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Driving around the countryside you do see some amazing sites.  I love some of the weird and wonderful things you see.  You often see things you would expect, but sometimes you see things that are totally unexpected.  Today’s photo is one of those.  I have been trying to work out when the best time to show this would be, and I think today is the day.

A fridge in the middle of the intersection.  Not many intersections would have enough room for this.  After we left one of the houses and were on our way to another we drove past this, and I had to make Jonesy stop.  How could I go past this and not take any photos.

Is it a sign or a mail box? I don’t know, it definitely works as a sign, with CP Weir written on it with an arrow pointing down the road, presumably to CP Weir’s house.  The fridge is painted with red and black with the white strip down the middle, St Kilda colours.  That is a football team here in Australia, for Australian Rules.  I think it is a fair assumption that the Weir’s are St Kilda fans.

When I was taking this photo I really wanted to capture its position.  I didn’t just want to do a photo of the fridge, but I wanted the roads, and part of the intersection.  This is in the middle.  This image appealed to me the most because of the road on the left and the way the road leads you to the fridge.  The lightness of the road helps so much as well.

It is funny how you can take a photo of one thing in different ways, but just one composition will stand out from all the others, and with this one it is because of that road.

I have processed this image, in much the same way, but not as heavily.  I didn’t think making the image a lot darker would work with this.  I really wanted that fridge to stand out, so I lightened the fridge in different ways in different layers.

There is the original image, this is a HDR, though it probably wasn’t really necessary.  I just do it for most things now.  I think of HDR as my first step now, and then I do everything else on top of that.  I remember reading about an artist once that paints poetry over her canvas before she starts painting on it,  You can’t see the poetry most of the time, but it is her first step.

For me doing the HDR is my first step.  I go through my images after I have been somewhere, I load Photomatix and then I start doing the HDR’s, I do one after another, name them and then they sit in the directory until I am ready to do more processing on them.  For today’s image the HDR was produced two weeks ago, but I didn’t do any further editing until today.

So, with my teaching, I was asked about Edendale Farm where the landscape course will take place, and I thought I should mention that the farm is in Eltham.  For anyone wanting to sign up for any of my courses they will be going on the website tomorrow, hopefully, so to book go to Living & Learning Nillumbik.

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