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On Saturday morning, I had got some sunrise shots, not fabulous ones, but still something.  The others had wanted to sleep in, so they missed it.  We were hoping that if we went out at the same time we would get another sunrise.  Well, it didn’t happen.

We set out for a place that was down the beach from the Lighthouse, with the idea being that the sun would rise behind it and we would get some beautiful photos.

That was about all we got.  We waited and waited, but the clouds were too thick and you really couldn’t see anything.  The sky did light up with some pink, but it was very disappointing.  It was a lovely clear morning, and if we had got a sunrise, it would have been spectacular.  Oh well, we don’t get everything, another time, the lighthouse isn’t going anywhere.

This was taken from a cliff up near the lighthouse.  You could see all the way to Anglesea, which the furtherest point around.  I did this image in colour first, but the cliff face on the left was too distracting and the image seemed to work better in black and white.  I must confess, that this image was actually taken the day before.  I didn’t realise it had been mixed up with this lot until I was loading here.  Sorry.

We went further around and found a spot where we could get down to the beach.  We were also aware that the tide was coming in and made sure to keep a close eye on it.  This surfer came down and went into the water.  I couldn’t believe it myself, it was way too cold.

We came down here hoping we might get a good view of the lighthouse from this side.  When we first got down, the cliffs were too high and obscured the lighthouse too much. However, I noticed if we walked further away you could see it better.

Really, the only thing that messes up this image are the houses in front of the lighthouse.  Of course it would have been nice if the sun had come out as well, just a little.  The honeycomb cliffs are just beautiful.  I love the colour of them.

I put my tripod down as low as it would go again.  I watched as the waves came in and took a series of images.  I like how the water in this image shows some direction.  I liked it in colour as well, but thought I might try it in black and white as well.

This was the second last image I got here.  My tripod was low and Sandra and I were standing there, thinking we had had enough, but wanted one more big wave, well we got it, it came up much higher than anything else had.  We both picked up our tripods and I screamed like a girl.  I got myself out of the way, but my shoes got wet.  Very glad I had boots on and my feet didn’t get wet.  It was very funny.  We giggled about it for a long time while we were having breakfast.

I have edited a lot more photos than I’m going to show here, and just wanted to let you know that I will be putting the photos up on my website for you to look at, hopefully I can start tomorrow.  If you are interested in seeing them then go to www.leannecole.com.au.  There will be a gallery full of them.

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