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The alarm went off at 3am this morning, I wish I could say I got up then, but I was out of the house and on the road by 4.30am.  It is now just after 7pm and it has been a very full day.  I arrived at the Point at about 6.20, I could see the sunrise as I was approaching and thought I missed it, but really, there was nothing to miss.  It was a very disappointing sunrise, you would think if I was going to all the trouble to get there that early, that a beautiful sunrise wasn’t too much to ask.

This was one of the last photos I took here.  I spent about an hour walking around the lighthouse, up to the lighthouse and then down again.  It was nice to be there by myself, without anyone huffing and carrying on because I wanted to take another photo.  I just chilled.  I waited about 10 to 15 minutes for that Container Ship to get into that position.  It looks so small, but it wasn’t.  The ship is entering Port Phillip Bay, which is the entrance to Melbourne.

After I left here I drove over to Barwon Heads and had a look around.  I took some photos there as well. I think I took about 370 photos, though most of them are either 3 or 5 bracketed images.  I will get around to showing you more, I was going to do it tonight, but after Barwon Heads I had to go to Geelong for a Schools Cycling Event run by Cycling Victoria and I was there until after 4pm.  I’ve only been home for an hour.  I’m beat.  I need a shower and to just sit.

I didn’t do a lot to the image above, that isn’t to say I won’t, but right now, I just wanted you to see one of the images I took.  I know a lot of you like lighthouses, so here it is again, and this time it is guarding the sea.

One Lovely Blog Award

I have come home and found that Michelle from the A Touch of the Divine had given me the above award, I hope you will all go and see her blog, the award is here


Thank you so much Michelle.

Another adventure tomorrow, the Daylesford Market.

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