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This image was taken back in April when I was photographing the UCI Track Cycling World Championships.  I went out during the dinner break and took some photos of this walk bridge.  It goes over the train lines and links the MCG and the Tennis Centre, as well as Hisense Arena, where the Worlds was.  It was originally shown in a post called Walking into the Cycling.

I do remember I liked this image, and I still do.  It was a HDR image that I did with Photomatix Pro, but it was also when I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I thought today I would have another go at doing it.  I didn’t necessarily think I would get a better image, actually I wasn’t really sure what would happen.

There is the rework, much darker, naturally.  Is it better than the first?  I don’t know.

I did a lot more processing to this.  I really wanted to give that side of the bridge, the one further away, more curve, I hope I achieved that.  I brought out the detail more and I added some blur to the periphery of the image.

As I said before, I don’t really know if this is better.  Perhaps I should open up the decision to you.  Please discuss, which one you like and why?

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