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This morning I went into the city to take some photos.  The plan was to do Flinders Street Station, early morning, not a lot of people around.  We did it, but so early on Sunday meant not many cars, and you really need those.  One of the things I did like were the empty streets.

The streets were quiet.  Though not as quiet as we would like.  There were people around, but not many.  I liked how bare they were and thought they would fit in with the images I’ve been doing lately.  I think I over did the blurring in this one and probably should have scaled it back.  I think sometimes you need to do this, just to see what happens.

I really liked how this woman came and just sat here.  She remained still, and barely moved.  She was waiting for the church doors to enter.  I don’t know what she was thinking about, or whether she was waiting to go into the church to pray, or to work.  I have no idea, and you will have to decide for yourself what she was doing.

I like the idea of a post apocalyptic world and here is someone going to pray for the world.

My daughter said I over processed this one and it is too dark.  I like that, but I also love the way the light has been caught on the doors, like we need to follow the light, and that is into the church.  What do you think?

Now, here are the original images.  I wonder which you will prefer?

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