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On Saturday afternoon we headed to Lorne.  I wanted to see if the wharf there would be any good to take photos of.  Wharfs can be really interesting to photograph, but sadly this one was not.  It has been upgraded quite recently and looks very new, spick and span.  I decided to not worry about it and head to the rocks beside it.

Once I got down beside the wharf, I realised there were possibilities.

The pylons were interesting, and I like the way it went off into the distance.  I put the tripod down as low as it would go and put the camera on it.  I wanted the image to be looking up at the wharf as much as possible.  You can see Lorne through the pylons here.

Again, I put the tripod down as low as it would go and took more photos of the wharf.  I had tried to get it so that you could see Aireys Inlet in the distance, but couldn’t quite get it.  I was only going to use one of these, but they are both different, so you get to see them both.  Which one do you like best?

This section of the rocks, was like a driveway through the middle of the rest.  It was so weird, they were very directional, all in the one.  I liked the way the water caught the reflections in this one.

I went further out on the rocks and took images of the waves crashing.  In the image above the sun came out.  I liked the way the sun was hitting the white tips of the waves.

The sun disappeared again, so this one doesn’t quite have the bright tips of the previous one.  I like this one a lot.  There is a lot of swirl from the tide, it was coming in.  I think making the images black and white was also a great idea.

It was disappointing, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time there.  I think if the wharf had been better it might have been a lot more fun.  I go out with an idea of what I want to do, it doesn’t always work out and I know I should work out what to do, but it isn’t always that easy.

Afterwards we went and sat down at a place near the wharf and had a glass of wine.  While we were enjoying the wine we saw this cloud.

It looked so good.  I wish there had been more like this.  After this we went for a walk along the main street to find somewhere to eat.  We went up and down and settled on a place called the Oven House.  If you are in Lorne and looking for somewhere to eat, you couldn’t go wrong going there.  I had the most amazing meal I have ever eaten.  We all enjoyed our meal.  The staff were lovely and the price, the same as everywhere else.

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I had another email from AJ at WordPress today, and apparently you can turn off the option on your blog, here is what they said to me.

Additionally, if you do not want your blog to display the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” option, you can disable it from your Dashboard under Settings >> Discussion
Scroll down to where it says “Follow Comments”, uncheck “Show a follow comments option in the comment form”.

So if you want to stop it from happening to other people, you can do this.  I will go and do it now.

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