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For a while, I have wanted to get photos of my daughters.  They aren’t very co-operative, well, not like they were when they were little.  Now the hair has to be right, and, of course, they need to be in the right mood.  One loves to have her photo taken and the other hates it.  Impossible to get one of both of them together.

She wasn’t happy, wouldn’t do much, and I think the face says it all.  Though, her expression really helps with the tone of the image.  I like the intensity of her eyes.  They seem to stare straight at you.

I wanted to do these photos to try out the new lens I got.  I purchased a 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I wanted a good lens for portraiture, and I believe this one is going to be perfect for it.  This image was taken with it.  It is beautiful to use.  It is very heavy, but that is OK.

So, processing, well I did much the same as I have been doing in the past, just a few things were done differently.  I copied the image and layed it on top, blurred the new layer, then added a mask and went over the eyes, the lips, a little of the nose and some of the hair, so they weren’t blurred.  I think this helps give an intensity to the face.

The second session was brilliant, she was happy to have her photo taken.  We agreed that she would let me take the images I wanted, as long as I did some that she wanted.  It was a pleasure doing these.

This image is one of the last.  I was having a lot of trouble with the light in her room, and then in the end what we did was have her sit on the bed.  I focused the image with the lights on and turned the auto focus off, turned off the light, then took the image with flash bouncing off the wall.  I loved the effect.  It is great having family that you can practice with.

I processed this image the same as the first.  Though the background has two blurred layers, her body one, and no blur on the eyes, lips, around the nose, and some of the hair.

I forgot to mention that I promised both of them that I would remove any acne I saw on their faces, and I did that with the spot healing brush on Photoshop.

It is unusual to see portrait like shots on my blog, but I do think it is necessary at times.  I want to do more, but I would like to do more like this.  I don’t think a portrait has to be someone looking beautiful and smiling in front of a camera.  I like these images because I think they both tell a story.

I have included the originals, they are very different, in colour.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  If you are in the Northern Hemisphere I hope you are keeping cool, and those in the USA that are near the fires, I hope you are keeping safe.  For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you are keeping warm.

Oh, just quickly I have just realised that this post is my 350th, can’t believe I have written that many.  They all have photos, that is a lot of photos.  Sorry, had to share.

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