR. I have really loved the three Nikon digitals, especially the L810 I use now – the macro setting is amazing and it has a great zoom as well.

    I really like what you did with the image of the musicians… the shadows really add a nice element to the composition.

    David does some great work! Do you know if he sells online?

    • Please do come over Veronica, would love to show you around the markets :)
      It is a tough one, which to get, I love Nikon, and have always loved them. I was told once, that you buy Nikon for the lenses and Canon for their cameras. The other thing to consider is that Nikon, have never changed their mounts on their cameras, so a lens bought 50 years ago will fit on your digital camera, it won’t have auto focus, but you could, in theory still use it. I am using lenses on my DSLR that I bought about 15 years ago and they work fine. I don’t know if the same can be said about Canon. The other thing is that Canon is cheaper and there are a lot of people out there who love their Canon cameras as well. I am no help at all am I.

      Thanks also for you lovely words on the images. I don’t know if David sells online, but I do have an email address for him,, you could email and ask. :)

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