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An Instagram Field Trip

On the weekend while in Aireys Inlet one of the things I tried to remember to do was take photos with my phone and instagram.  I thought it would be fun to do and would let people who are friends with me on facebook get an idea where I was.  Of course I played with the filters.

Aireys Inlet 1

Aireys Inlet 2

Erskine Falls 1

Erskine Falls 2

Lorne 1

Lorne 2

Aireys Inlet 3

Aireys Inlet 4

Aireys Inlet 5

A quick post today.  I had a very late night last night and I can’t think very well today.  I hope you like the weekend through the instagram camera on my phone.

I have put all the other photos from the weekend on my website, I have also included quite a few that I didn’t put up here, and I may add more to them as well.  If you would like to see the photos in galleries, then go to my website

I am off to Philip Island tomorrow for a cycling event, and I hope to have a chance to get down to the beach to get some photos as well.  Enjoy your weekend, till tomorrow.

WordPress Again

Just wondering how many others have noticed that things have changed on WordPress.  I’ve noticed that my blog never goes on the reader any more, or if it I press topics/Photography, mine never comes up.  I have also noticed that my stats have gone down a lot, I mean by almost half.

I just spoke to someone else who has noticed similar things.  Have you noticed the same?


  1. I have noticed my stats have gone down as well – and have not been able to figure out why. Just to set your mind at rest – I got this post off of my reader (though I do get email notification whenever you have a new post).

      • That’s OK Colline, I don’t get what is going on. I have been on the forums and it seems they are being pigheaded and we just have to deal with whatever they do to us.

  2. I have to say that although I quite like some of these images from a nostalga perspective I also kind of don’t see the point. But then perhaps I’m just old enough to have washed out photos from the 70s in my albums already… Having said all that I do like the second last one – interesting effect.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I do them for fun, but I wouldn’t call them art. They are everywhere. I like doing them when I’m away, but I am also taking photos with my other camera, and I far prefer those images.

  3. Ooooh…..nice shots Leanne……..happy cycling tomorrow! Hope you catch more beautiful shots!

    • Thanks Stephanie. The cycling was cold and windy and little wet. I haven’t looked at the cycling ones yet, but looking forward to seeing what I got.

  4. Tricia's Journals says

    I really must try to figure out instagram… tried it once and didn’t like it/couldn’t figure it out quickly enough. These are fun pics!

    • They are fun and you should have another go at trying to work it out. Let me know if you can’t figure out something, I’m not an expert, but happy to help anyway I can. :)

  5. Lovely atmospheric shots. :)

    Yes, I’m having the same thing happen with the reader – half of my hits are gone – it’s dispiriting to the point where I’m considering going on post strike or moving to a different platform.

    • Hi Richard, don’t have time to comment properly, but if you look at Colline’s comment above, or more importantly what I responded, it should help.

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