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Reworks are usually done on Fridays, but tomorrow, I am hoping to get up very early and head back down to Point Lonsdale to take some more photos.  I have to be in Geelong by 10 to photograph a cycling event, so if you don’t mind I thought I might do the rework today and hopefully show you some new photos tomorrow.

This was part of a series of images that I did back in June.  I took this image on a day out with my daughter.  I have looked at all these images, and I find them dark and they aren’t fantastic.  I wondered if I redid one, would it be better.

Is this any better?  In some ways I like it more.  I think the bridge stands out more from the trees around it.  I applied some blur to the image except for the bridge, to help make the bridge stand out.  It has a very surreal look about it, what do you think?

I will be going close to this again soon, I might see what it is like now, the trees should have their leaves, I wonder if it will look so desolate.

Virtual Photography Field Trips

I thought I might give you an idea of one of the trips a friend was sent on.

 I have been doing a lot of searching around on your part of Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai, and it is all residential, a lot of houses, and not a lot of buildings to photograph.

I am going to set you a challenge for your field trip, I want you to go along to the Woolamai Beach Road and go the surf clubhouse. Along the way, I want you to pick out things that have been added to the landscape by man.  I want you to photograph them in detail, up close, but I also want to see them in their landscape and how they do and don’t fit into what is around them.  So pick out signs, rubbish, or anything like that.

Look out for the sun, and make use of the shadows. See if you can include the shadows of those items.  Make some of the work about the shadows.  If it is overcast when you go, then give the sky more prominence, and make the most of the grey sky.  Make the sky big, the power of nature over our effort to make our mark on the landscape.

Once you get to the surf clubhouse, I want you to take photos of the building from a distance.  Try taking photos from your height, then half way down, and then put the camera almost down on the ground and take a photo from there.

When you get closer, start photographing one side of the building. Take photos from different angles.  Don’t forget the camera can change position, move it up, put it on the ground or close to the ground and photograph upwards.

Move around to the front and take some images of the front of the building.  Your challenge here is going to be to get an image of the surf clubhouse as though you were lying on the beach and looking up at it.  The building has some interesting angles, and you should see what you can do with them.

Once you have done that, move down to the wooden walkway that leads to the beach.  These walkways are solid structures and you should find some ways of photographing them that also incorporate what is around you.  Photograph the structure of the walkway, the wood, and what holds it together.  Zoom in on the nuts of bolts of it.  Look for rust and signs of early decay.

All your images from the walkway should all include the walkway. The walkway is your subject, not the scene around you.  See if you can get some images of the walkway and the surf clubhouse as well.

This should be enough.

She was asked how she wanted to get around, and she said walking.  She was thought it was great.

Super Sweet Blogging Award

I have been nominated for the above award, you can find out about the award here


Thank you Patricia for the nomination.

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