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A Favourite Place

This last weekend I went to Eildon and Rubicon to take photos of a Junior Training Camp, but while I was there, I was so inspired by the scenery and every chance I had I took photos.  I have never really liked landscape photography, but I love Eildon and I keep seeing photos every where.  I could happily spend a lot of time there.

The weather, well it is winter, so it was cold.  So this is a sample of some of the photos that I took.

Lake Eildon, brimming with water

A River near Thornton

A Frosty Morning

The frost in a different direction

A bit further back

The view from near the dinning room,

A very foggy morning

The light trying to break through

A bit closer

From above the fog, at the top of Skyline

Someone using a fire

On the front road to Eildon

The late afternoon sun at Snobs Creek

Water imitating marshmallow in Snobs Creek

The sun reflecting in the water around the rock in Snobs Creek

The setting sun reflected near Rubicon

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  1. Beautiful, Leanne. Your pictures made me smile.

    June 14, 2011
    • Thanks Peter, of course the real scene in front was so much better, glad you like the photos.

      June 14, 2011

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