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Today  two great things happened, first when I woke this morning I discovered the internet was back to normal and secondly I had another class over at Eltham for Living & Learning Nillumbik.  It was a small class, 4 this time and I think they all had a great time.  I did some photos, but I will show them to you tomorrow.  Today, I am going to back to the abandoned school.  Here is the image I have chosen for today.

It wasn’t an especially sunny day, but when this image was taken there was enough coming through, and the shadows it cast on the walls were stunning.  The graffiti on the windows helps cast some interesting shadows.

With processing this, I wanted to convey that feeling of abandonment.  I hope that whilst the stairs look fine that you can tell by the graffiti and the darkness that it is no longer used.  I did darken it some and then brought up some light in other places.  I did try and draw out the detail in the stairs, and think that worked.  I have the original image for you as well.

I didn’t process this the same as I have with others.  I did start with a HDR image that was processed in Photomatix Pro.  Whilst I did some similar things, I didn’t do as much.  I knew there was potential to loose the stairwell in darkness, and I didn’t want that, so there aren’t as many layers.  I did add one layer of blur, but it is very soft and it was very light.  I also desaturated the view outside the window at the bottom.  The green was so bright, I thought it needed to be toned down.

I love doing these school ones.   I have organised to go to my daughters school when it is closed and try taking some photos.  It will be a challenge to photograph a school that is still operating and make it look as though it isn’t any more.  That is going to be interesting, I am actually really looking forward to it.  I love doing these images, but I am glad that I do other posts as well.  It stops me from getting too bored.

I am hoping to get out tomorrow morning for some more images.  The weather is getting better and it should be good for some photos.  Well I hope it will be.  It is also so nice to have the internet back.  We will have to be careful that the same thing doesn’t happen again.  I am sure it will, but hopefully not so long next time.

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