OverPass – ReWorked

This image was taken back in April when I was photographing the UCI Track Cycling World Championships.  I went out during the dinner break and took some photos of this walk bridge.  It goes over the train lines and links the MCG and the Tennis Centre, as well as Hisense Arena, where the Worlds was.  It was originally shown in a post called Walking into the Cycling.

I do remember I liked this image, and I still do.  It was a HDR image that I did with Photomatix Pro, but it was also when I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I thought today I would have another go at doing it.  I didn’t necessarily think I would get a better image, actually I wasn’t really sure what would happen.

There is the rework, much darker, naturally.  Is it better than the first?  I don’t know.

I did a lot more processing to this.  I really wanted to give that side of the bridge, the one further away, more curve, I hope I achieved that.  I brought out the detail more and I added some blur to the periphery of the image.

As I said before, I don’t really know if this is better.  Perhaps I should open up the decision to you.  Please discuss, which one you like and why?


  1. I like the first image better. It held my attention longer because there is so much to look at.

  2. Debbie de Juan nee Keating says

    Love the openness, lighting, and colors of the first image. Lovely, exciting rendition.

    • Thank you Debbie, I did get some other photos of the bridge the next day, but the lights weren’t turned on, so it didn’t look anywhere near as good.

  3. Def the second version for me – being a little darker it draws me in for a better look and holds my attention.

    • You, I think, are in the minority with your choice, but I am still very happy to read that. It is nice that my rework wasn’t totally wasted. I like it as well. Thanks you so much.

  4. They are both fabulous, but I like the first version better because of the play of light and the graduation of light blue, through electric blue and then purple. The colour contrast is not so pronounced in the second version.

    • I think with the second attempt I was trying to show something else, but it didn’t quite work. I think I should try going back another time and doing that image with the lights off. Thanks bluebee.

  5. I too have to go with the first image, it shows clearer vanishing points on the top/side and bottom, a better blend I guess :-)

  6. edithlevyphotography says

    Great job. I love the composition. And leading lines.

  7. jadabrookins says

    Not to confuse you, but I’m drawn to the second photograph, seems to look a little more professional

    • Not confusing me at all, it is a relief to hear when someone likes the second one as well, haha, I think it has more drama, perhaps more artistic. thank you.

  8. I too prefer the first image, for the lines, for the clarity of the image and for the colours. I also really like that in the first image you can get the barest glimpse of the buildings outside. Great shot and I really like the perspective.

    • I was really happy with the perspective as well, that happened because I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I used the rail to rest my camera on. Thanks LIz.

  9. Hi, I prefer the second picture, looks more real, more 3-D, vanishing point is much more accentuated. The first looks overexposed by comparison, bland, less sinister, more cartoonish.

    • I am laughing at what you said about the first image, great description. I love what you said about the second, thank you amandzing.

  10. For me, the first. I like the basic image a lot, either way. I like the ochres and blues in the first better–the rust on the panels, for example. I do like the vignetting you added at the bottom of the second. They have very different feels to them. The second is more mysterious, the first more open. You can feel the photog standing there more in the first–you disappear in the second. Huh, now I’ve talked myself into liking the second better. :)

    • :), I think for me the first is a record shot, it shows off the bridge, nothing more, there is no mood in it, which is fine, and there is nothing wrong with images like that, but with the second I tried to put some mood into the image. I hope I achieved that, though it might have worked better if the lights weren’t on and they didn’t look so colourful. Thanks Paul.

  11. Wonderful image Leanne. I love the colours, the lines and depth of field. I have this feeling of being drawn in, but also of just wanting to stand still and look in to the distance. Great!

  12. They convey very different moods. I prefer the first but perhaps a brightness level in between would work. The second frame looks smoother but the first offers better detail.

    • I suppose it comes down to what you are looking for in an image, I think the first is a great record shot and shows off the bridge well, where as the second one is more about conveying a mood and the detail isn’t as important. Thanks Andrew.

  13. Your re-work draws the viewer into crossing the bridge…so I prefer it over the first, which merely shows everything there. They are, however, both excellent images, Leanne…and remember: Variety is the Spice of Life!

    • Thank you 1000, that is what I think as well. I think they are good images, but maybe for different reasons. Oh yes, variety most definitely is the spice of life.

  14. I think the number 1 wins! It really pops all of the colors and architectural details on the wall, etc. But, as with the bridge picture, if I were trying to lead one’s eye off unto the unknown the second picture does that.

  15. Like some other commenters, I like the colors better in the first one, but you really did make the curve stand out better in the second one.

  16. Tricia's Blogs says

    I kind of like the vibrancy of the first image better, but both are cool!

  17. I am a huge fan of HDR for select subject matter, but the perspective and composition on this image is so strong, that I would love to see you post the best single exposure of it, since I suspect that at least one of them could stand alone on its own merits without any further processing. As long as you’re inviting comparisons I think this would be worthwhile….

    • Perhaps I don’t know. I usually find that the originally correct exposed image lacks something or another. I do try to do the images so that you wouldn’t necessarily know they were HDR’s. I can’t see the original image right now, it is on another computer. Perhaps I will do it and put it on my facebook page for you later. If I forget, remind me.

  18. mcwfit says

    I like the first one better, feels like a straight endless tunnel where the second one feels like an oval track

    • The bridge definitely isn’t straight, I don’t think there are any real straight lines in it at all, but I know what you are talking about. Thanks mcwfit

  19. Amazing, Leanne! I really do love it! Great perspective. I especially like the second one. It looks more natural than the first one. :)

  20. I prefer the first image, Leanne. While I appreciate the drama and deep shadows of the second image I find the lightness and colour balance of the first more pleasing and also I feel it gives a greater depth to the image.

  21. the consensus seems to be the first. I preferred the first also – then I looked on another display. The second looks better on that one. Ok, your good. I like ’em both Leanne.

    • Haha, I so know what you mean, I can’t really decide either. I think they both convey different meanings. How amazing the difference a display can make. Thank you.

  22. I remember this! I like the first one better, to me the second one looks like a dimmed image of the first one. :)

    • I think they convey different things, with the first, to me it is just a record of what I saw and an image of the bridge, with the second I was trying to convey more a mood in it. But I accept what people think and feel and appreciate your thoughts, as always Zelmare, thanks. :)

  23. I prefer the brighter version, but you definitely achieved the goal of making the curve more pronounced in the 2nd. They’re both pretty awesome though!

    • Thank you Barbara, I think you are only the second person who has commented on that. I think they both work, for different reasons.

  24. First? Second? I dunno’. Depends on what day you ask! :-)
    Both are equally good. Equally professional. Equally appealing to me. I’d hang the second on a wall. The first is too urban, advertising sign style (as i call it…not despairingly). It’s bright and I love the location of your signature! How clever!

    • Love the way you have started this George, brilliant. :)
      I think I have to agree with what you said about the two images, to me the first is record, the second more arty. I was so pleased with myself about the watermark, thanks.

  25. I had to go back and forth between them several times because they are both appealing, but in different ways. I agree with the folks who liked the lightness and brightness of the first picture. But the second one does exactly what you wanted it to do – draw attention to the curve. Final vote is #2.

  26. The rework changed the message of the image. It reminds me of the dark walkways/tunnels that scare me when walking thru it at night, alone. Maybe that is why the first image is more pleasant to look at.

    • I like to make my images have that dark look, the idea of a place without us. It is a strange idea I have had for sometime. Though, I completely understand why you and many others prefer the first. Thank you.

  27. I’m gonna have to vote for the original Leanne. The rewored image feels, to my sense, a bit too closed claustrophobic. If the bottom had been reworked that particular way to convey that particular feeling – then it’s terrific. Having said that, the inclusion of the curved rail on the left in the reworked photo really gives the whole thing a dynamic feel that the first doesn’t have. Anyway … you asked … I like the first. D

    • I did ask, and it has been so interesting reading what everyone thought, I think the responses have been mixed, down the middle a little, I still don’t know which I prefer. Thanks for telling though.

  28. I think I prefer the second version, mostly because it strikes me as capturing the mood of the dark tunnel better. It seems a little more natural, and it lets the lights “shine” a little more effectively. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the purplish light in the middle of the photo come out a little more.

    You’re definitely improving. I echo what I read one other person wrote that I think you could achieve a great image with two exposures, or even a single photo, with just basic corrections. You have a good eye for line and composition, and I think your final images could be very successful even without significant post-processing.

    • Thank you SilverStarling, it is all a process and I am loving what I do, different images different processes. Who knows where I will end up.

  29. Both images are great and very different. Which is better? it would be down to the mood you want to portray for a particular market/exhibition/project/set. If I was putting it on my wall I’d go for the first one as it is lighter and brighter but in an exhibition the darker, more foreboding one might work best.

    • Thanks Paul for your thoughts on this, it is a tough one, I think they are both good, but for different reasons.

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