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This morning I went into the city to take some photos.  The plan was to do Flinders Street Station, early morning, not a lot of people around.  We did it, but so early on Sunday meant not many cars, and you really need those.  One of the things I did like were the empty streets.

The streets were quiet.  Though not as quiet as we would like.  There were people around, but not many.  I liked how bare they were and thought they would fit in with the images I’ve been doing lately.  I think I over did the blurring in this one and probably should have scaled it back.  I think sometimes you need to do this, just to see what happens.

I really liked how this woman came and just sat here.  She remained still, and barely moved.  She was waiting for the church doors to enter.  I don’t know what she was thinking about, or whether she was waiting to go into the church to pray, or to work.  I have no idea, and you will have to decide for yourself what she was doing.

I like the idea of a post apocalyptic world and here is someone going to pray for the world.

My daughter said I over processed this one and it is too dark.  I like that, but I also love the way the light has been caught on the doors, like we need to follow the light, and that is into the church.  What do you think?

Now, here are the original images.  I wonder which you will prefer?


    • Thanks Mirjam, it was great to be able to get an image without anyone in it. It really is one of the busiest streets in Melbourne.

  1. I really like the treated versions – you’re onto something very good. If I had to choose between them, it would be the church for me, but they’re both great.

    • I am with you, I must prefer the Church as well. I am really liking them as well. I hope it develops more. Thanks Richard. Did you see your mention in todays post.

  2. I think the treatment of the street image is fabulous, I suspect I agree with your daughter a bit on the second one – I do like how the light leads to the door though.

    • Thanks Liz, I like the darkness, I think it helps to focus you on a certain area, and you see what I want you to see. I think for me it is about dark times, and things going dark, if that makes any sense.

  3. Wonderful images, both of them…I’m partial to early mornings, whether in the city or at home in the country. Watching the world wake up is a passion for me.

    • It is such a lovely peaceful time, I too love early morning. I like time to spend on the computer and to drink my tea before I have to start the day for real. I am glad you like the images. There will be more early morning ones.

  4. Stephanie says

    The darker tones seem to evoke more drama and emotions…..sense of mystery almost. Very nice. I have very pleasant memories of Flinders street !

    • That is exactly what my aim is, so it is fantastic to hear you say that. Flinders street is great isn’t it, though it is becoming a bit grungy. :)

  5. I like them all, but can you believe it, in this case I prefer your originals! That street photograph is gorgeous! :)

    • I can believe it, :) I don’t think you are the only one. Thanks, at least you don’t hate the images, haha, :)

  6. Of course I prefer those which are processed…the mood becomes more mysterious, edge detail get lost, and voila!, an ‘ordinary shot’ becomes a work of art!

  7. I really love the empty street – the composition, wet pavement, darkness, blur ….. it has a very strong emotional quality to it and, for me, this is your best photo with your new processing technique. Wonderful shot – a real winner.

    Sorry – but I think I prefer the original image of the church …. or maybe somewhere between the two. I find this one too dark (particularly for the subject) and find the chequer board effect distracts from the main focus of the light on the door. I hope you don’t mind some (constructive?) criticism …. at the end of the day it’s only my opinion :)

    • Hey don’t apologise, it happens and if you don’t like it then that is fine, I still do, so it is ok. I love your honesty. Thank you for giving me your opinion, we have to be prepared for that opinion whether it is good or bad. You haven’t been nasty about it, so I love that you took the time to tell me. Really I do. thank you.

  8. I’m not sure about the first photo… but in the second shot love the processed shot wayyyyyyy more!!! The light is exquisite!!! & the blur focusses your eyes on the door… love it!! :) **

    • You know what, what you said is exactly what I thought about the two images. I like the first one, but I liked the second one more, it said more to me. :) Love it that you love it :)

  9. These pictures would go nicely with a suspense novel – if only they had “pictures” with novels like they do with children’s picture books …

    • Wouldn’t that be amazing. I must admit, I think the ideas for these images came from my daughters imagination. We started talking scary movies when I was taking images of that tree. Thanks Colline.

  10. I love the photos, but I find your page very dark! I have to peer at it, and I was wondering if the photos would be even more effective against a contrasting background.

    • I think they would be harder to see. I was using a border, but I like the dark edges almost merging into the background. Sorry, I used to have a white back ground but I found the images didn’t stand out very well. The images are really dark. Hey, thanks for liking them anyway.

  11. anotherutopian says

    hey, thanks for dropping by, and kudos to your skills :) it’s heartening to get regular visits from pros like you.

    • I don’t know about a pro, but a keen photographer, like you I suspect. No thanks needed, it was a pleasure, thanks for stopping by mine. ?

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