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Well that wasn’t quite what we did, but we did do a lot of laneways, arcades, and some stores.  We walked for hours.  We started at 10am and caught the train at 4pm, so my 4 hour field trip turned into 6 hours.   It was so good.  We took photos and I helped when help was needed and I offered suggestions on how to do things.  My taking photos was good because then I could demonstrate how I work, though my priority had to be my fellow field tripper.

I have so many photos to show, but my favourite photos were taken in the department store, Myer.  This was not the beginning of the day, but near the end, but I loved the angles and the lines.

When you go into the middle of the store, you look up and this is what you see.  The whole store is open right up and you see all the way to the top floor to the massive skylight that is at the top.  You should be careful going into stores like this to take photos, especially in today current climate and the fear of terrorism everywhere.  You can be told that you can’t take photos.  We walked in and just did it.  I work on the theory that you should just do it until someone tells you not to.  No one approached us, so we didn’t stop.

Under this light was a counter with perfume things on it, I found a corner and lay my camera down on its back.  Then I positioned it to look straight up and I just clicked.  Quite an exciting thing to do, you almost have to trust yourself and your camera.

All these images are HDR images, and were done with 3 bracketed images.  Without using a tripod all day, I thought 3 images would be enough.  There were far too many people around to use a tripod, it would have been a total hindrance.

Teresa said, look at this, and I tried, but I was too short to see over, so I just had to put the camera over the edge and click and hope that I got something, I did.  I love all the lines and different angles.  It is quite amazing.

This is similar, but it was taken from the very top of the store.  I love the arch type lines.  Almost religious, which is, so I’ve been told, how many people find shopping.

I think this is my favourite.  I just love the angle.  You can see other buildings through the ceiling.  What an amazing skylight.  We spent so long in here.  We went from the bottom all the way to the top and back down again.

Teresa is, I believe, really happy with her photos.  She enjoyed the day and got over 200 images to work with and experiment with.  I, on the other hand, took over 800. though most were 3 clicks per image, so about the same number as her.  I know that I won’t always be able to take photos like that, but it was great to be able to today.

With all the images I took, I suspect that you will be seeing a good selection over the next week.  I hope it doesn’t bore you.

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