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On the field trip we stopped for coffee near the end of the 6 hours we had spent taking taking photos and when I looked up this is what I saw.

Look at those chandeliers.  I can’t decide if they are tacky bad, or so tacky they are great.  There they all were.  This is the side of the food court in Melbourne Central.  Not an easy place to find to have a coffee.

This image is a HDR and processed the way all of them are at the moment.  The next one is as well.

This one is on its own.  I thought it was a good way to show you the light on its own.  Still not sure about it.

So the latest about the accreditation.  Hummph.  I have been convinced to go in and show them my email, saying it was approved.  I will do that, but I have also heard that the same thing has happened to many other media people.  The rumour is that Cycling Australia has put a red line through many names and I am one of them.  Can’t believe it. I am not happy.  I have given Cycling Australia so many photos over the years from various events and this is how they repay me.  Apparently I’m not big enough to count.  Not looking forward to going in and being told that I don’t have accreditation.  It is all crap.

I hope this means that Cycling Australia will never ask me for photos again, I really don’t want them to call me again, let alone have to speak to them.

Can I also say, I hate social/business climbers, and I think I’ve been cut out by one.

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