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It was my birthday today, but like so many other birthdays it is just a normal day.  I did get to go into the city for lunch and had one of my all time favourites, Yum Cha.  I love Yum Cha, it is the best sort of Chinese meal.

I also took my camera, so I have some photos that I took today, and will probably post more tomorrow as well.  Normally I wouldn’t bother to take photos in the middle of the day, but the sky was overcast and the sun was struggling to get through.  I decided to just have a go, and take some.

The ones today have been taken in similar places to the ones I took a few weeks ago when I went in to take photos of the lights.

Probably could be better, though I am finding a lot of photos of the city came out looking very gray.  It is a little disappointing, but I suppose that is the problem when gray is the predominate colour.

Again very gray, though there are some sparks of colour here and there.  I do like the sky in these images.  I find the different shapes and sizes of the buildings quite intriguing as well.

This one is probably one of my favourites for the day.  I like the angle the image is taken from and the cloudy sky.  I might have to try and go back sometime to see if I can the same image but with different skies.  I would like to spend more time in the city taking photos.  The pretty and the ugly.

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