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Today was d day, the day of my first class for Living & Learning Nillumbik in Eltham. I think it went okay.  I really enjoyed myself and I hope the people doing it did as well.

We spent the first hour talking about cameras, talking photos and how to correctly expose images.  We also looked at some architecture photos that I had taken and I talked about different ways of approaching architecture.  We took photos around the centre, and then headed over to the Eltham Library.  A building with a distinctive style, very Eltham.

This structure was in the park next to the library.  We had to go past it and the students wanted to take photos of it.  I didn’t take many photos, I didn’t think it was appropriate.  I did manage to get a few, though it was better to be ready to answer questions and help when needed.  This was an interesting sculpture, it just stood there, it really commanded attention in an otherwise very green park.

I did this as a 3 image HDR and I think it was a better choice.  One of the things we did after each outing today was to look at the photos that they took, and one of the things I noticed in their photos was the sky whited out.  I think with the HDR image, I managed to get some detail in the sky.

This is the entrance to the Eltham Library.  It is such an amazing building.  It has lots of odd angles, strange shapes and different textures everywhere.  I thought for teaching architecture it would be perfect.  They all got great images and it was so interesting watching how they took photos.  It is really interesting watching people photographing the same thing and they all end up with something completely different.

My first class only had three people in it, but that was fine.  I think it was great only having a small class for the first one and I didn’t feel too pressured.  It was still hard and the questions came quickly and I had to think on my feet.  We ran to the schedule that I had set, though we run a little over time, but not by much.  The time just flew, I was shocked every time I looked at my watch.  I hope they all enjoyed the class and now I am looking forward to the next one.

Here they are photographing the sculpture in the park.  I couldn’t resist this image, they all look perfectly set up, but they really did get themselves into these positions, it wasn’t on purpose.  I have wondered about doing a post on how I photograph architecture.

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