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Track Worlds – ReWorked

It is Friday again, do I start every Friday post with that statement?  I have done 3 images for today.  I wanted to redo three images that I did for the Track Worlds back in April.  I had done some images from it back then, and I was so happy with them at the time,  but as time has moved on my processing has improved, or as my knowledge of it has, then I have been less satisfied with these images.

This is the image as I originally posted it.  It has qualities that I really like, but the colours are saturated quite a bit and I really don’t like the halo that you can sort of see around the riders.

Both of these images, actually all the images for today, were processed as single HDR images.  I am processing those images in Photomatix Pro and, I think, much better now.  This image is less saturated and lighter.  I think then processing it with camera raw in Photoshop is also a great idea.  It made it better, and after that I tried to draw out the detail in the track, the wood is so lovely.

Here is a great example of what I was talking about.  I find it really hard to look at this image.  It is so yellow and that halo drove me mad.  I have wanted to redo this image for so long, and here is the second attempt.

I think this image looks more natural, and how it actually was, or how I remember it.    That horrible halo appears to have gone, the colours are more natural and not so over-saturated.  I have lightened it up some, especially his face.  I like this one a lot more than the previous one.

Again this image was done as a HDR image and then opened in camera raw where most of the processing was done.  I really like camera raw, you can fix up a lot of stuff in it, not that you can’t do the same sort of stuff without it, but it is easier.

When I first did this image I was so happy with it.  I loved what it conveyed, the fact that it was of Victoria Pendelton didn’t bother me, the thing that did bother me was the halo all around her.  This was the first image from the Track Worlds that I really wanted to change.  Another chance to see if I could rid it of that halo.

Now that halo is definitely gone.  I think this is much softer as well.  The colours are more natural and while I did bring out the detail, I am so glad that it really only brought it on the boards that are reflected in her helmet.  I am much happier with this rework.

I haven’t done a lot of the technical stuff, because really the only thing I have done is redo the single HDR images.  Once that was done, there wasn’t a lot left to do.  It is so nice to redo images and not have to do much to make them better.  I have quite a few that I want to do, and who knows, I might even redo them again when I have learned more.

On another note, I found out about the other two images that I entered in the Better Photography Competition.  I received another silver award and another bronze.  I entered 5 images and was awarded with 2 silvers, and 3 bronzes, which makes me think that everyone gets awards.  I should find out.  I will finish todays post with the silver award.


  1. I loved what you did, they are amazing. Thank you dear Leanne Cole, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  2. Of the first image of the track I would mix those to edits together because i love the second one with the tones on the track and the riders but then on the first one i like the dark contrast and saturated tones at the sides.
    On the others though i do like your re-edit more.

    Have a good weekend.

    • I like the angle of the first one, but that is about it, the guy on derny just kept disappearing. Thanks Ben

  3. robschofieldphotography says

    Amazing shots. Beautifully processed.

  4. Congratulations ! Fantastic photos I like the natural look that you have achieved . I’m afraid I am a bit of a devil for too much saturation in my photos at times. It pays off to *hold* back a little and be subtle :-)

    • I agree, saturation can look good at the time, but when you look back on it, it can, I stress, can be ugly. Glad to hear you like the reworks, thanks.

  5. csd7227 says

    I still love the head on shot. All three look great though.

  6. lmarea3070 says

    I have to read your blog more often. I think I can learn more from you than my teacher this quarter who confuses the hell out of me!

  7. I love the photos, Leanne…and congrats on those awards…. Very deserving work. :)

  8. Nice job, Leanne. I like your reworks a lot! I’ve become a big fan of softer pieces and am looking for ways to create more subtle statements myself.

    Also, I appreciate your show of artistic character, that you are willing to go back and rework pieces. I think that is great.


    • Oh thank you Jason, I think I am the same, I like the softer look.
      I think going back over my work and redoing pieces helps me as though I am growing.

  9. Hey, don’t knock your originals: the saturation and the contrast add to their depth and movement. They may look less like what you saw but they capture so much of the feeling of the race. They don’t just show me the race, they put me in it. I like.

  10. Love these, both the before and after – but I like the non-halo look the best, I think. I haven’t figured out how to get rid of that yet, but my Photoshop Elements won’t process in raw. Bummer. Maybe GIMP would do that – or I could upgrade my Photoshop program, I guess.

    • I think removing the halo was a good decision, I am happier with them now. I get the halos with Photomatix, so I have to be careful when I am processing it in that. I don’t know how you would halos any other way, unless you are doing some things too much. What are you taking your photos with? How do you process them?

      • I have a Sony DSLR and I use Photoshop Elements. And I’m a novice, so I’m sure I’m doing a lot of things wrong that I’m not even aware of. But it’s still fun – I just won’t quit my day job.

      • I ask because I don’t understand what you do to get the halo effect. I like a challenge, Can you email an image strange from the camera, if it has a halo, and one after you process it with the halo and tell me what you did, or save it as a psd file. send me low res, that would be best. Let’s see if we can work it out. my email is

      • Sadly, right now I don’t have anything that fits this. I think I’ve deleted them or already reworked the ones that looked like they had halos, and didn’t keep the original. What a dingo – but if I get any more, I’ll have you take a look. I was thinking about this, and it came to me just a few minutes ago that it’s the pictures from my husband’s (my old one) camera that seem to have the halos, not so much mine. He has a Sony digital, but not a DSLR. I’ll look at a couple from his camera and see if I can find them again.

  11. I play with effects a lot. Some photos look great as posters or stylized images. I’m not sure at what point a photo stops being a photo and morphs into a different art form. It doesn’t make it less legitimate, but past a certain point, I think it needs a name change. I used to call my manipulated images “artographs.” Images based on a photograph, they became something else. I started doing graphic manipulation years ago and everyone hated them. Five years later, they’re trendy and cool. I like both versions of your cyclists.

    • That is an interesting point, but I think I would still call them photographs. When photographers liked Ansell Adams did all his manipulation in the darkroom, many said they were very different to the original image, but we still called them photographs. I tend to call my art photographs. Interesting idea though.

  12. The newly-done are so much better looking, Leanne…the loss of ‘the halo’ brings out a freshness which marries well with the speed and intensity of the bikers…quite nicely done, Teacher!

    Congrats, also, on more awards…I would be envious, but I do not enter competitions. I just love to shoot, work the image, and show it to as many as I can via my blog.

    • Thank you 1000, I think the removal of the halo has added heaps. And thank you for the congrats about the awards, I found out some stuff today and it seems I should probably be proud of my achievements.

  13. saymber says

    I like the cyclists reflections in the water. Great pics!

  14. Little Brown Tomato (LBT) says

    Congrats on the awards Leanne! Your images are definitely deserving of them. :)

  15. Really like what you’ve done to these, Leanne. They are both more natural and more graphic at the same time – it’s really lent them strength.

  16. Thanks for demonstrating the side by side comparisons as an illustration of new experience and skills. I’m inspired to visit some of my own works, now perspectively differently as a person and see if I also cut the saturations and halos. I wonder if it’s less a level of perfection and more a what did you, the designer, bring emotionally to the canvas. Digital canvas. Maybe that day the world was just a little too gray, so you kicked it up a notch. Maybe that day you needed an angel. Or just, believed those people, so light, so fast on those bicycles, were.

    Always a pleasure! April

    • Thank you April, you are right on so many levels here. I think for me a lot of it had to do with understanding the software that I was using. I have learned how to control it more, and I think that is important. When I did those images the first time, I was pretty new to Photomatix, so it is good that I have learned more.

  17. You, sir, are awesome. hahaha. I like how the reflection change everything in the picture. The reflection on the water, the reflection on the helmet and everything.

  18. ezhikorn says

    The halo on the edges is the real danger with HDR and other heavy processing technics. Your reworks are looking much more natural, great job, well done !

  19. Great post, Leanne. I think it may be worth going over my own catalog soon. Your results show that it definitely may be worth the time.

  20. well done, you proved that you moved up on the processing. but to me, processing is not everything. i would start asking why do i have the “halo” effect in the first place? the answer is very simple: wrong settings on the camera. trying to capture action requires al sorts of tricks. my point is: the final result is great but you should spend less time in front of the computer if you set the camera right from start. good luck!

    • I don’t get negative comments like this very often, but your comment tells me you don’t know what you are talking about. The halo effect came from processing, all the images in this post have been processed using the same thing. The original images did not have it, or I would not have been able to remove it so easily.
      Wrong settings on the camera, what camera do you use? I have never got a halo in an image taken with the camera. If you do, I would look at the camera you are using. I suggest you read the blog posts more carefully in future before you go off telling people they don’t know what they are doing.
      I love spending time on my computer, so if it is ok with you I will continue doing that, and if you don’t like that side of things, then this is definitely not a blog I would recommend you come back to.

  21. I love your reprocessed images. I’m not a fan of halos and I also work hard to get rid of any that might pop up in my processing.

  22. The Better Photography Competition photo is captivating. I could sit and stare at it for hours wondering about the history of it, who walked the floors, touched the doors. Brilliant.

    • I have no idea about the history, I’m sorry to say, I think it is one of those things that we will just have to guess about. Thanks Gin

  23. Nice. Are you going to tell us how you went about removing the halos? I have had a similar problem using Photomatix … sometimes tonemapping generates these and I have no idea how to remove them. How about a very brief description of how you did it? Also, appreciate the GIMP tutorial which mentioned Tones – will be sure to experiment with it when I next get the chance. Please keep up the good work with your tutorials – love every one of them. D

    • I have done this already D, if you go up to my tutorial page, I did one on HDR images, and I showed how I do them and how I prevent the halo effect. Thank you, great to hear people like my tutorials.

  24. I like your re-working. I agree, the images are enhanced but more natural. Speaking of natural, I think the re-working is a natural thing to do. Many times we see/do/hear things our interpretation changes upon revisiting later. I liken it to good italian cooking. They had only liimted ingredients but the best cooks were the ones who used them over and over again until the cooking became an art!

    • I like it being likened to Italian cooking, that is a good thing, thanks EllaDee, I will remember this from now on when I redo my images. Maybe that is what I should call these Fridays. :)

  25. tripodtrippin says

    Lovely work, Leanne! Thanks for the tuition also. I have Photoshop but not used it so far. You have encouraged me to give it a try. Anne.

    • I hope you give it a go Anne, it is fantastic. If you have any questions, just ask, and if I can I will help. Thanks

  26. lensaddiction says

    Great post, before and after comparisons are always educational. In most instances I agree with you, I really dislike the halo effect. It seems to be a particular problem with Photomatix when you push the first slider a little far.

    Its the reason I switched to Oloneo, its a bit more expensive but the more natural look is much easier to achieve, you can push it up to the halo range if you want but it feels like it has more range in the lower more natural feeing options. I have no relationship with Oloneo other than being a satisfied customer :)

    In saying that, I do actually prefer the first option of the cyclist closeup, the slightly oversaturated look just feels a bit grittier and adds a bit more drama. The large pale yellow section in the left hand third of the image in your second version takes the eye away from the subject too much, feels like there is too much contrast between the colour tones if that makes sense?

    And congrats on the awards, any award is a good one I think :)

    • I have never heard of Oloneo, I must take a look. I am finding my way around Photomatix and learning how to do things so I get the results I want. I have worked out how to get around the halo. I will check it out though.

      You have some interesting views on the images. I don’t know that I agree, but that is fine too. Glad you like something, Thank you. :)

      • lensaddiction says

        Not a lot of people have heard of Oloneo and its a good product. I am sure you will whip Photomatix into shape quick smart :) I am excited that I am attending a day with Trey Ratcliff in Dec, he is doing a course in CHCH on photo processing, the man who made Photomatix famous!

      • I looked it up and have been checking it out. Trey Ratcliff, he is quite amazing. can you tell me about his course, what you will be doing, how much it costs, that kind of stuff. Thanks. :)

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