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Today I went into the city of Melbourne to go and visit the National Gallery of Victoria.  We got into the city a little early so we went to Melbourne Central and I had another go at photographing the shot tower.

It looks a little plain compared to the first time I photographed it.  Remember the post titled Melbourne Scanned, the Shot Tower had a plane riding around and a balloon, now it is just a tower.  Shame really.

I was trying for a different angle here and wanted to show the high rise that is right next to it, but it didn’t come out too well.  If you look really hard you can see it.

This is a walk way that goes around the old post office building.  Beautiful old building.  It was the post office until 10 or 15 years ago, now it is full of shops and cafes.  I liked the way the lights hit the ceiling.

This is an amazing building and I know it is one of Rick Amor’s favourite buildings in Melbourne.  Rick Amor is a Melbourne based painter, I love his work.  If he loves this building, then I love this building too.  It has been completely redeveloped, but it is so nice to see that some of it has retained the original architecture.

It was a great day in the city and thanks to Judy for coming along and making the day even more enjoyable.  I have some photos of the gallery and of St Paul’s Cathedral, but will leave them for another time.

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