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Detail of Death

Today it is my daughter, Klara’s, birthday, she is 17.  We are going out later, I don’t know for how long or if I will get a chance to do my post, so I am doing it earlier.  I have a detail of one of the lilies that I photographed a couple of days again.  I have been so excited about showing you this one.

This is one of my favourite images from that session.  I love the little tail and the abstract nature of it. I did add a little detail to it to bring out the lines and the texture of it.

There isn’t a great deal of difference between this one and the previous one, except there is more detail, I tried to draw more out.

I had to do it in black and white.  I did this before I did any detail to the original, I like the softness of this.  I had planned on doing a HDR image with it, but I decided that the original image was fine and decided to use just a single image.  I know very unusual for me.  I can’t help feel that the image is thinner, I know that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I love the translucency of the flower.

I have added the flowers to my website as well if anyone is interested in purchasing one, the website is here.

Tomorrow is Rework Friday, I think I know what I am going to do, but if you don’t mind I thought I might do more than one image.  Will see.


  1. Francina says

    beautiful , the second one is my favourite.
    wishing you a wonderful day with your daughter, happy birthday to her.
    Ciao, Francina

  2. You are right; the original is “thinner”. I like both a lot. Those lilies have an almost “leathery” feel about them in the way they almost don’t look real. In the case of these, one is as good as the other, I think. It’s a wonderful composition.

    • Muchas gracias, realmente aprecio eso, y gracias por mi hija también.

      (I hope that has come out ok, and that google translator did a good job)

  3. it’s really beautiful Leanne. Exquisite!
    Flowers are divine and your work adds to the rare beauty.

    • Thanks Robyn, it is interesting trying find a different way to photograph it, in the end I let the flower do it for me.

  4. Amazing! Exquisite! Love it! Thanks for sharing.
    Oh, and congratulations with the birthday of your Daughter! In Holland, this is exactly what they would say to you today. The Dutch congratulate not only the person having the birthday but also each family member. Have a wonderful time!

    • Thank you so much enfaroundtheworld.
      I told my family what you said, and my other daughter wanted to know where her birthday present was. Thank you.

  5. These are simply beautiful Leanne…I really loved them…Wish your Daughter a Happy Birthday…hope you’ll have a great time… :-)

  6. I think that the second one has more detail. It feels softer but withering at the same time ,it is dieing.
    Happy Birthday Klara

  7. timmay says

    Wonderful photo(s) Leanne – and happy birthday Klara!

  8. says

    a very delicate and alluring image. Nice work. Sent from my LG phone

  9. I love lillies and this is such a perfect picture. You should turn it into a postcard or better yet a poster, it would be gorgeous!!

  10. I think everyone has said the superlative adjectives before me ! Inspiritaional for us photographers out there . Thankyou .

  11. hutchphotography2020 says

    A beautifully simple image, but quite striking. I love the black and white treatment. It reminds me of the simpleflower images from the Deco period in the 30’s.

  12. Superb work. And, such an intriguing post title – initially thought it was natural history museum shoot.

    • I laughed when I first saw you comment, I suppose it would be easy to think that. I hope it wasn’t too confusing, thanks David.

    • I was really happy to see those when I first saw the image on my computer. I really like the two. Thanks Alisa

  13. That black and white conversion is gorgeous. I’ve been making things black and white for years, still feel like I’m learning. (And I learned in a wet darkroom!)

    • Thank you Chris, I learned in the wet darkroom as well. I think people who started in the darkroom are much better at converting images to black and white, I see so many bad conversions on the internet.

  14. Lovely images. They appear ethereal, as it by completing that twist they will be transformed.

  15. Leanne, thank you for explaining your thoughts and the process behind your lovely, dynamic, professional images. Glad to have found your blog!

    • Thank you June, I like explaining what I do, I do it for myself, but am glad that other people get lots of out it.

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