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Today’s post is about cycling.  On the weekend I was very fortunate to be able to borrow a couple of lenses, one was a 150-500mm lens.  I wanted to borrow it for the time trial.  In the world of cycling one of the favourite events of most photographers is the time trial.  They are challenging, but you can also get some of the most amazing results.  I love them, though, I wouldn’t say that particular event is my favourite.

When I was going through my photos on Saturday night, I was looking at the photos that I got, and I was thinking, these are amazing, and probably the best TT photos I’ve ever taken.  Of course, the sad thing is that the parents of these kids will look at them and say they want to get some, but never will.  Oh well, that is life and I need to move on from it.  I really wanted to show you some of those photos today.

Shots like this can be almost impossible, but I found the long telephoto lens meant that I could get shots like this, and I got a lot of them.  I love the expression on the faces, the pain of the time trial. I have heard they hurt.

It is also great to get some personality.  This little boy weaved all over the road, and looked like he had something in his eye the whole time, either that, or he was winking at me.  It was so cute and so wonderful.  He was hard to get a close up because he moved so much.  This image was taken from the other side of the road.

I usually photograph cycling with the camera on shutter priority, but I decided with these that I wanted the widest aperture, which on this lens, when at 500mm was f6.3, so it helps to get that very nice Bokeh, is that what it is called? The blurred background.

This is another image where she was on the other side of the ride, basically coming back.  It is good to do photos of them going both ways, but it is really hard using two cameras to do it.  The cyclists tend to like photos of them side on, then they can see their position on the bike.  I have done many in the past and I don’t sell that many of them either, so this time, I thought I would do the photos I like.

This one was the very last shot I took, and I got a few like this, but they were so hard to do.  To zoom in on their face and just get this part, I kept missing them.  Perhaps I need to practice more, but I won’t get to use the lens much.

If I was going to continue photographing the cycling I would probably think about getting one, it wasn’t bad.  The lens is good for outdoors, but I think it would be too slow for indoors, which means no good for the track.

I have done almost no processing with these.  I did put them all through camera raw and turned down the clarity to give them that lovely soft effect.  With the last shot I used that feature in Photoshop of extending the right side and then filling it. I wanted it to be a square image, and it is pretty much.  Images like this, well they should stand on their own and I don’t think I should do too much to them.  I like them as they are, hope you do too!

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