Early Morning at Point Lonsdale

The alarm went off at 3am this morning, I wish I could say I got up then, but I was out of the house and on the road by 4.30am.  It is now just after 7pm and it has been a very full day.  I arrived at the Point at about 6.20, I could see the sunrise as I was approaching and thought I missed it, but really, there was nothing to miss.  It was a very disappointing sunrise, you would think if I was going to all the trouble to get there that early, that a beautiful sunrise wasn’t too much to ask.

This was one of the last photos I took here.  I spent about an hour walking around the lighthouse, up to the lighthouse and then down again.  It was nice to be there by myself, without anyone huffing and carrying on because I wanted to take another photo.  I just chilled.  I waited about 10 to 15 minutes for that Container Ship to get into that position.  It looks so small, but it wasn’t.  The ship is entering Port Phillip Bay, which is the entrance to Melbourne.

After I left here I drove over to Barwon Heads and had a look around.  I took some photos there as well. I think I took about 370 photos, though most of them are either 3 or 5 bracketed images.  I will get around to showing you more, I was going to do it tonight, but after Barwon Heads I had to go to Geelong for a Schools Cycling Event run by Cycling Victoria and I was there until after 4pm.  I’ve only been home for an hour.  I’m beat.  I need a shower and to just sit.

I didn’t do a lot to the image above, that isn’t to say I won’t, but right now, I just wanted you to see one of the images I took.  I know a lot of you like lighthouses, so here it is again, and this time it is guarding the sea.

One Lovely Blog Award

I have come home and found that Michelle from the A Touch of the Divine had given me the above award, I hope you will all go and see her blog, the award is here

Thank you so much Michelle.

Another adventure tomorrow, the Daylesford Market.


  1. Despite the lack of sunrise, it’s still a magnificent photograph. The exaxt same thing happened to me on Pulau Tidung when I made a herculean effort to get up early and then walked the length of the island to find the perfect spot for a sunrise picture. Damn those clouds!

    • Actually Lottie, I think the clouds were the saving grace. It was really good to see them and I think they helped to make the image a lot more interesting. It is terrible when you make a special effort and nothing happens though. Thank you.

  2. It might be not the perfect sunrise but I still think its beautiful and very unusual compared to all the other typical sunrise picture we all are use to see!

    • Thank you, I like your words. I am really happy that I did get what I did get, after the initial disappointment.

  3. arnoldthearmadillo says

    That sky would look fantastic as HDR…
    I have been to the Cape Otway a bit further down the coast.. You can go inside and take photos

  4. Thats an amazing photo, Leanne. Can’t wait to see how you work your magic on some of the shots you took.
    Also, thanks a bunch for your post on levels and curves in GIMP a little while back. Like with your HDR tips, it proved to be especially helpful for me.

    • Thank you Dave, I am enjoying doing these photos, they are so different to the other ones I do.
      You are welcome about the tutorials, it is great to hear that it was helpful. I am very happy to hear that.

  5. Not an early bird myself or have lighthouses near me I ,so enjoy your early mornings and the feeling you descriped with it …The sky waking up is gorgeous and m determined now to get an early sunrise this weekend !!

    • I hope you did manage to get up early coast72, it is a fantastic time of the day, usually no one around and you can get those shots without other people in them. Makes me very tired though. I just want to do more. Thank you.

  6. Love the photograph … light houses always have a mysterious air about them.. and your photo gives it that… brilliant…

    • I wonder if it is because of the link to the past and the idea of them being keeping ships safe, or keeping us safe. It is interesting how many people like them. Thanks Rob.

    • Thank you Dave, there is plenty to see, going to take me a while to get through them all.
      How’s the D600, taken lots of photos yet?

  7. I had forgotten you said you were getting up early to do this – when you hit ‘like’ at an unusual time, I wondered why you were up at that hour!
    Love the lighthouse…the sunrise is gentle, rather than dramatic, but looks good.

    • Oh yes, very early, I should do it more often, then it wouldn’t be such a shock to the system. Haha
      Yes, I like that word gentle. Thanks Marie

  8. I’ve had quite a few mornings like that when I wondered why I bothered to get out of bed. Lovely image though nonetheless. Beautifully composed.

    • It was disappointing to start with, but then after a while, I decided that I was actually quite happy with it all. I hope you saw the images I posted the day after this. Thank you Edith

  9. A beautiful shot – I’m planning on camping at Point Lonsdale at some point this summer so I will have a go at recreating this one.

    • It is a beautiful place Liz, I hope you do have a go. I look forward to seeing your interpretation. Thanks.

  10. It may not have been the sunrise you were hoping for, but I think the clouds in the sky provided enough drama to still make this a really good shot. And that container ship in the background is a nice addition.

    • Thank you Gracie, I think I totally agree with you, I think the clouds made the image a lot more interesting. I was actually really happy with the clouds in the end.

  11. We all dream of the ‘perfect’ sunrise, but then what is perfect for one is not perfect for the other. I loooove the above picture, the clouds! the positioning of the container ship – worth the wait, I would say. Beautiful!!!!

    • Thank you anyone4curryandotherthings, I think everything you say is absolutely correct. I totally agree.

  12. That’s a pretty cool sunrise in my book. Lots of clouds, but a patch of blue and decent amount of sunlight in the middle. Looking forward to seeing more from this shoot.

    • That is great to hear David, thank you. I have so many photos from it. I really like the place and really would like to do more of it.

  13. Beautiful. If you made a ‘disappointing’ sunrise look that good, I can hardly wait to see what you consider a worthwhile one!

    • I wonder if they ever get one, haha, we will have to keep trying. I might have to start taking more notice of the weather. Thanks.

  14. I just love how you do that. I hope that one day I’ll be able to dedicate enough time to mine to learn how to do it too. :D

    • If you want to do it Keli, I am sure you will. I don’t do it much, it is hard for me to go out like that, but I do whenever I can. Thanks.

  15. Looks pretty gorgeous to me, Leanne, and well-worth getting out early! That lighthouse is a real beauty…with very fine placement in this image…need I say I can’t wait to see more?

  16. Such a lovely shot, even it missing the brilliant sunrise you were expecting. But there is something about having the wee hours of the morning to yourself.

    • Yes, there certainly is, I love the early morning and it has always been my favourite time to take photos. Thank you Bella, I am so glad you like it.

  17. Tricia's Blogs says

    Now that is commitment and dedication to your art! Getting up early AND waiting for the ship to pass for the perfect shot!

    • Thank you Tricia, it was great out there, and the ship didn’t take too long, which was good, It was a little chilly, but I soon forgot about that. It was so worth it.

  18. I’m glad there was no ‘standard’ sunrise, I love the subtleness of this image and the way the light looks like it’s been washed up into the sky. and the shop looks like it’s part of the organic landscape. You’ve taken a traditonal, common subject and added an extra dimension to it, as I’ve come to expect, but you’ve set the bar high with this one :)

    • Thank you so much EllaDee, I really like your description. I was so happy with how the ship in the image came out. It seemed appropriate to have it with the lighthouse.

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  20. Looking up like that was such a perfect way to capture the lighthouse and the clouds. I find when I’m in a place like that that I turn my camera this way and that and end up taking the picture without knowing why…

    • I think it is good to try lots of things when taking photos, but I am always aware of what I am trying to achieve. It stops me from being as disappointed. I hope you have success with it. Thank you so much dearrosie.

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