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It is Friday again, do I start every Friday post with that statement?  I have done 3 images for today.  I wanted to redo three images that I did for the Track Worlds back in April.  I had done some images from it back then, and I was so happy with them at the time,  but as time has moved on my processing has improved, or as my knowledge of it has, then I have been less satisfied with these images.

This is the image as I originally posted it.  It has qualities that I really like, but the colours are saturated quite a bit and I really don’t like the halo that you can sort of see around the riders.

Both of these images, actually all the images for today, were processed as single HDR images.  I am processing those images in Photomatix Pro and, I think, much better now.  This image is less saturated and lighter.  I think then processing it with camera raw in Photoshop is also a great idea.  It made it better, and after that I tried to draw out the detail in the track, the wood is so lovely.

Here is a great example of what I was talking about.  I find it really hard to look at this image.  It is so yellow and that halo drove me mad.  I have wanted to redo this image for so long, and here is the second attempt.

I think this image looks more natural, and how it actually was, or how I remember it.    That horrible halo appears to have gone, the colours are more natural and not so over-saturated.  I have lightened it up some, especially his face.  I like this one a lot more than the previous one.

Again this image was done as a HDR image and then opened in camera raw where most of the processing was done.  I really like camera raw, you can fix up a lot of stuff in it, not that you can’t do the same sort of stuff without it, but it is easier.

When I first did this image I was so happy with it.  I loved what it conveyed, the fact that it was of Victoria Pendelton didn’t bother me, the thing that did bother me was the halo all around her.  This was the first image from the Track Worlds that I really wanted to change.  Another chance to see if I could rid it of that halo.

Now that halo is definitely gone.  I think this is much softer as well.  The colours are more natural and while I did bring out the detail, I am so glad that it really only brought it on the boards that are reflected in her helmet.  I am much happier with this rework.

I haven’t done a lot of the technical stuff, because really the only thing I have done is redo the single HDR images.  Once that was done, there wasn’t a lot left to do.  It is so nice to redo images and not have to do much to make them better.  I have quite a few that I want to do, and who knows, I might even redo them again when I have learned more.

On another note, I found out about the other two images that I entered in the Better Photography Competition.  I received another silver award and another bronze.  I entered 5 images and was awarded with 2 silvers, and 3 bronzes, which makes me think that everyone gets awards.  I should find out.  I will finish todays post with the silver award.

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