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For today’s post I decided to go through some older photos, well, not that old, but ones from the field trip I did in the city that ended at Melbourne Central.  At the time I took these images I didn’t get around to these, and had quite forgotten about them.

This giant fob watch is one of the attractions at Melbourne Central and has been there ever since.  I read somewhere it was put in around 1981, but that can’t be right.  When I first moved to Melbourne there was nothing there, and I moved here in 1986.  Doesn’t really matter, it appeared some time after that.

It is really large and when it was first installed there was also a giant chain that sort of made it look like it was being held up by the floor above.  They have removed the chain.

On the hour, every hour, the bottom of the clock comes down and music plays.  The music is the tune to “Waltzing Matilda“, which if you know anything about Australia, is one of our most famous songs.  I suppose the American equivalent might be something like “Yanky Doodle Dandy”.  The song is about a swagman, someone who lives on the road, and steals a sheep to eat.  There wouldn’t be many Australian’s who don’t know the song.

I don’t remember how long the music goes for, but if you go to watch, you will find a lot of people hanging around waiting for it to start.  My children loved it when they little, but now, they couldn’t be bothered.  I have to admit that watching it now is a tad boring, perhaps because I’m not watching and listening to it with the amazement of my small children.

Here is a close up of what comes out the bottom.  The birds all swing around, and I think the little fellas playing the flutes do as well.  I can see why little kids love it.

It is one of those things that is unusual the first time you see it, but after awhile, well, after you have seen it so many times, well, it isn’t so amazing anymore.  If you are in Melbourne and if you have never seen it, then you should go and take a look.


How is everyone going with the changes to WordPress?

I am adapting, still not happy with everything, but perhaps will just have to adapt more.  There are definitely things I don’t like.  I wish I could say, on every blog I visit that I don’t want to get follow up emails, without having to always remember to uncheck the box.  I woke the other morning with 20 or 30 emails from blogs because I had forgotten to uncheck the box on a couple of blogs.

I don’t know about the new reader.  Like it or not, I think it is here to stay.  I am not a fan of scrolling, but I assume it is something else we will have to adjust/adapt to.

I spoke to them today about making more use of their news section, to let people know what was happening, but I get the feeling it is all too much for them, and they don’t really care that much what we think.  Wait, let me see if I can find what they said to me.

We are looking into the best way to announce new features. As it is, we can’t make a new post right away, as some of the features do have some growing to do based on feedback after launch. For example. the comments following change that you mentioned was almost completely redone based on feedback from the moment it launched to the time we posted about it.

I don’t see how letting people know what is happening from the outset, will change the outcome they are after.  It seems they want people to be confused, angry and upset.  I don’t understand that.

I think the staff at WordPress have forgotten that blogging is all about communication, and they are not doing any of that.  Shame really.

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