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Still at the house. One of the first things we noticed was the front door and horse shoe nailed on it.

Can you see the horse shoe, it is nailed upside down, all the luck has run out of this house.  No one will ever live here again.  I don’t know if you could ever use it for anything again.  Can buildings like this ever find life again?  It is a shame, in some respects that they are just left to rot.  Though, it is good for me, I love that it has been left, bet you couldn’t have guessed that.

This is a HDR image, you will understand why it worked best as a HDR when you see the original, well the first image in the bracketed shots, the one that is supposed to be the correct exposure, let me just put it here  now.

Hopefully the reason for wanting to do a HDR is fairly obvious now.  One of the things that HDR’s are really good for is when you have a lot of light and a lot of dark.  It was too hard to get a correct exposure when the indoor of the cottage was so dark, and it was bright outside.

I have processed this image in pretty much the same way.  The point of focus had to be that bench inside.  I wanted your eye to land nicely on that.  Though the door is important, I think the inside is needed to bring you into the cottage past the door.


On another note I had another meeting today at Living & Learning Nillumbik with Karyn and decisions were made.  I will be teaching some classes in Eltham, so I am so excited at that.  I will be doing 4, one off classes.  They will be practical, and people will be taking photos in them.  They will be similar to my field trips, but there will be more theory, or rather more technical information.

My first class will be on the 25th of August and it will be about photographing Architecture.  The second class will be on landscape with a trip to a inner city farm.  The third class will be in the classroom and we will look at photographing still life images.  The final class in November will be portraits, and we are going to explore taking photos inside and then how to take photos outside.

I was so happy that Karyn liked my ideas and can’t wait to get started.  If you are interested in any of the classes with me then you can book at Living & Learning Nillumbik.

I have had to change a couple of dates for field trips, but I hope that won’t upset anyone.

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