The Cathedral – ReWorked

Not having the internet working properly has been a little depressing.  Other things have been happening as well and I am asking myself those questions of why do I do this.  When I realised it was Friday and I would have to find an image to rework, I didn’t feel very inspired.  I went though a lot of stuff, and came up with this one.

I think the last time I showed this was in the post I wrote about photographing architecture a week or so back.  I suppose there isn’t a lot wrong with it, but as with most of the HDR images I did around this time I did tend to over saturate the colours.  I wondered what it would be like if I redid the HDR processing and then did some more work in the image.  The original post for this was from a field trip back in March, you can see the post here.

The HDR’s were all done with Photomatix Pro, so the same program for both, but the second time I tried to make it more realistic.  Here let me show you.

You can’t really tell from this rework what the HDR did look like, but one of the things I wanted to do was put more emphasis on the isle of the church and the Altar at the end.  I think the first one does that too, but I found the pews on the left side a little too distracting.

I have done quite a bit of layering with this one and I have highlighted certain parts and darkened others.  I think you still get a sense of the Cathedral, but I hope you just go to the end of it.

I was unsure if this constituted a real rework, so I have done another one for you today.  It is also from the Cathedral, but from a different time.  I first posted it in a post called Worshiping Places back in February.

This was an interesting image, I always thought.  The man repairing the floor in St Paul’s Cathedral.  I thought it was great, but when I did the HDR image, I wasn’t too sure about the colours.  It has that greyness about it that many images have when people start doing HDR images.  It has a surreal quality.  The man’s hand is also sort of ghost like because I didn’t know how to stop the ghosting in Photoshop.

The second time around, I’ve processed it in Photomatix Pro and the ghosting hand is gone, here take a look.

To me this is more realistic and his hand looks so much better.  There is more of a solidness to it.  I hope you agree.  That is pretty much all I did to it, just redid the HDR process and changed the curves a little.

So two for one, both reworks done differently.  I do love reworking these images.  I wonder if I will ever do them again.

I am really hoping to get out this weekend and get some images done, I have a couple of places I really want to visit, so will have to see how I go.  Hope you have a great weekend as well.


  1. Helen says

    The picture you reworked invites me to visit that cathedral! It is more realistic.

  2. Ongoing Search says

    Ghosting is one of the problems that I face with some of my photographs. I have to check whether it is possible to process it using GIMP

    • Ghosting is a massive problem with HDR images, I am glad that Photomatix Pro does a pretty good job of getting rid of it, though if there is too much movement, nothing helps. I have no idea if you can get rid of it in GIMP, though you can always try.

  3. I know that grey look; got it on plenty of my own HDRs. :-) I like the reworks here, especially of the cathedral… it takes on a shine.

    • I’m not a fan, I think it says HDR straight away and I prefer people not to really know how it was done. Thank you Don.

  4. I really like your photo of the man working. The first one is obviously HDR – which to me is always weird with people as subjects – but the second one is nicely processed, and I might have guessed it was a painting.

  5. saymber says

    Leanne – cyber thunk through the wires….your work is awesome, you are a perfectionist aren’t you? lol. Believe me I understand. The cathedral is stunning – I LOVE the old churches and cathedrals architecture. Touring them was one of my favorite things to do when we were stationed in Europe. When I look at your picture it’s very symbolic….the light at the end.

    • Haha, I have never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but then again, I’m never really happy with my images, so maybe I am. It is a stunning Cathedral. I have never been to Europe, but I suspect I would be the same, and with castles. I hadn’t thought of the symbolism until you said it, but it is perfect. Thank you

  6. Alice says

    I do sort of like the darker Cathedral..mysterious and quiet. But the lighter is hopeful. Interesting.

  7. I like both HDR versions of the cathedral interior. Light, darker are both appealing..

    Hope your internet slowdown goes by a little faster for you. I know it can be the pits when it’s slow.

    • I realised after I had done the darker one, that the first one was actually okay, so that is why I did another one.
      I really hope it does as well David. It is so slow and so frustrating.
      Thank you.

  8. Prefer the ‘second’ shots of both…in particular, the repairman is is a much more balanced natural light. Also, the darkening of the Cathedral makes it look more imposing (as a set designer, I’ve always followed my own rule: “The suggestion of a ‘vault’ is more important the the vault itself.”) Have a great weekend yourself, Leanne, and KEEP GOING!

    • I LOVE this idea of the vault and don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it 1000. I am going to start working on this idea myself. I agree about the repairman, it looks heaps better in the second one. Thank you.

  9. Both cathedral shots I really like, perhaps still tipping towards the 1st one, but the rework of the man is sooo much better, great work!

    • I the first image shows two different moods and neither is really bad, and I agree the second one of the man is so much better, thank you.

  10. Thank you for sharing your “process” in bringing your images to life. I’m very much an “amateur” just learning to enjoy my iPhone camera so it makes me feel that my simple photos may not do justice to the subjects…but I so appreciate your skills and artistic eye!
    Thank you, too, for stopping by my blog! Also appreciated!

    • Thank you Victoria, I think if you enjoy taking photos with your iphone then enjoy that. Maybe one day you will want another camera, and then you learn different photography.

  11. I love the way you handled the light … beautiful. We are so dependent on our connections. They aren’t things, they are personal, almost like body parts. When they don’t work, we are a bit lost. The internet … high speed connections … are no longer luxuries. They are intricately part of our lives, our ability to communicate with others, to be part of the larger world. I feel you pain. We are terribly dependent on services that are office undependable. It hurts.

    • YOu are so right, it like when the tv breaks down, it is like a family member has gone to hospital or something, nothing is the same. I feel like the rest of the world is away, but it is very slow to get to. Thank you.

    • I will ignore yours if you ignore mine. My fingers don’t always work, I reckon I press the backspace key more than any other. :)

  12. I love the darkness, and the way you have worked the light contrast in the second cathedral image… I can almost feel that cool, calmness you get when you walk into such a great building as this.

  13. My preference is for the lighter version of the top shot which I really enjoyed by the way. The rework on the man is great – the intial HDR image is really weird isn’t it. Hope you get your computer sorted out soon – being rather impatient personally I know there’s nothing more irritating than waiting for web pages to load (although waiting for coffee sometimes comes a close second….

    • Thank you Liz, I didn’t really know which, I like both, but for different reasons. I agree about the man, it looks so much better now. I am the same as you too, I am very impatient and it is driving me crazy. I love the reference to coffee. I will get to your blog, I promise, I have so much to catch up on, at them moment I am reading the emails I get sent.

  14. I love the dark image emphasising the aisle. i also actually loved your first image of the worker repairing the tiles over the later one which was more documentary like, the other one had a lovely artistic softness, like an old masters’ oil painting…

    • Thanks Angela, it is always interesting to hear what people think of my images. The one of the man, well, to me it says HDR, and not in a good way. I think you shouldn’t be able to tell how an image is processed, the image should tell the story and the process of editing should highlight it. But if you like it, then that is fine too. :)

  15. Val Bridge Digital Photography Biz says

    This is excellent work…would love to post to my blog and credit you…

    • Sure, how are you going to do that, reblog or some other way. Let me know when you have, so I can check it out. Thanks

      • Val Bridge Digital Photography Biz says

        Good question, not sure I like reblogging…thought perhaps you could email it to me with title and shooting details….happy to provide a link back to your blog as well… my email is can you keep the quality to around 100dpi…will also credit you with © on the image…. lovely shot Leanne and would be proud to feature you on our blog…

      • Are you just after one image, or all of them? I don’t know if I have the exif info, I will have to go and see what I can find.

      • Val Bridge Digital Photography Biz says

        Not all just the final one of the cathedral interior….if you cant find the exif data simply give me a run down on the procedure you used.. ok

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