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Scraggy And Craggy

What a day.  I was going to post the photos that I took last night at rehearsals, but I was out all day and have only just arrived home, and well, I need to put my feet up and play with my new phone (just got a Samsung Galaxy SIII).  I got up at 4.30 this morning and went for the road trip with my daughter.  We have been to so many places and I will show them to you over the next few days, though tomorrows post will most definitely be about the theatre.

So only one photo today, but I hope you agree with me, it is a good one.  I actually stopped at this place, on the road from Daylesford to Kyneton, to photograph a house, and I did photograph it, but then this tree caught my eye.  I took a series of shots of just the tree and windmill, and some others with the house in the corner, but I liked this one.

I wanted it to look sinister, so I am hoping that I have succeeded, it seemed fitting, considering my daughter, Klara, was telling me all about the scary movies that she has been watching and scaring herself with.  She really does have the most active imagination I’ve ever seen.  Would this tree scare you on a cold dark night when there was a full moon?


  1. It is a great photo Leanne!! I would have liked to see the whole tree though – & maybe a tad more of the dramatic sky (for extra spookiness!!) :) Samsung S3?? Wow, I’ve not even heard of that!!! I’m itching for a new phone, but with canada looming, I don’t want to take out a new contract!!! So sticking to my oldy!! :( ** Lookin forward to seeing more of your trip!! :)

    • Thanks, I had to be careful, the house was close by and I didn’t want to put it in, and the the sky, well, I was going to do that but the sun was there and I didn’t want it to get in the shot, can’t have everything, haha, :) I am loving the phone so far, haven’t worked out how to use everything, but hopefully soon. You will have to check them out in when you become a Canuck, or a visiting Canuck. I love that word.

    • Klara said it would definitely scare the hell out of her, so that is enough for me, haha. Thanks Colline.

  2. Yes, but then I tend to have an overactive imagination at times – that and I’m a woos. How do you spell that word?

    • Sounds like you and Klara should never go camping together, though Klara says she would never go camping anyway, bad things will happen. Haha :), I don’t know how to spell it either, but Klara said “wuss”, does that help? :)

    • I hadn’t thought of that, and actually not totally sure I know what you mean? I am indeed very curious now.

      • Have you seen the 1939 movie? The windmill and the ominous feeling portrayed by the tree reminds me of the story just preceding the twister hitting the homestead!

  3. A tree with a lot of character, that’s for sure. The B&W works well here.

    • Yes, lots of character, no idea if the character is because of winter, or the tree has just died. I really don’t know that much about flora. :)

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