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As I said, I went back to the abandoned school last Saturday.  This time I took my tripod and got much better images of the darker areas.  It was good to get some images that weren’t so noisy.  We went around much of the same places and I took more photos.  I also got more photos of some classrooms.  Though today’s photo is one of the last ones I took.  I saw this as we were leaving.

This school bag was just left lying there, books hanging out.  The school mustn’t have been closed all that long, either that or the bag has been left recently.  I don’t know.  It seemed very appropriate and almost too good to believe.  Though having said that, really the thing that would have made it even better would have been if the bag was a better colour.  Oh well, can’t have everything.

I did process this image as a HDR image in Photomatix Pro to begin with.  It was with 5 images.  After that I started playing and a lot of what I was doing didn’t seem to make much sense.  So really, I haven’t done a lot to it.  I wanted the bag to be the main focal point and tried a few things.  I don’t know if they really worked.  The bag just wasn’t interesting enough to me.

The other problem I had was that patch of bright green grass.  It was too bright and took too much away from the bag.  I tried a few things, but in the end I de-saturated the image quite a bit, and then added a bit of warmth to help give it that brown colour.  It isn’t great when you work on an image and just can’t seem to get the effect you want.  Unfortunately it happens.

There are still many many more images, thankfully, and I am pretty sure the rest will be far more interesting, well I hope they will be.

I did go to the market this morning in St Andrew and I did take my camera.  It was fun taking a few shots, though that is all I took.  I took my camera with the battery pack and my new lens, the 24 to 70mm, and it is rather large.  It wasn’t good, I mean it was good for taking photos, but everyone noticed it too much and it got way too much attention.  People always think I am a professional photographer, I’m not really.  I will do a post on the market tomorrow.  Can I just say, it is a great market and I know we will certainly be back.

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