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On the weekend while in Aireys Inlet one of the things I tried to remember to do was take photos with my phone and instagram.  I thought it would be fun to do and would let people who are friends with me on facebook get an idea where I was.  Of course I played with the filters.

Aireys Inlet 1

Aireys Inlet 2

Erskine Falls 1

Erskine Falls 2

Lorne 1

Lorne 2

Aireys Inlet 3

Aireys Inlet 4

Aireys Inlet 5

A quick post today.  I had a very late night last night and I can’t think very well today.  I hope you like the weekend through the instagram camera on my phone.

I have put all the other photos from the weekend on my website, I have also included quite a few that I didn’t put up here, and I may add more to them as well.  If you would like to see the photos in galleries, then go to my website www.leannecole.com.au.

I am off to Philip Island tomorrow for a cycling event, and I hope to have a chance to get down to the beach to get some photos as well.  Enjoy your weekend, till tomorrow.

WordPress Again

Just wondering how many others have noticed that things have changed on WordPress.  I’ve noticed that my blog never goes on the reader any more, or if it I press topics/Photography, mine never comes up.  I have also noticed that my stats have gone down a lot, I mean by almost half.

I just spoke to someone else who has noticed similar things.  Have you noticed the same?

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