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On the Outer

These birds, geese and lots of ducks were around the entrance to Montsalvat.  We had time to kill so we took photos of the birds.  This one put up a lovely show with it’s feathers.  I think it is a Peacock, but I am not sure.  I do love the colours of them.  So beautiful.

This walkway is so cute and seems so French, I’ve never been to France, but I imagine it would look like this in places.  I do think Montsalvat has been inspired by that country.  An artists country and a little bit of it here.  I have no idea what is in that room above the walkway, but it doesn’t look very big.

This little Church is out the back.  It makes sense for there to be a Church in a place where lots of people want to get married.  I think Montsalvat is a wonderful place, but you can’t help thinking it is all about making money and the reasons it was set up originally have become secondary.  It is sad really.

Anyway, back to the Church.  It is really tiny and I imagine it wouldn’t hold many people, so I can’t see people with lots of guests getting married in it.  We didn’t go inside this time.  There was a woman there photographing another woman’s two children and she was very loud, and so were the children.  It was really annoying.  It did put a damper on the serenity of the place.  Tell me, someone please, why do people feel the need to talk to children like they are stupid creatures?

This is the pool.  It says it isn’t for swimming, but I think people would swim in it.  It has ladders into it, and it looks like over in the corner there was once also a little shop.  It would have been fantastic once, not that it isn’t any more.

There are also galleries there, I didn’t really go into them.  It would have been amazing once, have I said that before?  As I stated yesterday, I would like to spend more time there.  Can I get over how much they can’t get over themselves, that is what remains to be seen.


    • Yes, I can imagine many places in France being like this, though I don’t think you would hear the Kookaburras laughing there. Haha :)

    • So we got that right. There were quite a few of them, might show some photos of them another time.
      I don’t know, I think it was built in the 30’s to be an artists retreat, so has always had that mission, but I don’t know how long it has been open to the public. People do live there, I don’t know how many though. It is spread over a large piece of land.

  1. Definitely a peacock – I’ve never been to Monsalvat, what with you and Masterchef its visitor numbers will go through the roof.

    • Well with Masterchef maybe. You should go and take your children, they will love it. So much room to run around in.

  2. What a beautiful place to go to – I would want to go there more than once :)

    • I think if I was going to draw it, and not photograph it then maybe I would become a member, but if I have to pay to photograph it each time, then perhaps not. I might find out about becoming a member and taking photos, see if that is a possibility. Just not sure how I want to photograph it.

  3. Northern Narratives says

    I would also love to visit this place. Nice photos.

    • It is well worth the visit. It is amazing, someone certainly had a vision when they began building it.

    • What clouds Amanda? In other images, I do HDR’s so I can get the definition, then I do a gradient black over them, with it set on around 30 to 40%, and keep doing it until I think I have enough moodiness. I tend to do that to the sky a lot, even in these. In these so you don’t really look at the school, it wasn’t that interesting, so I try and force your eye away from it. Does that make any sense. :)

      • lol kind of, I just don’t know what any of that is yet lol! Oh and i have no idea why I called them clouds lol i meant skies :P haha

  4. Beautiful shots, Leanne…love the peacock’s feathers and the stonework of the buildings.

    • Thanks Scott. It is so easy when it is all there for you, I think it would be hard to get a bad image. The peacock, well, he was just showing off I think.

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