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Driving around the countryside you do see some amazing sites.  I love some of the weird and wonderful things you see.  You often see things you would expect, but sometimes you see things that are totally unexpected.  Today’s photo is one of those.  I have been trying to work out when the best time to show this would be, and I think today is the day.

A fridge in the middle of the intersection.  Not many intersections would have enough room for this.  After we left one of the houses and were on our way to another we drove past this, and I had to make Jonesy stop.  How could I go past this and not take any photos.

Is it a sign or a mail box? I don’t know, it definitely works as a sign, with CP Weir written on it with an arrow pointing down the road, presumably to CP Weir’s house.  The fridge is painted with red and black with the white strip down the middle, St Kilda colours.  That is a football team here in Australia, for Australian Rules.  I think it is a fair assumption that the Weir’s are St Kilda fans.

When I was taking this photo I really wanted to capture its position.  I didn’t just want to do a photo of the fridge, but I wanted the roads, and part of the intersection.  This is in the middle.  This image appealed to me the most because of the road on the left and the way the road leads you to the fridge.  The lightness of the road helps so much as well.

It is funny how you can take a photo of one thing in different ways, but just one composition will stand out from all the others, and with this one it is because of that road.

I have processed this image, in much the same way, but not as heavily.  I didn’t think making the image a lot darker would work with this.  I really wanted that fridge to stand out, so I lightened the fridge in different ways in different layers.

There is the original image, this is a HDR, though it probably wasn’t really necessary.  I just do it for most things now.  I think of HDR as my first step now, and then I do everything else on top of that.  I remember reading about an artist once that paints poetry over her canvas before she starts painting on it,  You can’t see the poetry most of the time, but it is her first step.

For me doing the HDR is my first step.  I go through my images after I have been somewhere, I load Photomatix and then I start doing the HDR’s, I do one after another, name them and then they sit in the directory until I am ready to do more processing on them.  For today’s image the HDR was produced two weeks ago, but I didn’t do any further editing until today.

So, with my teaching, I was asked about Edendale Farm where the landscape course will take place, and I thought I should mention that the farm is in Eltham.  For anyone wanting to sign up for any of my courses they will be going on the website tomorrow, hopefully, so to book go to Living & Learning Nillumbik.


    • It would be, open it on dark night and see how it lights up the corner. Great place for a party. :)

  1. I just can’t believe you found this just off the road…incredible. I wish I could find unique things like this. Great job!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

    • It wasn’t off the road, it was actually in the middle of the cross roads. Where I took the photo, I was standing on one of the roads. It was amazing, though not surprising. I think you are more likely to find things like this if you go off the beaten track. Try travelling down some roads you don’t normally go, or if you are going somewhere, find a new way to get there. I’ve been discovering lots of things since I started doing that. Thanks Laurie

  2. Cool shot. And interesting. And it demonstrates that a photographer should never be without a camera. You just never know what you’re going to come across.

    • No never, though I often am, but now with phone cameras being so good, guess I always have something. I love it when you find something completely unexpected.

    • You know, I didn’t even think to look. I just wanted to get my shots and get going. I wish now I had looked. :)

  3. Excellent! Great lighting which clearly offers a higher level of interest. I can almost imagine people coming to worship it as part of some prehistoric landscape. ;)

    • That sounds fantastic. I wonder if people do. I can imagine the local kids having parties there on Saturday night after the pub closes. ;)

    • I used to have a white background, but I found it too stark. I tried a border but I didn’t really like that. I tried to pick a colour that wasn’t really dark, but not really light. You never know, I might change it again.

  4. Fantastic. And I agree with you– a simple shot of the fridge would not have sufficed, this shot NEEDED the road and the grasses to make the statement, nay, to ask the questions, Who did this? What is it doing here? For me, though, the brilliance, so to speak, is in the light reflected on the white rusted side of the box– it brings a sense of time to the photo. Congrats on a great shot! ~ Jason

    • Thank you Jason, I agree, the shots that didn’t have that road, just didn’t seem to work. I would like the answers to those questions as well. I think we can assume, that a Mr Weir did it so people could find his place. Thanks again Jason, I appreciate your comments.

  5. Hey, thanks for the like on my blog post. I really like the way you present your work. Very thoughtful, and insightful. I’m an photography enthusiast as well, and I do enjoy your work. Hope to see more from you!

    • It was a pleasure, and thank you for liking my blog as well. I hope you continue to enjoy my work.

  6. Awesome shot! I love what you did with the HDR. I agree with others…did you check it for beer?

    • Thanks, no I didn’t, I didn’t even think of it, must check it next time I am up there. :)

  7. Liana says

    Could you bring your workshop to the states? Speaking for all of North American, we’ll come!

    • Haha, don’t think I could afford the transport to and from work right now, but I hope to be able to do it one day.

  8. I am noticing that you begin with a high exposure. That’s a problem for me lots of the time. I am inclined to underexpose which gives me little room to modify the image. I would have just deleted the image of the old door because of the over-exposed outside of the building. I need to learn to do more in depth graphics manipulation. As it is now, I have to choose the correct light situation. You saw that in my photos that I had to convert to make them usable at all. The sunlight here is very harsh. I am enjoying your teaching images. And, actually learning something. Old dogs, you know! Thanks, Leanne.

    • Hey George, I think the thing with my stuff or rather the original image is that it is the first of, usually, 5 images. Then I use some software to make them one image. EAch image is a separate exposure. One is the correct exposre, two over, and the other two under. I show you the image that the camera says is the right exposure. I also tend to do spot metering on nearly all my photography these days. I haven’t checked, but what software do you use for your editing? I am so glad you are learning something, it helps to keep me motivated knowing that people like what I do.

  9. phrenzel says

    not only is the shot off the charts, but just the fact this fridge was sitting by the side of the road is amazing. It was there for you to find and photograph. Brilliant

    • It was brilliant, I loved it that it was just sitting there, I certainly couldn’t have not taken photos. Thanks

  10. lostinessex says

    Great shot…well seen and taken… A reminder of why we should always have a camera with us at all times because you never know what wierd or quirky things you might see! I like the contrast in the image and the way you’ve made the fridge stand out but at the same time, be a part of the landscape.

    • Thanks, you are absolutely right. Camera should always be there. It was a great find, I am really glad you like the way I have processed it.

  11. Sign, mail box, land mark… and local tourist attraction. Country people are very resourceful, and parochial about their football teams. Love the image, and that you had to have it, just so. The have camera and are prepared for anything attitude:)

    • It is a good image, I do drive past many things, but I couldn’t drive past this, and everyone’s response has reaffirmed for me that it was the right thing to do. Country people are exactly like that. Haha. :)Thanks

  12. I love it, I once saw an old leather arm chair at a nature look out, no idea why but it was comfy – and next time I went back it was gone

    • I love finding things that are really out of place, but then they seem to fit where they are. I wonder who took the chair. Thanks

  13. How interesting that you’re using Photomatix, too! I love how your use of HDR is much more subtle than we see elsewhere these days.

    • I like to think that everyone starts doing the over saturated images initially with HDR’s but I am starting to think that most people just think that is how they should be. I cringe when I look at my first and earlier attempts. I love how I use it now. It is great to have my attempts confirmed as well. Thanks

  14. HAHAHA This one was fun! Yes, you couldn’t just drive past this one without a photo shoot that’s for sure lol! I love what you did with it too :)

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